Review Pelanggan untuk Bebini Gelati

Gelato Oasis in the Middle of Surabaya

oleh Jason Pirelli Tandean (IG: @jasontandean), 14 Maret 2021 (sekitar 3 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Bebini Gelati

Bebini Chocolate Affogato

Foto Makanan di Bebini Gelati

The Dark Chocolate Shot

Back to @bebinigelati , now with the 3 VIPs from Malang, who were very excited to have a staycation at Surabaya. Not saying that a city is better than another, but we all can't deny that sometimes a city seems like they have everything yet still lack a small stuff that we're looking for right? 

I tried the Chocolate Affogato, thinking that it was a normal affogato with chocolate ice cream. Upon reading the description clearer, it said (1 scoop gelato + dark chocolate shot), no mention of espresso shot whatsoever. I asked the barista to scoop me the best gelato flavour for my affogato, and boy. It did come without any espresso/coffee, pure chocolate and chocolate. 

The gelato is very chocolatey, love the flavour and texture. We already knew gelatos are lovely, and Bebini took their gelatos seriously, but I wish I discovered this flavour earlier. The dark chocolate shot, on its own, taste very chocolatey and strong, not overly sweet. Even slightly bitter, just the way I like my hot chocolates. Pour the shot onto the gelato and let them elevate each other up, it's like Yin and Yang in a cup, only no colour combo here, just the combo of texture and flavour. Imagine chocolate gelato with a soup of dark chocolate liquid, Chocolate bliss. Now this is a drink I'd happily pay IDR 40k for. Worth every single dime spent. No more words needed. You gotta try it yourself, the sensation of cold gelato and the warmth of concentrated hot chocolate, the cold and warm sensation tingling in your mouth, pure bliss. 

Bebini actually have some more interesting items such as sorbet-tea, original affogato, coffee float, basically drinks + sorbet/gelato combined into a single glass/cup to brighten your gloomy day up. If you need more options, go to their display fridge and try to have all of their gelato flavours, I'd say you won't grow sick of them.

Alrighty until my next visit then, folks ;). 

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Foto Makanan di Bebini Gelati
Foto Makanan di Bebini Gelati

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4 pembaca berterima kasih.


Bebini Gelati


Jl. Dharmahusada No. 183 - 185, Gubeng, Surabaya

Rata-rata: 4.2