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Foto Makanan di Social Garden

floral garden specialteas

Foto Makanan di Social Garden

pork donuts

The vibes are amazing, so green and it feels like you're in your backyard full of flowers and so instagrammable. There's two areas, non smoking area (with dim light and great for having lunch) and smoking area (brighter, feels like in greenhouse - I do sit in here as the non smoking is full and must wait for about 2 hours) but I love the outside vibes way better. The services are amazing as well, they know their product well, so attentive and helpful. Let's talk about their food:

For the starters, I ordered PORK DONUTS (70K) - 24 hr braised pork shoulder with hoisin mayo. Not my kind of starter, it's good but I do expect more bold flavor and it taste like combro if you know (Indonesian fried potato snack). But that hoisin mayo is great and add unique flavor to that crunch donuts (7/10)

From the josper grill, I  tried their BARRAMUNDI BAKAR JIMBARAN (180K) with kangkung plecing, toasted coconut serundeng and nasi gurih. I tried a little because it's superb spicy but it taste delicious. That barramundi is soft, tender and grilled perfectly. The rice taste great as well, if you're a spicy lover go for this one!! (8/10) 

For the mains, we ordered CHICKEN TERIYAKI with sauteed mushroom and teriyaki sauce (.....K): okay so the menu in here and in ismaya website is not updated yet and I do forgot the exact price of this one, but it's taste good. Not kind of chicken  teriyaki that I usually eat, it's more like chinese cuisine with veges on top (8/10)

And their must order menu - WAGYU BIBIMBAP BOWL (140K) - wagyu beef yakiniku, poached egg, ikura, nori, japanese curry. So, as it name bibimbap - you should mix the elements altogether. This is korean comfort food with japanese fusion, so they used japanese curry instead of gochujang sauce. The wagyu beef is the star of this dish and gotta say I like this one better, and yes that ikura definitely pull all of the flavors together  (10/10)
For the drinks, we ordered MOOD ENHANCER (60K); STRAWBERRY FIZZ REFRESHER (60K) consists of coconut, strawberry, aloe vera, chia seed and basil - this is my friend's order so just taste a little bit and it's fresh! Definitely not artificial one, and it's great as it cleans the palate of spicy barramundi earlier.
As for me, I ordered their original favorite are GARDEN SPECIALTEAS - there's 5 types: exotic, floral, fruity, spiced and herbal. I opted for their FLORAL (60K) - chamomile tea, french flower, lavender and dry rose bud. OMG AMAZINGGG!!! I do wonder how they could make a taste like that -- it's taste flavorful, flowerful and fruitful lol. Truly a sweet cup of tea that really pleasing and soothing my mind.  PLEASE BEWARE you couldn't refill it and it comes in a small amount (yes it's expensive but if you compare with their premium ingredients to make this tea, it's worth it!! PERFECT POINT FOR THIS TEA!! 10/10)

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Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Interior di Social Garden
Foto Interior di Social Garden
Foto Menu di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden
Foto Makanan di Social Garden

Menu yang dipesan: floral garden specialteas, pork donuts, barramundi bakar jimbaran, Wagyu Bibimbap Bowl, strawberry fizz refresher, veges at barramundi bakar, Chicken Teriyaki, mood enhancer

Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000

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Social Garden

(Barat, Indonesia)

Senayan City, Lantai Ground
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Rata-rata: 4.3


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