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oleh @eatfoodtravel , 19 November 2021 (2 tahun yang lalu)

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Ben Gong’s is one of my favorite to go to when looking for some tea. The best for me in terms of taste and quality. Always love their passion fruit tea cube. A must try! Not so sweet, rather a bit sour in taste coz got lemon slice inside and many other toppings such as jelly, some kind of black seed and so on.
Also ordered the large tea inside a reusable jar (i have been wondering to try this), taste wise not as good as the passion fruit tea cube, this one like a normal tea but they have a lot of sliced fruit inside such as watermelon, oranges, and many more which we can also eat while slurping, but coz of the jar its kinda hard to eat the fruit without spoon. So i save the fruit while drinking it.
The place is in Plaza Indonesia.

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Menu yang dipesan: osmanthus fruit tea, Passion Fruit Tea Cube, extra large

Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000

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Ben Gong's Tea


Plaza Indonesia, Lantai 4
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Rata-rata: 4.1


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