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oleh @fuzzy.eats , 06 Juli 2023 (5 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Carbon
Foto Makanan di Carbon

Blackened Wagyu Tongue (395k) 7/10
Tongue had incredibly soft and juicy texture, as expected from being cooked for 12 hours, sadly they were kind of tasteless. My favourite parts were the sauces, which includes the herbs chimichurri, tomatillo salsa and aji verde

Chori Queso (135k) 7.5/10
This was mostly cheese vs brussel sprouts imo, the chorizo and mushroom were nice but kinda got overwhelmed by the cheese. Not bad for appetizer but a bit too heavy for me.

Mexican Street Corn (90k) 7/10
The baby corns had nice crunchy texture thanks to the crispy quinoa, however the flavour was kinda lacking. I know there’s supposed to be cheese and chili flakes but I couldn’t really taste it.

Chuddos (100k) 7/10
Look very cute but taste wise it’s just like you standard churros. The goat cheese dulce de leche and hot cacao champurrado sauces were amazing though, I would buy them separately if I could hahaha. 5/10 for the churros but 9/10 for the sauces.

Creme Brulee (85k) 4/10
The most underwhelming dessert here despite the intagramable presentation. Sadly in our case the top tasted very burnt (maybe because they press the iron for too long?). Expecting more of cheese like taste since they use Athan cheese but it was milky instead.

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Foto Makanan di Carbon
Foto Makanan di Carbon
Foto Makanan di Carbon

Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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