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Pretty great affordable and convenient ramen restaurant!

oleh @eatfoodtravel , 23 Maret 2020 (sekitar 1 tahun yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya

Was here for dinner the other day, never tried Sugakiya in other places before but this is definitely a must try ramen restaurant! They are offering varieties of ramen as convenient food along with other foods and ice cream. I highly recommend this place.
We ordered Chilli Tomato Ramen, Egg Ramen, and Tori Don. Love the half cooked eggs! Perfectly cooked and yummy! The soup of the ramen is quite tasty, Chilli Tomato Ramen was a bit spicy but its okay for me. Tori Don is their chicken rice menu but i still prefer their ramen though.
For sides, we ordered Fried Gyoza, Takoyaki, and Chicken Karaage. All of them are so good! Gyoza was a bit spicy as they gave chilli oil on top of the gyoza but it was perfect. Takoyaki and chicken karaage are crunchy and freshly served. All the sides are a must try!
And the best part comes to their ice cream! We had Coffee Jelly Sundae, Kurizen and Matcha Kintoki. I prefer their Coffee Jelly Sundae and Kurizen. They made coffee into jelly as a topping and i think its from espresso coffee, very strong and great. Kurizen is ice cream with red beans. Love them both! Ice cream is so smooth and the price is only around 10k. Very cheap!
The place is in Summarecon Mall Serpong, downtown area opposite of Gold Gyms. They have indoor and outdoor area.

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Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya
Foto Makanan di Sugakiya

Menu yang dipesan: Chicken karaage, Coffee Jelly Sundae, fried gyoza, Egg Ramen, toridon, Takoyaki, matcha kintoki, Chilli Tomato Ramen, kurizen

Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000

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Summarecon Mall Serpong, Lantai Ground, Downtown Walk
Jl. Gading Serpong Boulevard, Gading Serpong, Serpong, Tangerang

Rata-rata: 3.8


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