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oleh Ulung2000, 09 Januari 2017 (3 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Bebek Bengil
Foto Makanan di Bebek Bengil

Duck. I love duck. This particular duck was pretty ok. It was real funny to see my duck served on top of 2 slices of fruit, but I just went with it. First of all, the duck wasn't fatty, and it had a texture similar to that of a chicken. The frying, however, was crispy enough. The 3 different sambal was also okay, and I should remind you to use all 3 when you eat. Interior was above okay, because I loved the balinese ambience. It was flawless. Now, if I were to compare this to bebek tepi sawah, bebek tepi sawah has fattier and crispier duck than be ek bengil. Their sambal and long beans are also spicier. In the end, which place you'll like will depend on your tastebuds, but I still prefer bebek tepi sawah over this.

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Foto Makanan di Bebek Bengil
Foto Interior di Bebek Bengil
Foto Makanan di Bebek Bengil

Menu yang dipesan: Bebek Bengil

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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Bebek Bengil


The Ubud Building
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 132, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Rata-rata: 3.9


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