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Good Food!

oleh Selina Lim, 19 Juli 2019 (hampir 2 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Bottlenose Shack

Grilled Chicken Cajun With Lemon Rice

Foto Makanan di Bottlenose Shack

Spicy Salted Egg Fettucine

Coming here on Friday night, and want to try the food and vibes. Not too crowd, but the seats inside already full. So we got place outside. It’s comfortable even though the seating at outside. Not too hot, maybe because it was night.

I ordered 3 food yesterday,
1. Spicy Salted Egg Fettucine, the fettucine is not like the fettucine you found at supermarket. It kinda bigger than usual fettucine. Surprisingly, it was good! You could taste the salted egg. When it first came, I feel the portion was not too big, and kind of plain. But after I ate, it quite made me full and I enjoyed eating my food!

2. Creamy Pipe Rigate Pesto
So it was pesto, with pipette rigate type of pasta. Some kind of macaroni, but bigger. The pesto was good, there’s like some bacon or smoked beef inside with small cut. Because of the bacon, the oil was quite a lot on the plate. But overall it’s good because the pesto taste quite nice!

3. Grilled Chicken Cajun with Lemon Rice
Okay so this food was mexican food. If you like mexican food probably you love this. Taste bell pepper, the sour of lemon rice, and chicken. Some sauce like greek yoghurt and pesto. Mix it all, and feels like you eat burritos filling.

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Foto Makanan di Bottlenose Shack
Foto Makanan di Bottlenose Shack

Menu yang dipesan: Creamy Pipe Rigate Pesto, Spicy Salted Egg Fettucine, Grilled Chicken Cajun With Lemon Rice

Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000

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Bottlenose Shack


Central Park, Tribeca Park, Lantai Ground
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Slipi, Jakarta Barat

Rata-rata: 3.9


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