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oleh @fuzzy.eats , 26 Juni 2023 (5 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Dominica
Foto Makanan di Dominica

Truffle Cream Gnocchi (175k) 6.5/10
Love the sauce and how strong the truffle was. Problem was with the gnocchi… they did a good job browning the exterior, however the insides were too soft and mushy.

Spicy Rigatoni Meatballs (185k) 7/10
Personally enjoyed thus more vs the gnocchi since pasta was al dente. Think the pasta could have tasted better had the meatball chunks been bigger. Also, it wasn’t spicy enough for me.

Double Cut Rib Eye 600gr (1.350k) 6/10
We requested medium rare but steak came with uneven doneness ranging from rare all the way to medium… Taste wise it was alright, rib eye has never been my favourite cut. The salsa verde and red wine sauce made it more enjoyable

Pork Belly (245k) 5.5/10
It was alright, fat to meat ratio was off for my taste. Highlight was more so the roasted potato vs the roasted pork belly. The salsa verde didn’t really work with the pork belly tbh.

Honey Brie (175k) 5/10
It was just standard for me. Cheese could be stronger and could not taste any of the red wine. Pizza dough was just okay. Prefer Braud/Mozzeria honey pizza.

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Foto Makanan di Dominica
Foto Makanan di Dominica
Foto Makanan di Dominica
Foto Makanan di Dominica

Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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