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Lovely Indian food that suit Indonesian tongue

oleh Belly Culinary, 06 November 2018 (5 tahun yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood

Finally!! A decent Indian food in the heart of Jakarta. D'Bollywood is located in the 1st floor of Plaza Festival, Kuningan. Overall I had a nice experience here, as the owner was super nice in explaining all of the food and how all of them were supposed to be enjoyed, the food was surprisingly super delicious & the pretty cozy ambiance.

The place has indoor & outdoor space for the guests to enjoy their dishes. Love the fact that they have live music & slightly dark decor to make the mood even more cozy.

Tried lots of their food, which were all made using imported Indian spices, but surprisingly did not taste that foreign in my mouth. All of the dishes were harmonious & super delicious! My favorite dish was their mutton biryani! A must order for sure

- cocktail samosa
Indian signature fried dumplings filled with potatoes, peas, and spices. The skin was very crispy, combined with delicious soft and large amount of filling and slightly sweet sauce. A nice appetizer.

- murg lehsunia pizza
This fusion between Indian curried chicken & Italian pizza filled with cheese, bell peppers & onions was really delicious. The pizza has a thin crust & the seasoning on the chicken perfectly balances the creaminess of the cheese.

- mutton seekh kebab
This is minced lamb that has been compressed to a cylindrical shape. This dish is seasoned with unique spices, and grilled in front of us. Best eaten with their signature mint sauce.

- tandoori chicken
The whole chicken was cut into parts&rubbed with their special seasoning & grilled until it was really juicy. My favorite protein on the table.

- butter chicken
This butter chicken would be perfect to be eaten with their garlic naan or lacha paratha. It tasted buttery, and slightly sour from the tomatoes that they used. The chicken was so tender.

- mutton curry
In lovee with their curry! It was rich & so flavorful. They said that they did not use any cream to make the curry, but it was so creamy. Their lamb did not have any unpleasant smell or aftertaste in my opinion. Just so delicious when eaten with their paratha & naan

- lacha paratha
This is wheat flat bread . It is traditionally consumed by ripping apart the paratha and using them as the spoon to scoop up the curry. This type of paratha is slightly hard compared to the naan.

- garlic naan
Love this naan! It was slightly garlicky & the texture was softer & easier to be ripped compared to the paratha.

- mutton biryani
My favorite dish of the day! This lamb "fried rice" was seasoned to perfection & made using biryani a.k.a. Long grained rice. The so called fried rice was not even fried yet the texture was dry and it tasted really flavorful, somewhat smoky from the spice they used to season the dish. Perfectly paired with the lamb. A must order!!

- gulab jamun with ice cream
The owner warned us that Indians love their sugar. And he was correct, this compressed condensed milk dessert was super duper sweet, much sweeter than the ice cream that was paired with this dish. I have ever had Gulab jamun before, and D'Bollywood version was better (read : less sweet) If you were curious with Indian dessert, this is a good introduction.

The service was decent. I was incredibly impressed by the politeness and attentiveness of the owner in explaining all of the menu, how to eat them and so on. I could tell that he really care about the food they were serving.

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Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Interior di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood
Foto Makanan di D' Bollywood

Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000

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D' Bollywood


Plaza Festival, Lantai Upper Ground
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Rata-rata: 4.2


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