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i wonder why this place isnt packed with people

oleh god’s hungriest soldier ‼️ , 17 Juli 2023 (4 bulan yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Manzo
Foto Makanan di Manzo

i think ive found my favorite dindin spot!! came here after work and i ordered some of their menus:

1. Slow Cooked Ragu Pappardelle
honestly this was hands down the best pasta ive ever had… the portion was good enough for me to save a little space for the dessert. the whole dish was packed with ragu sauce and the doneness of the pappardelle was perfect. the ragu sauce itself was seasoned very well, the sourness from the tomato was just right. the oxtail and short rib provided a nice little crunchy texture and the beef tongue was so soft. on top of everything there was cheese slices that looked almost like the pappardelle and it paired really well with everything. that was an easy 10/10 for me!!

2. Victoria Sponge Shortcake
the sponge cake was airy and soft. the cream consistency was light and not overly sweet. and the strawberries!!! theyre super super fresh and not too sour, it was really up to my liking. plating is super pretty with edible flowers sprinkled on the plate. everything goes really well together but i ate it at room temp cause i let it sit for a little while. maybe i shouldve asked the waiter to serve it after im done with the pasta hahah

3. Iced Vanilla Bourbon Tea
tea was great!! the waiter asked me if i wanted it hot/cold so i picked cold. they serve the sugar separately and they also gave me paper straw. but dont worry cause the paper straw was very high quality so it didnt ruin my drinking experience hehe. but anyway i think the tea tasted way better without the sugar cause it kinda lost the sweet vanilla flavor once i poured the sugar..

the ambience was perfect. they provide both indoor and outdoor space but i chose the outdoor space as per usual. they have nice little flowers on the table and the light is more dim outside at night. definitely a perfect place for romantic dinner, too bad my partner is out of town :( but anyways i had a really great time dining in and i would definitely come back for a treat!!

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Foto Makanan di Manzo
Foto Makanan di Manzo
Foto Makanan di Manzo

Menu yang dipesan: Slow cooked ragu pappardelle, victoria sponge cake, Vanilla Bourbon Tea

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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Pondok Indah Mall 1, Street Gallery, Lantai 1
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan

Rata-rata: 4.4