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An authentic Turkish experience

oleh Edwin Lim (IG : @edwinlim_97), 31 Juli 2018 (sekitar 2 tahun yang lalu)

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Foto Makanan di Turkuaz
Foto Makanan di Turkuaz

Turkuaz is a restaurant located in Senopati area that specialized in Authentic Ottoman Turkish Cuisine. Led by Iron Chef Sezao Zorlu, this restaurant is ready to tease your tastebuds and bring you right into Turkey.

When I came into the restaurant, the interior resembles a Turkish home. With a lot of Turkish ornaments and carpets on the display. Here's what I ordered :

- Tavuklu Muska Boregi : Olive oil fried rolled vegetable and chicken in phyllos. Phyllos pastry was crunchy, with a delicious spiced chicken and vegetable within it. A very good appetizer to start the turkish journey.

Sade Doner : Shaved doner kebab, Sumack Onion Salad, with Lavas Ekmegi bread. 
This is literally the all in one dishes. Salty, sourness, freshness, and spices are all combined together. Shaved doner kebab was made with smoked lamb meat, it was very tender and flavorful. While the sumack onion was sour and fresh with the chopped mint leaves within it. Paired with Lavas Ekmegi the puffy bread, it will become a great combination with a balance flavor of saltiness, sourness, freshness, and spiciness.

- Burgul Pilavi : Village style cooked burgul with onion and spices. Actually this dish tasted like a normal rice, but the texture and size were different. The size was like a tiny ball and the texture was a little bit softer than usual rice. This dish is best paired together as an additional with Kebab dishes such as Sade Doner that I ordered.
- Baklava platter : a platter consists of 3 baklavas, you can choose any baklavas on the display next to the cashier. This time I ordered Klasik Antep Fistikli Baklava (Classic Pistachio Baklava), Cukulatali Findikli Baklava (Chocolate Nut Baklava), and Sutlu Nuriye Baklava (Almond Baklava with Milk). Baklava is a signature dessert originated from Turkey, and it has a very very sweet flavor. Actually I dislike sweet foods, but why I love this? Because once you chew the Baklava, the sweetness doesn't strike directly to your throat. The sweetness will rotate together in your mouth with the fragrant pistachio and the crunchiness of the pastry, creating an harmonious flavor.

- Chocolate Turkish Ice Cream : probably the most unique ice cream you will find, usually this ice cream is popular for trolling people as seen mostly on Youtube videos. But sadly, Turkuaz doesn't provide any ice cream performance here. The unique point that differs this ice cream is the mozzarella like texture, when you scoop the ice cream with your spoon, you will notice that the ice cream is kinda rubbery. And when you put it in your mouth, it feels like you are eating ice cream with mozzarella XD. 

- Elma Cayi : Turkish Apple Tea, this tea is different than any other tea that I've ever tried. It has a strong aroma of apple, when I slurp it...yes the apple taste was so strong, with a sweet and sour aftertaste. It's like I'm drinking a combination of Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey + Black Tea. But even this tea is unique, I kinda fall in love with it.

Overall Turkuaz was such a great restaurant serving a Turkish cuisine. Even though, Turkish cuisine was still new to me, but this restaurant has proven it that I can enjoy Turkish cuisine at its finest. I definitely will come back to this restaurant, and hope that I can meet Chef Sezai one day.

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Foto Makanan di Turkuaz
Foto Makanan di Turkuaz
Foto Makanan di Turkuaz
Foto Makanan di Turkuaz

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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(Arab/Timur Tengah)

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