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Aged + Butchered

oleh @fuzzy.eats , 04 September 2022 (5 bulan yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered

Taste 8/10
Service and Ambiance 8/10
Price $$$
🐈Will revisit

Dry aged vs wet aged:
Which type you prefer will vary based on your preference. In general, dry aged meat has this nutty or even blue cheese smell from the aging process, whereas wet aged is juicier and can have that metallic taste you associate with blood.

30D Wagyu Riserva 9+ Picanha (375k/100g) 8/10
Good old classic you can never go wrong with. I prefer picanha over rib eye in general since it’s less fatty (you can just cut off the fat cap, whereas in rib eye the marbling runs through the meat) while still being tender and flavourful. Will recommend this if you’re trying dry aged for the first time.

45D Striploin Camembert (645k/100g) 8.5/10
Off the menu cut. Just ask the servers on what special cuts are available during your visit. Anyway, the camembert helped emulate the taste of 200D dry aged beef due to the intense pungent flavour. Striploin is already a leaner and beefier than sirloin, and the dry age process further highlight both of these characteristics. Might be too pungent and dry for some people.

45D Whisky Aged Ribeye (450k/100g) 7.5/10
The whiskey resulted in the raw cut almost smelling like bread, which made sense given whiskey is typically made from some grains like wheat and rye. Couldn’t really taste the alcohol once it’s cooked but this was notably sweeter compared to other meats we tried. Wonder how a wine dry aged steak will taste like🧐? Since they used ribeye, the result remained juicier vs the camembert one even though both were aged for 45D.

USDA Prime Fillet Mignon (290k/100g) 7/10
Fillet mignon is typically very tender (buttery almost) but can lack some depth of flavour vs cuts with more marbling, so the sauces AB provided actually works to deliver more flavour to the dish. Better than the fillet mignon from Ruth’s by miles.

Wagyu Riserva Flat Iron (355k/100g) 8/10
Flat iron, taken from the shoulder of the cow (aka chunk) is almost as tender as tenderloin while having more marbling. Will recommend this over the fillet mignon as I felt that the marbling and quality of the cut are better.

Corn n Cheese (140k) 7/10
Essentially sweet corn on top on roasted marrow with gouda and black truffle mayo on top. Quite a flavour bomb but can get heavy after a while. My friend finished this one off in no time.

Dieng Potato Mousseline (95k) 5/10
Creamier and smoother than your mashed potato, mousseline is typically prepared using heavy cream on top of using milk after being cooked in charcoal, normandy butter, shoyu & marrow bordelaise, fried sage. It’s an okay side but nothing really stood out.

Truffled Foie Bon Bon (195k) 7/10
Mini appetiser made from yaki imo foam, balsamic teriyaki, scallop aburi, truffle tobiko. Make sure to eat this while hot to ensure best flavour. Truffle was weak, but the scallop and foam made up for it.

Shichi-mi Kinoko Batayaki (150k) 6/10
Fancy stir fried mushroom using morel, chantrelle, porcini, cremini, shiitake, shimeji, and eringi using garlic butter soy. Pretty safe dish if you like mushroom.

Valrhona 70% Souffle (150k) 5/10
Guanaja dark chocolate, molten center, frangelico ice cream. Took 40 minutes to prepare this dish. Honestly not worth it with how sweet and eggy they were. Much prefer Le Quartier’s soufflé.

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Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered
Foto Makanan di Aged + Butchered

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Aged + Butchered


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