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What a Cheap yet Tasty noodle

oleh Eric @ericfoodreview, 08 April 2018 (sekitar 4 tahun yang lalu)

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Bakmie Karet Rica

Bakmie Karet Rica. Thin egg noodle topped with spicy minced chicken. The texture of the noodle itself was good, a bit springy and bouncy. The spicy minced chicken had a nice spicy kick in your tastebud, not too spicy but you definitely can taste the rica taste. It may not look that big but trust me, the big portion is enough for 2 persons. Me? Of course I eat it all by myself. A really good way to start your day.
What I really like about this place is the price. It is very affordable. It just costs slightly more than 20K. Include free hot tea.

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Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000

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Bakmie Karet


Jl. Cibadak No. 193A, Cibadak, Bandung

Rata-rata: 3.9


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