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Salted egg yolk lava you are the Queen!

oleh IG: biteorbye (Nisa & Nadya) , 23 Juni 2019 (8 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Nomz
Foto Makanan di Nomz

Biteorbye? Bite.

Why you will love it ❤
1. Nomz is known for their croissant salted egg and yes it is every bit as good as it is advertised. The salted egg melts in your mouth and then you have the dried salted egg texture sprinkled on top. Super good from beginning to end, however, this is one of those dishes that is super flavourful afterwards you would not want to eat anything else.
2. Croissant dark & white chocolate is also worth a try. It is sweet and usually white chocolate is not my favourite but this one is good!

What could be improved 🙏
1. Service. I understand we were a group of 13 people which means service may be a bit slow. But at least bring the cutleries without us having to ask it multiple times :) The music from the other restaurant across it was too loud that we could not hear ourselves talking. But I guess the waiter/waitress must have heard us because not too long after the music was in a normal volume range so the initiative is very much appreciated!
2. The other dessert surprisingly was not too good. They were beautiful and aesthetic in presentation but tastewise... It's not that it's not good. It's great, but the taste is not as memorable and different compared to the rest of similar dishes in other restaurants.

Place: Nomz, Grand Indonesia Mall
Croissant dark & white chocolate 8.1/10
Croissant salted Egg yolk lava 9.4/10
Avogato pie 6.8/10

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Foto Makanan di Nomz
Foto Makanan di Nomz
Foto Makanan di Nomz
Foto Makanan di Nomz

Menu yang dipesan: Dark & white chocolate croissante, Salted egg yolk lava croissante, Avogato Pie

Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000

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Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai Ground, East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Rata-rata: 3.8


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