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oleh @fuzzy.eats , 01 Juni 2023 (6 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru

Foods were average imo. Great ambiance, service, and view for celebration/special occasion if you are looking for Japanese fine dining option that’s not too expensive though.

Wagyu Beef Chirasi (190k) 5/10
Nothing special. Beef did not taste like wagyu to me and the bowl was lacking flavour.

Crispy Salmon Roll 4pcs (115k) 6.5/10
Enjoyable if a bit basic. The crispies on the sides added a nice crunch and you get quite generous slices of salmon.

Unagi Black Roll (95k) 7.5/10
This roll was weirdly the stand out despite me not liking sushi roll in general. The cream cheese with unagi actually tasted good😅.

Sasami Tempura Soba (78k) 5/10
Soba was overcooked and the broth just tasted sweet without umami notes. Chicken tempura was okay.

Yaki Shabu Gohan (158k) 6.5/10
For some reason the beef quality was far better vs the wagyu beef chirasi. Recommend mixing the egg to make it more creamy.

Gindara Grill (288k) 7/10
Fish tasted very buttery and sauce was delish. Took a very long time to prepare though.

Moriawase (198k) 6.5/10
Got 3 different sashimi (2 pieces each). Fresh but slices could be thicker.

Ishiyaki Collagen Ramen (130k) 5/10
The broth was very watery and lacking flavour. Noodles were also overcooked for my taste and lacking that springy texture.

Matcha Tiramisu (55k) 3/10
Too much cream without any other dimension. Matcha taste itself was barely there, lacking any noticeable bitter-earthy notes.

Eihire (98k) 6/10
Dried stingray fin. Pretty unique appetiser but you got very tiny amount.

Garlic Fried Rice (60k) 6.5/10
Dad got this as he wasn’t full yet (portions were on the smaller end here) but it was a pretty good fried rice. Smokey, garlicky, and not clumpy. Reminds me of Tatemukai one.

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Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru
Foto Makanan di Enmaru

Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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Altitude The Plaza, Lantai 46
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