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  • 2.6  
    Kedai Soto Ibu Rahayu [ Bogor Utara, Indonesia ]

    maintain your expectation. otherwise you'll be disappointed

    So many variation of soto. I tried 4 types. Soto mie, soto bogor, soto goreng and soto oseng. 

    Soto Mie (30K). Huge chunks of meat, noodle, vermicelli, cabbage, risol and dumpling skin. The meat was huge but not that tender. The cabbage was fresh and still crunchy. The risol was too damn small. Like 2 or 3 small pieces. And the broth wasn't rich enough. It's quite disappointing. It's not that bad but I could easily find a better one in Jakarta. Soto Mie Bang Alex (near pelita in gang macan) tastes even better and cheaper. 

    Soto Bogor (39K). The soup was yellowish with super creamy flavor from coconut milk. The meat was the same with the one they used for soto mie. The lungs was kinda smelly, it had a strong innards aftertaste. But the kikil was soft but still a little bouncy, perfect I gotta say. And they used radish in the broth, it gave a sweet flavor to the broth. 

    Soto Goreng (39K). First they served me a soup bowl. I thought they seperate the fried part or whatsoever but I was wrong. The topping was already inside that broth. Let me be blunt, I tasted no difference at all. Did they screw my order and gave me 2 bowls of soto bogor? I tasted nothing fried, no crunchy texture, no nothing. 

    Soto Oseng (39K). Stir-fry meat with veggies and cayenne and served with a bowl of broth. The amount of meat was disappointing and totally lacked of flavors. Gotta eat with the pickles, it's tasteless otherwise. The pickles was good btw. Once again, I could easily find a better one. Haji Mamat as example. They way they stir-fry the meat was totally different. Haji mamat one is so rich, I could taste the onion, the cayenne, the tomato from the meat itself. But here, nothing. 

    Once again, we may have a different preferences. You don't have to agree with me. I just wanna tell ya what I thought about my experience there.

    Menu yang dipesan: Soto Oseng, Soto Goreng, Soto Bogor, Soto Mie

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 2.0  
    Ayam Goreng Gajah Mungkur [ Cibinong, Indonesia ]

    Pricey as hell and tasted mediocre

    The place was so so, no design or ambiance at all. When I saw the menu, I thought the price was for half chicken or a pair but no it's for a piece (40K). Taste wise, it's good but not really special. The meat wasn't too dry even though it's breast not thigh. The seasoning was also quite good, not too salty, not too savoury and not too oily. But, the price doesn't make any sense. I've tasted a lot better one and it only costs me like around 20K something. I give low score because of the price alone. For me, it's totally not worth it at all.

    Menu yang dipesan: Ayam Goreng

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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