Review Pelanggan untuk Kwetiau Akang

Jajanan Wajib di Jakarta/Mangga Besar

oleh Jason Pirelli Tandean (IG: @jasontandean), 19 Agustus 2021 (2 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Interior di Kwetiau Akang


Foto Makanan di Kwetiau Akang

Kuo Tie

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Welcoming monday means go home earlier and preparing myself for the coming day. Good meal and some free times in my hands are what I need for this session. 

Meet Kwetiau Akang. Yes, GoFood driver helped me lay my hands on these babies. Thank God for those ride-hailing/food delivery apps. Legend said this restaurant is one of the best Kwetiau restaurant in Jakarta, a must have for tourists. We have a well-known Kwetiau restaurant here in Surabaya, being told that Akang Jakarta tastes better, off I went to place my orders. 

Kwetiau is basically flat rice noodles, commonly stir fried, boiled in broth, or served as dry noodles with its condiments on the side (like Bakso Sapi Akiaw, a few posts before). Akang was famous for its Kwetiau Goreng (Stir-Fried Kwetiau) and its Fried Rice. Me and @chrisongkoo grabbed the most flavourful topping option, the special (all toppings from chicken, pork, seafood. A bit of everything). Just when I thought it was enough for a meal for 2, there comes another surprise, a portion of fried dumplings/Kuo Tie. An interesting twist of that night's dinner story. 

Kwetiau Goreng and Nasi Goreng tastes yummy. Balanced proportion of carbs and proteins, look at those cute crab claws and pork sausages. That charred parts on those carbs, oh yum. Wok Hei is the name of the game and this place is a professional. You can sense the charred flavour and aroma in every scoop of your meal, pair them with those house-made pickled onions. Sweet, tangy, and refreshing for your palate so you can keep on sending scoops and scoops of those amazing stir fried rice and kwetiau to your mouth. Don't forget some drops of sambal, too. 

The fried dumplings are crusty and have juicy pork fillings. Having just a piece would be a sin, and we regret that we only ordered a portion of it. Enjoy it with the Sambal and/or the dumpling sauce, makes it yummier.

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Foto Makanan di Kwetiau Akang
Foto Makanan di Kwetiau Akang
Foto Interior di Kwetiau Akang

Menu yang dipesan: Kuo Tie, Nasi Goreng, Finished!, Kwetiau Goreng

Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000

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Kwetiau Akang


Jl. Mangga Besar Raya No. 2C, Mangga Besar, Jakarta Barat

Rata-rata: 3.7