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Superb delicious!! CALLING ALL SPECULOOS FANS 💛😍

oleh Sienna Paramitha, 18 Januari 2020 (8 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Benedict

overall speculoos series

Foto Makanan di Benedict

speculoos ice cream pie

BENEDICT X SPECULOOS - OMG can't wait to try all their dessert and hope better be crazily good (fyi, I separate the post from the previous one - main dish to make the scoring part unbiased)
SPECULOOS CAKE (65K) - sponge cake, speculoos buttercream, speculoos crumble. First impression, it looks like original sponge cake. But I'm wrong, full of speculoos flavour and much tastier than it looks. I thought they're using a bit of ginger to elevate the overall taste and I love it. So moist, creamy but not too sweet (9/10)

SPECULOOS BROWNIES (50K) with vanilla ice cream, speculoos sauce, speculoos crumble. Every bite of this fatty dessert worth the calories. And surprisingly it's not overly sweet and portion wise (9/10)

SPECULOOS ICE CREAM PIE (55K) with speculoos sauce and speculoos crumble. OMG THIS IS THE BEST ONE. From the first bite, all the speculoos elements burst into your mouth. The texture is absolutely mouth-melting perfection, taste is incredibly delicious. Gonna say that benedict absolutely nailed it! (10/10)

The service itself is different from the last one (main course) because there's nothing problem in serving the dessert, they serve it fast and looks pretty as well. I think that boba season is not work in benedict (all the dessert are too sweet) but this speculoos season is perfectly execute. LOVE IT !! 

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Foto Makanan di Benedict
Foto Makanan di Benedict

Menu yang dipesan: overall speculoos series, speculoos ice cream pie, speculoos brownie, Speculoos Cake

Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000

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Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai Lower Ground, East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Rata-rata: 3.9


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