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  • 4.0  
    Papilion’s Market Place [ Kemang, Kafe ]


    After passing by this place a dozen times, I finally decided to try their famous kouign amann. One of the rare visit where everything we got was pretty spot on. Will return for other items next time😆.
    Service and Ambiance 8/10
    Price $$
    🐈Will revisit

    Kouign Amann + Iced Vanilla Roasted Latte (80k)
    Kouign Amann 8.5/10
    Papilion kouign amann is often touted as the best in town and I can see why. Most KA I’ve tried here tends to be sticky and bready. This one was very flakey and crispy exterior while being soft and chewy inside. Not overbearingly sweet as well.

    Iced Vanilla Roasted Latte 7.5/10
    Iced vanilla roasted latte was a nice surprise. I was expecting a generic vanilla essence but this actually tasted like baileys? Coffee could be stronger but since this was my third cup of the day it’s probably a good thing. Would ask for less sugar next time)

    Chocolate Eclair (60k) 7.5/10
    Got this from the Huize Van Weily counter. Nice amount of filling inside, the creaminess was balanced well with the dark chocolate on top. Cacao nibs on the top also added nice crunch. Choux pastry itself was firm without being too dry or hard.

    Ice chocolate (47k) 7/10
    Despite ordering the regular version (cause the premium was like 90k lol) this was good enough already. Nice balanced of bitter, sweet, and creamy. One minus is that bits of cocoa powder remain unmixed. Weirdly enough we enjoyed the gritty texture but I don’t think this was intended by the barista hahaha.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 3.8  
    Balboni Pizza [ Alam Sutera, Italia ]

    Italian resto in Alam Sutera

    Newest Italian joint at flavour bliss. Taste wise already adjusted to local palate imo. Their pizza>pasta for me. Dough was quite chewy and had nice crust at the edges.
    📍Alam Sutera
    Service and Ambiance 7/10
    Price $
    🐈Try if curious

    Quattro Formaggio (115k) 7/10
    Quite strong truffle scent compared to the other dishes. There’s a hint of blue cheese, discernible but still mild enough for non blue cheese people. The honey was a nice touch as it adds truffle scent to the pizza.

    Parmigiana di Pollo (115k) 6/10
    Too much going on with tomato sauce and cream alongside the cheese. Again, there’s no truffle despite the description. The chicken parm was decent though (and added much needed protein to a carb heavy lunch 😂)

    Tutta Carne (125k) 6/10
    Standard tomato based pizza with salama, bacon, and sausage. Would personally go for the quattro formaggio over this.

    Casarecca allo Tartufata (95k) 4/10
    The one recommended by the server but was quiet underwhelming. No truffle scent at all. Pasta was undercooked and quite dry. Also using shimeji and shitake created a smell that made me think of Asian dish instead of Italian food somehow?

    Limonata Picante (45k) 7/10
    Spicy lemonade. Zesty and refreshing. Ask for separate honey as it was already sweet enough without it.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 3.8  
    Heirloom Greek Yogurt [ Sudirman, Yoghurt ]

    Greek Yoghurt

    📍Chillax Sudirman
    Service and Ambiance 7/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Poached Pear Bacon (85k) 7/10
    I have a thing for sweet-salty combo so this was a no brainer choice for me. Portion was huge (this was half portion btw) enough for two. The tanginess of the yoghurt mixed well together with the sweet pear, honey, crunchy almond, and salty bacon. Focaccia was not as airy and bubbly as I expected, in fact it’s a bit dense?

    I had to deduct a point for the fries’ inconsistency. Some were super crunchy and amazing but others were soggy. Also they ran out of side salad option during my visit.

    Yoghurt (45k) 7.5/10
    Alongside their kitchen menu, heirloom offers their signature freshly made yoghurt. I did notice that the texture’s way more runny vs ones I’ve purchased online. I think this is due to the yoghurt not yet setting as well as being put on display outside under the sun? Still good but if you prefer firmer yoghurt put it in the fridge first. My faves are apple pie and pbnj.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  
    BEAU Bakery [ Senopati, Kafe ]


    Service and Ambiance 7.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Babka French Toast (discontinued) 9.5/10
    Beau please bring this menu back🥲. Don’t think there’s any other place serving their french toast like this right now. Used to be my go to order as it’s very chocolatey and nutty. Very rich and decadent, almost like you are eating cake vs bread.

    Jackfruit Tacos (70k) 8/10
    Best vegan tacos I’ve tried in Jakarta. Crunchy tacos with BBQ pulled jackfruit. Vegan sour cream was yummy and there’s nice tanginess from the salsa. A repeat order for me.

    Butternut Squash Soup (75k) 5.5/10
    Omitted the mascarpone to made it vegan. Mildly sweet and there’s a nuce creaminess to it. Tasted decent but nothing special.

    Extra review about their baked goods:
    Vegan Banana Chocolate Cake (105k) 6.5/10
    Decent but very mushy. Pronounced banana flavours. Got eneg after a while so best for sharing.

    Miso White Chocolate Cookies (45k) 6.5/10
    Got this as complimentary for buying the soft serve. Quite unique flavour profile from the miso and white chocolate. Texture was more chewy with crunchy exterior. Pretty good but too sweet after a while.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 2.8  
    Emilia Cucina Italiana [ Permata Hijau, Italia ]

    Disappointing second visit

    I actually visited Emilia right after their opening and was left impressed by their pappardelle bistecca and honey cheesecake. It was with this positive expectation that I went back a couple of weeks ago for a Sunday lunch but sadly the foods were disappointing this time around.
    📍Permata Hijau
    Service and Ambiance 7/10
    Price $$
    🐈Try if curious (50/50 depends on your luck I guess🫢)

    Crostini Prosciutto di Parma (110k) 7.5/10
    They first told us this was out of stock only to later get back that there’s one portion left for the prosciutto. It’s very fortunate that we ended up having this as it was the saving grace of our lunch. Burrata and prosciutto were 👍🏻, sourdough were nicely toasted, and honey added a nice balance to the dish.

    Gelato (38k) 6.5/10
    Decent gelato if a bit too dense. The stood outs were rocher and dark chocolate for me. Pistachio was average.

    Linguine al Midollo Osseo (195k) 6/10
    The sauce was supposed to be arrabbiata, but there’s no tomato flavour. Sauce tasted very watered down. They were generous with the bone marrow at least. Still better than the other two pastas🫢

    Linguine alla Vongole (120k) 5/10
    Bland and watery, it only got average score because 1. Clams were fresh and 2. Pasta was al dente.

    Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (135k) 5/10
    Same story as with the vongole. It’s just lacking flavour. We had to add tons of salt pepper to make both dishes palatable.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.2  
    BEAU Bakery [ Panglima Polim, Kafe ]


    📍Panglima Polim
    Service and Ambiance 7.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Brioche French Toast (65k) 9/10
    Since the babka french toast is gone I ended up ordering this. I can see why so many people raved about it, the brioche had nice crisp exterior and warm fluffy interior.
    Also love how affordable they are vs french toast from other places (*ehmm chicory*). Generous amount of berries, granola, and bananas as well. Only available at Pangpol branch.

    Dirty Chai (55k) 8.5/10
    It’s rare to find places serving chai in Indonesia, but Beau’s particularly good. Nice fragrant spices and not too milky.

    Israeli Shakshuka (95k) 6/10
    Tomato was not punchy enough and shakshuka was missing that middle eastern spices. Overall I felt like it’s a watered down version of what a shakshuka should be. I did like the addition of chickpeas though.

    Ouef Royale (105k) 5/10
    Pretty sure they used the same exact brioche as the french toast but this was very, very tough to cut and chew. My friend ended up cutting off the outer layer. Hollandaise was bland and worst of all the eggs were overcooked to the point the egg whites were rubbery.

    Extra review about their baked goods:
    Softserve (50k) 7.5/10
    Reminds me of AW’s swirl but more premium😅? Not that creamy and sweet, a plus for me as I was able to finish the entire thing. Got the chocolate x vanilla but strongly prefer the chocolate only option.

    Rustic Sourdough (55k) 5/10
    My least favourite thing from beau. I like my sourdough very chewy and sour, so this was too similar to ordinary bread for my taste. Good choice if you dislike traditional sourdough though.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.0  
    Hakuren [ Senopati, Jepang ]

    Omakase by Chef Tatemukai

    Rating 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 8.5/10
    Price $$$$
    🐈Worth to try

    Omakase by the OG chef Tatemukai. The 12 course lunch Omakase (2.3 mio) was just the right amount of dishes for me to feel full but not overwhelmingly so. Below were the dishes we got (favourites are given ⭐️):
    1. Snapper
    3. Chutoro aburi with miso seaweed paste
    4. Hotate with uni ⭐️
    5. Iwashi (sardine brined with vinegar to remove the fishy taste)
    6. Akami (upper back of tuna)
    7. Ikura/Botan Ebi (got the ikura cause I have shrimp allergy)
    8. Sashimi (hamachi, ootoro, and snapper) ⭐️
    9. Ikura bowl
    10. Ootoro foie gras ⭐️
    11. Uni⭐️
    12. Anago (salt water ell)
    13. Wagyu beef with egg yolk and egg white foam

    Other dishes also included
    1. Foie gras yuzu chawanmushi ⭐️
    2. Miso soup
    3. Complimentary ramen/yakimeshi
    4. Desserts (kinako ice cream and adzuki mochi) ⭐️

    Overall I was satisfied with the experience. Reminiscent of my omakase in Tatemukai Signature (which made sense given the history) in terms of dishes, preparation methods (searing the nigiri with hot rod), and dressings (most had some sauce drizzled over the nigiri).

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  
    Surasang [ Pantai Indah Kapuk, Korea ]

    Fancy Korean BBQ in PIK2

    Another recent addition to PIK F&B scenes. Pretty great Korean grill house, though weirdly I was more impressed by their ‘normal’ meat vs the premium ones. Complimentary banchan and dessert were also good.
    Service and Ambiance 8.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Wet Aged Diamond Cut Galbi (385k) ⭐️8.5/10
    By far the best cut here. Very well marinated, balanced sweet salty profile, and very tender to chew.

    Beef Sundubu Jigae (125k) 8/10
    Surprised by how generous the fillings were. Can be shared between 3-4 pax for sure. Broth was tasty and had solid level of 🌶.

    Beef & Uni Yukhoe (125k) 7.5/10
    Raw beef and uni tasted fresh on top of toasted bread. Reminds me of Sijin appetizer somehow? Anyway, it’s a pretty solid appetizer to try.

    Spicy Marinated Pork Belly 7/10
    Saw couple of reviews saying this was very spicy, but honestly in our case it was too sweet instead? Pork itself was juicy and chewy though👍🏻.

    Chateaubriand (1.3 mio) 6/10
    So sad that the most expensive cut ended up being the most disappointing. Way too soft to the point that there’s barely any meatiness. Skip this and just get the wet galbi instead🥲.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.0  
    Roma Osteria & Bar [ SCBD, Italia ]


    Heard conflicting reviews about Roma but imo the foods were decent, though standouts’ are the zeppole and ricotta . Ambiance were super chill though, which is reason enough for me to keep coming back.
    Service and Ambiance 9/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Cow Milk Ricotta (135k) ⭐️9/10
    Must order when in Roma. The sweet-salty combinations were 💯, plus ricotta was super smooth and creamy. The mountain honey was very fragrant as well.

    Zeppole (90k) ⭐️8.5/10
    Reminds me of beignet just in different form. Zeppole is made using puffy dough using choux pastry and deep fried like doughnut, only the insides are hollow. Traditionally served with sugar icing, Roma served this with nutella sauce and whipped cream. The chocolate sauce was quite thin and didn’t really taste like Nutella though. Highly recommend to eat this while hot.

    Bucatini Amatriciana (185k) 7.5/10
    Favourite pasta in Roma as it’s very flavourful. Yummy, yummy guanciale, nice thick cuts with strong and rich flavour. Tomato was quite sour and sauce definitely had some heat. The only downside is I think they didn’t give enough pecorino.

    Angel Hair Truffle (225k) 7/10
    Reminds of of lighter version of Osteria Gia’s truffle pasta (less eneg for me). Strong truffle scent as well. Extra point for managing not to overcook the angel hair🤣.

    Crab Rigatoni (225k) 6.5/10
    Tomato based sauce with crab meat, a bit sweet, sour, and spicy. Generous amount of crab meat, tasted fresh and not fishy too. In a way kind of similar to the amatriciana but I prefer that one.

    Bigne (95k) 6.5/10
    Had high expectation but didn’t quite deliver. The choux was too hard and dry. They were very generous with both the ice cream and pistachio sauce, however flavour got flat after a while.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  


    Located on the basement of Grand Mahakam Hotel, Aoki provides both authentic and fusion Japanese dishes with private rooms available. Their yuzu tea was pretty good, tangy and refreshing without being too sweet.
    📍Grand Mahakam
    Service and Ambiance 8/10
    Price $$$
    🐈Worth to try

    Jyu Jyu Steak (249k) 7.5/10
    Served on top of sizzling hotplate, beef slices were juicy, tender, chewy, and just the right amount of smokiness. The stir fried bean sprouts were also charred nicely from the hot stones. Spicy, ponzu, and garlic sauces were provided as condiment but beef itself was already seasoned well. Sides also include miso soup and garlic rice.

    Kuruma Ebi Maki (160k) 7.5/10
    Another fusion roll with veggies inside and topped with inari and tempura shrimp. Love the contrast between the crunchy tempura and sweet inari.

    Special Fresh Crab Handroll (109k) 7.5/10
    Very unique roll made using soy paper (apparently they had to hand-carry it from Japan), which imparted a nice nuttiness to the roll. Filled with shredded crab meat and topped with diced tuna. Crab was nicely sweet and sauce on top was not overwhelming.

    Shabu Shabu (649k) 6.5/10
    One of their signature menu, Kami nabe refers to hotpot cooked using paper bowl. This dish reminded me of Kahyangan’s shabu. Broth was just plain dashi stock, with veggies meant to be dipped into the ponzu sauce (with radish, spring onion, and garlic as add-ins). Ingredients were all fresh and of high quality, including the striploin. For the beef, they provided another peanut sauce (goma dare). Pro tip: mix it together for nice creamy tangy sauce. Funnily enough, this was served with rempeyek (as an Indonesian twist maybe)?

    Truffle Beef Maki (160k) 6.5/10
    Mixed veggies roll with sliced beef and avocado. The truffle oil was quite strong. Tasted alright for me, similar to other fusion roll elsewhere.

    Truffle Salmon Aburi (240k) 6/10
    Nice fluffly rice top with torched salmon, pickle, and wakame salad. A bit bland as salmon was unseasoned and simply drizzled with a little bit of glaze. I couldn’t smell or taste the truffle at all.

    Kani Salad (105k) 5/10
    Crab stick julienned with cabbage, cherry tomato, slaw, and crispy fish skin, topped with mayo based dressing. A solid appetiser but the mayo made the salad quite heavy.

    Ice Cream (75k) 7.5/10 for the matcha, 5/10 for the rest
    Matcha: really good matcha ice cream, with that earthy and bitter flavour balanced lightly with some sweetness
    Ogura: as a big fan of red bean I was very dissapointed by how sweet and milky this was. Could not taste the ogura at all tbh
    Vanilla: standard vanilla

    Es Tape Hijau (75k) 5/10
    Standard es tape. Recommend to get the matcha ice cream instead.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!