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One word, superb

oleh Eric @ericfoodreview, 28 Februari 2019 (hampir 5 tahun yang lalu)

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Fresh Oyster

Some people eat oyster, some just don't. I get it, not everyone can handle the acquired taste. How about me? Not really a fan, but I can eat that. I gotta say, this place revives my love for oyster.

Super fresh oyster, it's huge and so plump. Seafood at its finest. They served it on top of ice to keep it cold and fresh. Then the seasoning was super simple. Lemon, truffle oil and ponzu sauce. I did try them all, but oyster and lemon alone? That's the best. *the truffle oil was good though. I drizzled my steak with that oil and it's damn tasty* The moment I bit the oyster, it felt like umami bomb burst into my mouth. Then the sour refreshing lemon taste cut the oceany flavor. Great depth of flavor. Dang good. To summarize it, it's the flavor you want to linger in your mouth as long as possible. My comfort level just hit the top level. That was awesome.

As we all know, fresh oyster is not cheap. If you have special occasion to celebrate or someone to impress, then this is a good choice. Not a cheap meal but totally worth it. When you pay for a meal like this, you know you got such good quality and its part of the experience.

Oh, one more thing. They say, white wine is the best pairing to oyster and if I ain't mistaken they do have special promo for the wine (disc 20%). Don't forget to ask them for more detail. Since I don't drink alcohol at all, I can't say a thing.

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Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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Hokkaido Izakaya


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