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Foto Makanan di N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie
Foto Makanan di N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie

Taste 8/10
Service and Ambiance 7.5/10
Price $$
🐈Will revisit

Turkish Egg (85k) ⭐️9/10
I think this is the first place to have Cilbir in Jakarta? Yummy poached egg served with garlicky yoghurt and spicy chili butter, pretty much a failsafe combo for brunch😆. I also like the addition of beef ragu and pickled onion despite not being traditional. Typically eaten alongside crusty bread, NOB opts to have it with prata instead, which imo doesn’t work quite as well since it’s a bit too oily and floppy to dip into the yoghurt.

Croissant Egg Tuna Mayo (65k) 7/10
Plenty of tuna and egg fillings. Tuna did not smell fishy and the mixture had just enough mayo without being overwhelming. Side salad was very fresh and refreshing with a tangy dressing. Croissant was very crispy though, to the point where we struggled to cut it without breaking it to pieces everywhere.

Crunchy French Toast (65k) 7.5/10
As the name suggests, this french toast is fried with cereal batter as the outer crust (I don’t think the bread was soaked in milk and egg as the classic version). Milk bread was quite fluffy and soft. Sauce had quite dominant Pandan taste though personally I couldn’t discern the kaya flavour. It’s pretty good but I personally prefer more traditional french toast with brioche and custard mixture.

Berry rose pistachio (43k) 7.5/10
Taste wise, this croissant had it all with nutty pistachio, fragrant rose, and some sourness from the berries. However, texture of the croissant itself was somewhat underwhelming. In contrast to their croissant sandwich, this one was not flaky or light enough. I think unless you are lucky enough to be served their croissant straight from the oven you’ll have this problem because they can’t reheat their filled croissant. Same thing with takeaways as my cruffin filling made the layers soggy as time went on.

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Foto Makanan di N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie
Foto Makanan di N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie

Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000

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N.O.B Cafe & Patisserie


The Breeze
Jl. Grand Boulevard, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan

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