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oleh IG: biteorbye (Nisa & Nadya) , 03 Maret 2020 (3 bulan yang lalu)

Foto Makanan di Samwon House
Foto Makanan di Samwon House

Biteorbye? Bite.

Why you will love it ❤
1. The taste of the food is more on the subtle taste, not too bold, here is what I ordered:
-Nakji Bokkeum is a treat for the eyes and the tummy. Always nice seeing hotplate sizzling. Portion is quite small considering the price. They have more vegetables compared to the octopus. Somehow expected a more "in your face kind of flavour”, this is not as spicy as it looks. Good thing is, this comes with rice.
-Japchae is the best dish of the night. The noodle texture is great, and it highlights the savoury flavour. I like the noodle to beef/vegetable ratio here, they have more noodles which I prefer. I think if I visit SamWon House again, it’s because of Japchae and because I have not tried their Korean Barbeque yet.
-Sundubu Jjiggae has more vegetables and tofu than seafood. It looks super spicy, but it’s not. Taste is actually on the subtle side, I prefer my soup a bit bold in flavour.
-Tteokbokki Cheese Odeng/Fish Cake’s portion is quite generous. But I prefer my Tteokbokki with a bolder flavour and a thicker broth. Though great thing is cheese is quite plenty.
2. Ambience is nice and cozy, really reminds you that you are indeed in a Korean restaurant.
3. They have free banchan refills and free ocha drinks included as part of your meal.
4. Fast and attentive service.

What could be improved 🙏
1. This is a matter of preference. I prefer the food that is more on the bolder side especially for Korean food, this place has a more subtle flavour.
2. Tteokbokki is overcooked, I think a chewy texture but not too overcooked is preferable.
3. While the restaurant normal price is quite expensive, but if you use promos available it becomes a really good deal. I only spent 205K for four people, with four main dishes. Great value for money, will come back.

Place: SamWon House, Setiabudi One
Nakji Bokkeum (80K)8.0/10
Japchae (95K) 8.5/10
Sundubu Jjiggae (85K) 7.4/10
Tteokbokki Cheese Odeng/Fish Cake (70K)7.6/10

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Foto Makanan di Samwon House
Foto Makanan di Samwon House
Foto Makanan di Samwon House
Foto Makanan di Samwon House

Menu yang dipesan: Nakji Bokkeum, Japchae, sundubu jjiggae, Tteokbokki Cheese Odeng/Fish Cake

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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Samwon House


Setiabudi One, Lantai Ground
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan

Rata-rata: 3.9


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