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oleh Mich Love Eat, 19 November 2020 (2 bulan yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya
Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya

Konichiwa! Today I would like to share my lunch experience in Furusato Izakaya. Me and my friend had lunch set menu which available from 11:30 am to 14:30 pm.

The first sight of the exterior building reflect a Japanese cultures, very authentic & beautiful. The sliding wooden door and the beautiful lady welcome me when I step into the restaurant.

We move the Tatami Room on the second floor, it’s private room that can filled 4 - 6 person. It’s clean, tidy & full aircon.

1. Tuna Sashimi
This is the best Tuna sashimi, the cutting are very big, thick. Very fresh & juicy, perfect cutting which no finer, so it’s smooth and easy to chew. The best with wasabi & soy sauce.

2. Maguro Katsu
It’s Seasonal Menu from Furusato Izakaya. Tuna that is cooked perfectly with sautéed mushroom. Beautiful colour, its firm yet soft and melted in mouth. Perfectly seasoned. You will defenitely love this

3. Cheese Menchi Katsu Minced Meat Cutlet with Cheese
It’s my favourite ~ The katsu very crunchy & tasty. The beef is filled with Mozzarella cheese, dipped in special sauce. The beef is very tender, juicy & tasty. This set menu come with fresh salad, macaroni, Soup, Rice, & fruits. Perfect meal for lunch, such a comfort food, I am so satisfy and happy with this set menu.

4. Grilled Beef Hamburg
My friend love this Japanese Beef Hamburg, the beef is so juicy, soft, tender & perfectly cooked. This set menu also come with soup, salad, rice and fruits.

5. Matcha Mille Crepes
Beautiful piece of mille crepes in authentic Japanese Matcha. Every layer of this cake is super moist, fluffy, soft & creamy. Love the smell of matcha. It’s light and delicious. There is always room for dessert. I love this Matcha mille crepes

Overall the food I can rate 9/10, the service are excellent, very friendly & fast respond. The plate also covered with plastic sealing, very clean & safe. It’s an awesome lunch experience with Furusato Izakaya. OISHI ~

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Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya
Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya
Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya
Foto Makanan di Furusato Izakaya

Menu yang dipesan: Tuna Sashimi, Maguro Katsu, Cheese Menchi Katsu Minced Meat Cutlet with Cheese, Grilled Beef Hamburg, matcha mille crepes

Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000

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Furusato Izakaya


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