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The Best Beef Tripes in Bandung!!

oleh Stanzazone , 17 Oktober 2019 (1 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Eksterior di Warung C'mar
Foto Makanan di Warung C'mar

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Warung C'Mar is located at Braga Street, opposite BTPN Bank to be exact.

The place was quite basic and humble with long display of foods as the main attraction. The tables and chairs are on the outdoor side with candles on each tables.

Ordered Nasi Babat that consist of white rice served with Babat (beef tripes that was boiled with soy sauce based broth mixed with spices), Gulai Sapi (Sundanese traditional beef stew) and Sambal.

This Nasi Babat is amazing!! The beef tripes was tender, juicy and very flavorful!! The beef stew was also tender and the stew broth was enhanced the flavors of the tripes and white rice so well..!!

The service was good and fast.

Very Recommended!!

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Foto Makanan di Warung C'mar
Foto Eksterior di Warung C'mar
Foto Makanan di Warung C'mar

Menu yang dipesan: Nasi babat

Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000

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Warung C'mar


Jl. Braga No. 69, Braga, Bandung

Rata-rata: 3.5


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