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oleh @fuzzy.eats , 11 Mei 2023 (5 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud

Baked Cheese (120k) 9/10
Soft and melty camembert mixed with buttery puff pastry and sweet honey. Only con is that the portion is so small.

Cinque Formaggi (180k) 8.5/10
Honestly I think Braud PM menus excel the most when they use cheese as the main ingredients. This was like your usual quattro formaggi pizza on steroids for cheese lovers. Very strong cheese flavours with nice sourdough pizza crust.

Sundried Tomato Tagliolini (110k) 6/10
I couldn’t get past the pasta texture, it was so overcook that it tasted like misua😓. Despite all the interesting components like basil oil and straciatella, the overall flavour was kinda all over the place and missing that punch.

Oxtail on Toast (100k) 6/10
I was honestly taken aback with how sweet the wine braised oxtail was? Mixed with the already buttery brioche, this dish tasted very heavy.

Cheeky Pot Pie (225k) 5.5/10
For some reason all their meat menus we ordered tasted sweet? My friends joked that it resembled empal. If you put the jus it got even more sweet. Quite confusing to my palate and wouldn’t recommend this.

Tiramisu (60k) 6.5/10
Decent tiramisu, not too heavy and sweet. Coffee could be a lot stronger and missing the rum though.

Baba Au Rhum (70k) 7/10
Was expecting traditional looking French baba au rhum but kudos for the creativity. More light and refreshing in contrast to the tiramisu.

Sesame Sticky Bun (30k) 7.5/10
Got this for takeaways. Very strong earth-nutty flavours from the sesame. Definitely unique and I really like the crunchy feuillitine on top the bun.

Hazelnut Croissant (42k) 9/10
My go to everytime I visit Bali, managed to snag this when it was available in Jakarta. Loaded with hazelnut from the chopped bits at the top and the generous creamy filling.

Kimchi Cheddar Croissant (45k) 5/10
This was like 80% plain croissant with minimum cheese and kimchi. For some reason the kimchi was only put in the ends of the croissant.

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Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud
Foto Makanan di Braud

Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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