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oleh Sienna Paramitha, 18 Januari 2020 (8 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Benedict

Steak & Eggs

Foto Makanan di Benedict

Nasi Goreng Kampung

STEAK & EGGS (145K) - fried egg, hanger steak, pickled shallots, pickled mushrooms, potato wedges, chimichurri - this is the worst of them all. The portion is super small compare to the last time I ate here. I ask the waitress and she said that it’s the 120gr steak and the same time as before (if you’re steak fan, u could exactly tell that it’s not even 100gr 😡). And I ordered medium rare but it comes welldone, all my friends have try it and they say that it’s too hard to chew. Super duper dissapointed on this one! (1/10)

CLASSIC BENEDICT (90K) - pork bacon, hollandaise, english muffins, roasted tomatoes, pickled red onions. This is the star of the menu and the only menu that perfectly cooked. Simple, but nicely execute (8/10)

NASI GORENG KAMPUNG (100K) - portion wise, taste okay, not too spicy but a little bit too salty for me (6/10)

NACHOS FLIGHT (65K) - cassava chips, guacamole, chili con cane. Overexpect! I think it’s not a good combination for using cassava chips instead the ordinary one. I know they tried to do innovation but my friend don’t like it too. Anw the guacamole is fresh and nice seasoned (5/10)

CHICKEN AND WAFFLE (90K) - I’m a chick and waffle lovers but I thought benedict couldn’t execute it. Portion wise but the chicken is too salty, crisp but too dried and the waffle itself is too plain (no taste at all) (4/10)

MERCON PASTA - forgot about the price but the taste is crazily spicy as my best friend is master spicy but she also say that it’s beyond her spicy level. Couldn’t taste anything else (1/10)

ORANGE REVIVER (50K) - passionfruit, orange, dragon fruit, mint lime. Claim to be fresh juice but it's totally not the real definition of fresh. The taste is so artificial, totally using syrup into it. Too sweet (not pour the sugar yet but it taste like sugar with syrup) (2/10)

Won’t come back for their maincourse again! Maybe just for their benedict. And totally dissapointing with their service, like pouring oil into fire.

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Foto Makanan di Benedict
Foto Makanan di Benedict
Foto Makanan di Benedict

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai Lower Ground, East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Rata-rata: 3.9


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