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    Sinar Djaya [ BSD, China ]

    terrible customer service- total disrespect for customers

    without a doubt, THE WORST DINING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.... long story short, myself, wife and daughter went there for dinner- food and drinks were not bad BUT as soon as I paid the bill (literally, right after I paid) we were approached by the staff and asked to move away from our table in order to make way for new customers....the problem?... none of us were actually finished!!!....the staff obviously knew this but asked us to move anyway.
    when i then asked, " if i had not already paid, would you still be asking us to move?"....the reply was that we would still be allowed to remain at our table if we had not paid yet.......
    simply put, Sinar Djaya was perfectly willing to take our money- and once they had it, they did not care about us as paying customers. .... why should they?- they already had our money so they didn't care about us as customers/ people.
    I say to everyone- if you want to go to the Breeze for dinner or drinks, there are other places there that WILL TREAT YOU WITH RESPECT AS A CUSTOMER.
    I suggest you try THE least there, after you pay your bill, you are allowed to stay until you finish everything THAT YOU ALREADY PAID FOR.
    Shame on you, Sinar Djaya.....your business model is sooooo flawed.
    you are in the service industry and should treat your paying customers with a little respect for giving you their money.
    your model of, " after you get their money, just move them out" is so pathetic and greedy.
    you have lost myself and family as customers and i can only hope that others read this and realize that you are a business that doesn't actually care about their PAYING customers as people- instead you only care about the bill they pay
    sooooooo....congrats to you Sinar Djaya- you got our money and got us to leave immediately afterwards so you could fill our table with new paying people.......i have NEVER been in a restaurant/ bar (with my family) and been asked to leave before finishing WHAT WE ALL PAID FOR.
    it should also be noted that the woman ( sorry miss, but don't know your name or position there) who was obviously either the head manager or owner, was sitting at a table right beside us and obviously heard what her staff had requested us to "move on" after paying- and yet, she in her position of authority and leadership made no attempt to include herself in this matter. IT WAS OBVIOUSLY HER DECISION to have us removed but she chose to have her staff do it and she chose to pretend that she was oblivious to the whole situation....... wow- great leadership shown there, ya?.... i guess in a way, i feel sorry for the staff if this is the type of leadership shown at Sinar Djaya.
    in conclusion, i am aware that losing us as customers will have no effect on your business- and i am ok with that...... but i hope it causes you to rethink your business model of " we don't care about paying customers after we got their money"
    i have never been so disrespected or embarrassed in my life.... i can only shake my head at the way this place is run.

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