Review Pelanggan untuk Bakso Beranak Pak Sarjuk

The (Not so) Traditional Indonesian Beef Balls Soup - Part 1

oleh Jason Pirelli Tandean (IG: @jasontandean), 04 September 2020 (hampir 4 tahun yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Bakso Beranak Pak Sarjuk

Mi Ayam Bakso Urat Besar

Foto Makanan di Bakso Beranak Pak Sarjuk

Mi Ayam Bakso Urat Besar

A short stroll to the other part of the city enabled me to finally try this hyped up (currently) Bakso Solo place. Bakso is a form of meatballs loved by locals here, compared to your classic meatballs that consists of minced meat and breadcrumbs, our version (Indonesian version woohoo 🇮🇩) consists mainly of minced meat, chunks of tendons (for Bakso Urat like shown on these slides), and a bit of binding agents (usually tapioca starch). 

I ordered 2 of their popular items, this one is Mi Ayam Bakso Urat Besar. Basically it's chicken noodle soup/ramen with jumbo balls on top (hmmm... 🤔) 

Noodle is springy, broth tastes light and savoury, pickles add a bit of freshness, stir-fried soy chicken elevates the dish by giving it the sweetness it needed and blanched greens gave it an extra crunch apart from those fried crackers thingy. 

For the balls (hmmm... 🤔), have a look by yourself how pretty it looks and believe me, it tastes awesome (for you who love chewy chunky textures like me). 

I finished the bowl, and before wondering why the empty bowl looks blurry, yeah i made it that way. To remind us that memories can be blurry but it lasts for a lifetime 😚 

Worth my effort to surf on the traffic and sunny + hot weather of Surabaya. 

PS: friendly staff here and the admin of @baksopaksarjuk.surabaya immediately reposted my igstory the second i put it online 😂 sukses terus ya mas2 ibu2 baksonya laku diserbu netijen 

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Foto Interior di Bakso Beranak Pak Sarjuk

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Bakso Beranak Pak Sarjuk


Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan No. 81, Ngagel, Surabaya

Rata-rata: 4.5