Naisa Manado Food  [ Indonesia ]
4.4 1 review

Naisa Manado Food

[ Indonesia ]
4.4 1 review
Harga : rasa

Jl. Purnawarman (Gang Swadaya No. 8), Ciputat Timur, Tangerang Selatan

Belum Buka - Selasa (09:00 - 19:00) 081359796545


Belum Buka Senin - Minggu (09:00 - 19:00)

Di bawah Rp. 50.000 /orang

Naisa Manado Food [ Ciputat Timur ]

  • Tipe KulinerIndonesia
  • Jam Buka
    Belum Buka
  • PembayaranTunai, Debet


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Foto Profil IG: biteorbye (Nisa & Nadya)

Alfa 2020

344 Review

Level 12

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Biteorbye? Bite.

Why you will love it ❤
1. The cakalang tastes so comforting. Like if I had a bad day, and I had to confide to someone, I would confide to this cakalang (if it were a person). The kind of comfort-food that can never disappoint you, like a best friend but better.
2. Panada is like that food I never knew I wanted but turns out I need. The bread is so soft, freshly cooked, sweet combined with the cakalang with a hint of mint. As if the taste were not perfect enough you get a bit of sweet sauce which highlights all the flavour even more. I typically order 2-4 if I am hungry, for one person of course, Panada this good is not for sharing. Sorry not sorry!
3. The Paket Cakalang Suwir comes with two sambal, red sambal and a refreshing dabu-dabu like sambal. For a Libra, this is perfect. Both are great and add a different kind of element and excitement. The dabu-dabu like sambal is refreshing and the red sambal adds a bit of kick. The cakalang tastes perfect as it is, so I usually eat this with the vegetables so as not to ruin the taste of cakalang.
4. The bakwan jagung is love! Crispy with just a hint of sweetness. The sweetness is not overpowering which goes well with the overall flavour profile.
5. The sayur pepaya is good, I’ve had better but it’s still decent because it is not bitter. Also, portion is generous.

What could be improved 🙏
1. This is on the pricier side, but I ordered it using online app so I can make use of the discounts he he he. But even if the discounts suddenly decide to disappear one day, I will keep ordering as long as they maintain the fantastic quality. Also, it is actually a good deal portion and pricewise. Naisa is so nice!
2. I wish the Panada has a more consistent taste. At times the bread is sweeter (I like sweeter bread so it’s good!) and sometimes I can genuinely taste the mint but sometimes nope (I like the mint flavour that is somewhere in between subtle and strong). A bad Panada is still a great Panada, but consistency of taste is always appreciated!

Place: Naisa Manado Food, Ciputat
Paket Cakalang Suwir 9.0/10
Panada (6K) 9.1/10

Menu yang dipesan: Paket Cakalang Suwir, Panada

Tanggal kunjungan: 22 Februari 2020
Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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