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Hidden gem in jelambar

oleh Eric @ericfoodreview, 19 Oktober 2018 (2 tahun yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Bakmie Belawan Amin


Foto Makanan di Bakmie Belawan Amin

Nasi Tim

They have 3 types of noodle. Small, medium and a wide one. My fav is gonna be the small one. Not too springy but not too soft either. The topping was generous. The dumpling was good, generous amount of meat inside and the skin wasn't easily break apart. The fish ball was so so, it's good but not chewy enough. The char siu, it's so mouth watering. Fatty, savory, sweet, it's so glorious. They did give shredded chicken, but I ain't like it. It's not like the taste was bad, I just don't like breast meat. It's a personal thing. And the most important thing, you can ask for fried pork lard. Like I've said, I love my lord then I love my lard. It's so damn good. Crispy, fatty and full of bomb flavor. And prise wise, it's a super great deal. Under 25K you'll get this whole thing.

Nasi Tim. When I eat nasi tim, I always put my concern on the texture of the rice itself. Here, it's just right. Not too soft but not too hard either. The topping was generous. Huge portion of minced chicken. So yes, it's halal. No pork detected. The combination of rice, sweet and salty minced chicken, sourness from the pickles (not only sweet, it also had such sweetness to it) and the spicy cayenne, bravo. They did give steamed egg, not really like the egg but look! The egg has 2 yolks! Just kidding, you won't get it. It's pure luck.

Soto Ayam. First of all, I wanna tell you this. You won't get it as tempting as this one. I did some trick to make the topping float on top, otherwise it's gonna be a soupy bowl. But don't worry, you'll get this much topping. You know me, I won't lie. 

Everything was good, everything was well prepared. The soup was rich, not some watery broth kind of bullshit. They put lot of shredded chicken breast, I personally don't like chicken breast. But, there's no way to put thigh meat in soto. It won't absorb the richness of the broth. So it is what it is. And to make it even better, they put lot of fried shallot. It gave a whole different dimension to the broth. It's like the shallot put a layer of flavor to the already good broth. 

All in general was good. Their nasi tim was tasty, the noodle was fabulous with generous amount of topping, and like I said their soto was also great. So it's like a one shop stop. There's everthing for everyone.

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Foto Makanan di Bakmie Belawan Amin

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Bakmie Belawan Amin


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