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  • 4.8  
    Haidilao Hot Pot [ Gandaria, China ]

    Ultimate Hot Pot Experience

    Haidilao is renowned worldwide for their hot pot, I have personally been recommended to try haidilao by many of my friends. Hence, this is my first visit and experience dining in haidilao Gancit. During this visit, we ordered 1 Ma La soup, 1 Mushroom Soup, and 2 plain water. We decided to only ordered 2 out of 4 pots of soups as there are only 3 of us, would be a waste if we fill up the whole hot pot. For the toppings, we ordered some Beef Shortplate, Pork Samcan, chikuwa, lotus root, kangkung, and shitake mushrooms. 

    I was quite surprised that the portion for the beef, pork, and vegies were quite big. Bigger than what I had expected. The quality of the beef and pork are top notch, juicy and tender, and it doesn't have that meaty raw taste even when cooked rare. Meanwhile for the soups, the Ma La is quite good, we ordered it to be less spicy, but still have that unique Ma La numbing spicyness. I would recommend ordering at least 1 Ma La soup for dipping with the meats. Meanwhile the mushroom is soup is very rich and umami. It's a light soup, perfect to be sipped after you've boiled everything in it. Additionally the plain water base soup is not actually plain, as they do give some chinese herbal ingredients within it, and is actually quite useful if you'd find the Ma La is too spicy, perfect for washing/rinsing some of the Ma La oils. 

    For the service, I would also say it's very top notch. Super friendly and helpful staffs, as it is our first time in haidilao, they would assists and recommends us on what and how to order. Additionally, there are free mineral water, and the staff would be very attentive and refill our glass once it looks empty. 

    For the restaurant itself, it's quite spacious inside, plenty of space between the tables so even if it's crowded, its not cramped. The tables are quite huge as well, the bigger tables could fit up to 8 people (but maybe only 6 during these times). 

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.2  
    Dragon Hot Pot [ Puri, China ]

    A convinient way of enjoying ma la

    I've  got multiple recommendations of dragot hot pot from my friends and family who lived in Melbourne as they said dragon hot pot is one of the must eat restaurant over there. So I head out to try, and at a first glance, the concept is quite interesting. You would be paying per gram of the food that you choose. Be it sliced beef, seafood, noodle, vegies, or tofu, everything is priced equally at Rp 30K per 100g, with minimum of 250g. 

    During my visit, I had a mix of beef, vegies, noodle, kembang tahu, and shirataki noodles, totalling at 400g. I chose the Ma La broth with mild spicyness. When my number was then called, I was given a big bowl of everything that I had picked. To be honest, the broth itself is quite good, albeit not that spicy. There is a hint of Ma La spicyness (the numbning spicy kind), but it's not overpowering the soup or the toppings. The overall taste for the broth is still enjoyable, has that rich creamy feel to it, with a slight spicyness. I would recommend more than mild if you are used to Ma La spicyness. 

    For the toppings that I had chosen, it was well cooked, although the beef is slightly overcooked for my taste (I like it rare), but otherwise, no complaints. However I would suggest not choosing shirataki noodle as it is heavier than the other noodle choices. It's the only wet noodle, while the other noodle options are dry noodles. 

    Since you've been given a big bowl for the Ma La soup+topping, you could share the content with one other people, as I saw what other guests are doing. So 1 bowl of maincourse, and two smaller bowls for rice. Additionally, the ice tea is free refill, and I'd suggest getting a drink since your meal would be very spicy. 

    For the service, the waiters and waitresses are very friendly and helpful during my visit. I was given a brief explanation of how it works as it is my first time visiting, and the waiter behind the drink+food bar is very friendly and helpful. 

    For the restaurant itself, there are plenty of spaces within the restaurant, I would say it would not be cramped if it were to be crowded. I had visited during a weekday lunch period, and it's quite empty. 

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.4  
    Bar.B.Q Plaza [ Slipi, Thailand ]

    An adequate bbq restaurant

    This is my second visit to Bar.b.q Plaza, with the first one a few years ago in their now closed puri branch. I have already forgotten the taste and experience back then, but dining here again reminded me of the same thing. Honestly the only thing that make me curious to try this place is the recommendations given from my friends in Thailand. 

    So first, you would be asked to choose a la carte or all you can eat menu, this time I ordered the a la carte. I ordered the supreme set for two. The meat and dishes that was served is quite different than the pictures. While the amount of the meat and veg are the same, the thickness of the meat itself is lacking. The meat slices that was served was very thin and quite lean. 

    Honestly, with all four of the meat selections in the supreme set, all of them are not tender, despite being very thin. The taste is acceptable, acceptable meaty taste. But there is nothing more to it, the texture is not pleasant, there isn’t much fat for it to melt in your mouth, the only redeeming thing is the sauce that was given. I maybe spoilt with other yakiniku branches that serves better cut/meat, but at this price point, I had expected something more, since it’s not that cheap. 

    Meanwhile the other toppings, chicken, squid, and veg, all them are so so. However, I’m not a fan of the small shabu-shabu spot for it, and the fact that it was never hot enough to be boiling without burning and charing the meat. 

    For the service, it’s quite okay, nothing out of the ordinary. The waiter/waitress was quite attentive and reactive. The teas are bottomless and they are happy to refill it. 

    On the other hand, the restaurant itself was a bit unkept. While at a glance it’s not dirty, there are a considerable amount of flies hanging around the restaurant. Furthermore, since it’s located next to the alleyway towards the toilet, the restaurant itself is quite open, and hence you don’t really get lots of privacy inside.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 5.0  
    Ramen SeiRock-Ya [ Puri, Jepang ]

    One of the best ramen in Jakarta (Better than most Tonkotsu/Hakkata broth)

    Seirock-ya Tori Paitan Extreme ramen broth is honestly one of the best ramen broth out there. Despite being a chicken broth, it is comparable to the best Tonkotsu/Hakkata based broth. It’s super rich in flavour, have a pleasantly thick broth taste to it, every sip of the broth is just pure bliss. I’ve tried their niko-mori, regular, and ajitama version, I would recommend the niku-mori if you are looking for more meat. The chicken chasiu is wonderful as well as it is not dry at all despite being breast meat. The Chicken Chasiu complements the broth very well. 

    Furthermore, I would consider their ramen noodle to be one of the best, both the curly and thick option. The noodle texture could easily absorbs the broth, and it is not floury, or having that raw flour taste to it unlike in some other ramen restaurants. The texture itself is very chewy (I ordered it regularly cooked), an overall great texture and mouthfeel that complements the broth and chicken chasiu. 

    Meanwhile for the service, excellent japanese service standard. The waitresses are super friendly and helpful, and the ramen was served relatively quickly. 

    The restaurants itself was kept very clean, and there was adequate space between the tables. Social distancing was kept within the restaurants and the staff is quite very strict about it, which is nice. 

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.8  
    Double U Steak by Chef Widhi [ Bekasi Selatan, Barat ]

    The best steaks that you'll get at this price point.

    This is actually my second time visiting DoubleU Steak, my previous visit was to take advantage of zomato gold 1+1 food with my friends. During this visit, my friends and I ordered NZ Sirloin, Australian Ribeye Meltique, and Australian Tenderloin Meltique. 

    Starting with the NZ sirloin, I ordered it with medium-rare finish. I have to say this one of the best cut of sirloin that I've tasted. The beef is juicy and rich, the texture is not too soft, yet very tender. It is well seasoned, could be easily enjoyed on its own, or paired with Double U signature chimicurry, creamy garlic, or herb butter sauce. This steak is perfect for those who are looking for meaty texture with rich and juicy taste. 

    Moving on to the Australian Ribeye, it is huge. It's super thick, and this steak was ordered with medium finish. Despite being medium, the inside is still a nice pink-ish red. As the name suggests, this steak is very tender. Much more tender than the sirloin, mostlikely due to it's thickness. This steak is perfect to be eaten slowly, savouring every bite and juices of the steak. 

    Last, the Australian Ribeye with medium-rare finish, a bit different with the tenderloin cut, this cut is not too thick, around 2 cm thick, but it's super soft. It's almost like a wagyu, very easy to be cut, and melts in your mouth. Its very rich and nicely paired with their signature sauces. 

    For all three of the steaks, we ordered Double Up version of it, basically add 40-50% extra (depending on the cut) to get another 200g of steak. I would recommend the Double Up version if you are really hungry. 

    The service itself is very good, the staffs are very attentive. There was no issue during the ordering process, and the food we ordered was served relatively quickly. Additionally, the staffs asked us to check the done-ness of the steak when it was served to us. 

    For the restaurant itself, there aren't lots of tables available within the restaurant itself. Probably only around 10, so expect to wait for a few minutes. However, the space inside is not too cramped, there are plenty of spaces between the tables. 

    For parking, despite not having lots of parking space directly in front of the restaurant, an empty land next to restaurant had been alocated for parking, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.6  
    Kopikohlie [ Kebon Jeruk, Kafe ]

    A literal hidden coffee spot in west jakarta

    Despite of having heard of Kopikohlie for years, and tried their roasted beans in other coffee shops, I've never gotten the chance to visit the coffee shop on my own. The location in google maps is pretty accurate, it is located near the main road, but you do have to turn to a smaller/complex like road. Parking space for cars is quite limitted as it is in a housing area, probably only fit 2 cars, but plenty of space for motorcycles. 

    For my first visit, I ordered their filter coffee with lembang natural beans, and their eskopsu. First for the filter coffee, Rp 28K, I was recommended Lembang Natural by the barista/owner as I was looking for a fruity taste note. The taste is similar to a Gunung Halu bean, very fruity with jackfruit taste notes, very light with a bit of syrupi texture, and a clean finish, with light bitterness. Overall its a great cup of filtered coffee. 

    For the eskopsu, Rp 20K, the texture is quite unique. The creamyness of the milk is quite strong, making the whole drink quite viscous, but still enjoyable. The balance of the milk, coffee, and brown sugar is well balance, comparable or even better than well-known eskopsu brand.  

    The staff is very friendly and could easily help you with any questions or recommendations. I was directly showned what filter beans that they have for that day, and the barista gave me a personal recommendation based on my preference. 

    The place itself is quite spacious, despite of being a home based coffee shop. There is a spacious place next to the cashier for working and hanging out, but it is mostly outdoor area. In short, this place feels very homey and comfortable. 

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.8  
    Yakiniku Like [ Puri, Jepang ]

    Kintan in a budget

    Finally got the chance to try yakiniku like after being recommended by everyone. At a glance, their offering looks like a menu from kintan. But actually, the taste/price ratio is quite high. 

    I took advantage of an on-going promotion during my visit, 45K for 100g of karubi set (incl rice, salad/kimchi, drink/miso), or 75K for 200g. I chose the 200g one. The karubis that was served looked to be a good cut of karubi, unlike the mix cut that you would get in Kintan. The taste of the karubi itself is less fatty, and more meaty. Personally I like to combine the cooked karubi with the garlic+spicy miso sauce. Additionally, you could choose the amount of rice that you'd get, 150g, 200g, or 250g for no additional charge (seems to be). The quality of the rice itself is quite good, a good japanese rice. 

    During this covid and psbb period, this restaurant have utilised contactless ordering service to the fullest. First you have to checkin through the QR code showned in the entrance. Then you would get another QR code for both the menu and ordering. After the order have been placed through the link, my ordered was served within 3 minutes as advertised. Lastly, I could also choose to pay through online payments such as Gopay, Ovo, and CC. 

    The space within the restaurant itself is quite spacious. There are space given between the seats for social distancing, but even without social distancing, the table arrangement doesnt feel cramped. 

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.2  
    Mikkro Espresso [ Hang Lekir, Kafe ]

    Small but cozy

    Disclaimer: This review only covers the coffee and pastry, and does not represent the food/main course. 

    Came here during a monday morning, the location itself is in the corner of hang tuah and senayan, a bit secluded, but you don't have to turn around if you came from senayan. The parking lot is relatively spacious, there are spaces for 5+ cars, and valet service is available on premise. During my visit, it's not particularly crowded, only me and 2 other guests at the time. 

    The interior can be summarised as cosy, it was designed around the old building style itself. The space between walls could be a bit cramped in some area, but the lighting and table arrangement helps in creating a more spacious feeling. The ambiance is comfortable enough for working hours on end inside, although during my visit, I did not pay attention to the availabilities of electricity plugs around the tables. 

    I ordered their canele, and a doubleshot espresso, each costing 35K and 37K respectively. First the canele, it was reheated/baked again, and served with a dollop of caramel. Personally I quite like baked canele, making it quite soft and chewy. The texture is very soft inside and outside, hence its a bit hard to sliced in half without squishing it. However, the taste is exquisite, sweet and creamy, especially when eaten together with the caramel. The caramel complements the creamyness of the canele very nicely. 

    However, their espresso is mediocre at best. I ordered a double shot, but at a glance what they served me looks like a lungo. The espresso itself is quite sweet in the beginning, but have a quite overpowering bitterness finish. It is very chocolaty, but sadly lacking in body. I supposed the taste is similar to their parent's coffee shop, Giyanti. Personally I think the espresso would taste better with milk cappucino or latte. 

    Price wise, personally I find the espresso is too overpriced. 37K for a mediocre espresso is asking too much, but then again this place was set up to be a restaurant/eatery first, then coffee shop, so the price would be slightly understandable. Meanwhile for the canele, 35K for a good canele is acceptable. 

    The service is quite good, the staff is quite attentive in serving the customers. My ordered was served relatively quickly, and I was asked about how was the espresso by the barista, which is a nice gesture. 

    In summary, Mikkro Espresso is quite cozy, a nice redesign of an retro/old building with spacious seating arrangement for working. However, the coffee is mediocre for the price point, while the canele is quite good. 

    Menu yang dipesan: Double shot espresso, canele

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.0  
    Yuki [ Melawai, Jepang ]

    An acceptable authentique japanese food restaurant

    Came here in a saturday evening, and I have already booked earlier in the week. During my visit it's quite full, so booking is always recommended, additionally better to park in BlokM Plaza rather than near Yuki, it's hard to get a parking space, and hard to get out of the area as well. 

    The restaurant itself is located on the 2nd floor, the inside is quite spacious and designed nicely with an acceptable japanese decor. As I had already booked my table, I was given the private room with tatami seating. The private room itself is quite nice, you could easily talk and chat with your friends without worrying too much about the noise you make. 

    In this visit, I ordered their Otoro Chirashi Don, and chicken gyoza to share. First the otoro chirashi don, personally I felt it's too cheap to be true, only 75K, but then after tasting it, well it's acceptable for the price. To be honest tasted more like regular maguro, with slighly more fat. The taste itself is not that fresh, I could feel a slight fishyness to it, but still acceptable for the price. The sushi rice is quite good, perfectly cooked. 

    For the gyoza, it is served on a hot pan, and with the skin still attached to the bottom side, a nice presentation to it. The gyoza itself is filled to the brimm, there is no wasted space inside the gyoza without chicken filling. The filling is quite nice as well, especially when eaten with the gyoza sauce. I would recommend the gyoza to share!

    The service is mediocre, while the food was served relatively fast, it's quite hard to get the attention of the waiter/waitress eventhough there is already a bell inside our private room. We had to ring the bell a few times just to start our order. But other than that, its quite acceptable. Getting our reservation was not a hasle as well. 

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.2  
    9 Cups Coffee [ Grogol, Kafe ]

    Surga kecil untuk pecinta kopi

    Sudah sering saya kesini buat ngopi, walaupun bukan mahasiswa untar, overall coffee beans yang digunakan disini itu sebanding dengan pemain-pemain roaster besar, dengan harga yang cukup ekonomis. 

    Biasanya saya pesan V60, terakhir saya pesan Tolu Batak dan Flores Tiba tebing, kedua beans tersebut memiliki rasa yang sangat unik. Tolu Batak memiliki aroma yang sangat seperti vanilla dan terasa manis dilidah, berbeda dengan batak lainnya yang biasanya seperti cengkeh atau tembakau, bodynya sangat light dan memiliki clean finish. 

    Untuk makanan, spageti carbonara ditempat ini bisa dibilang standar, tetapi mengingat harganya yang hanya 30k, bisa dibilang okelah.

    Secara tempat sendiri sebenarnya sempit, dan saya biasanya duduk di area bar. Untuk seating dibawah, terdapat banyak colokan buat yang ingin bekerja dengan laptop. Dibawah ada sekitar 2 meja dan 5 kursi tinggi untuk meja bar. 

    Pelayanan disini super friendly, kesini terasa seperti ke rumah, dan penyajian minuman pun juga cepat, kecuali ya kalau lagi penuh, karena biasanya cuma ada 1 barista. 

    Menu yang dipesan: v60, Carbonara, Espresso

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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