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The best steaks that you'll get at this price point.

oleh Ferdy Kurniawan, 28 November 2020 (7 bulan yang lalu)

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This is actually my second time visiting DoubleU Steak, my previous visit was to take advantage of zomato gold 1+1 food with my friends. During this visit, my friends and I ordered NZ Sirloin, Australian Ribeye Meltique, and Australian Tenderloin Meltique. 

Starting with the NZ sirloin, I ordered it with medium-rare finish. I have to say this one of the best cut of sirloin that I've tasted. The beef is juicy and rich, the texture is not too soft, yet very tender. It is well seasoned, could be easily enjoyed on its own, or paired with Double U signature chimicurry, creamy garlic, or herb butter sauce. This steak is perfect for those who are looking for meaty texture with rich and juicy taste. 

Moving on to the Australian Ribeye, it is huge. It's super thick, and this steak was ordered with medium finish. Despite being medium, the inside is still a nice pink-ish red. As the name suggests, this steak is very tender. Much more tender than the sirloin, mostlikely due to it's thickness. This steak is perfect to be eaten slowly, savouring every bite and juices of the steak. 

Last, the Australian Ribeye with medium-rare finish, a bit different with the tenderloin cut, this cut is not too thick, around 2 cm thick, but it's super soft. It's almost like a wagyu, very easy to be cut, and melts in your mouth. Its very rich and nicely paired with their signature sauces. 

For all three of the steaks, we ordered Double Up version of it, basically add 40-50% extra (depending on the cut) to get another 200g of steak. I would recommend the Double Up version if you are really hungry. 

The service itself is very good, the staffs are very attentive. There was no issue during the ordering process, and the food we ordered was served relatively quickly. Additionally, the staffs asked us to check the done-ness of the steak when it was served to us. 

For the restaurant itself, there aren't lots of tables available within the restaurant itself. Probably only around 10, so expect to wait for a few minutes. However, the space inside is not too cramped, there are plenty of spaces between the tables. 

For parking, despite not having lots of parking space directly in front of the restaurant, an empty land next to restaurant had been alocated for parking, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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Double U Steak by Chef Widhi


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