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  • 4.2  
    Strudels Signature [ Pasir Kaliki, Kafe ]

    A properl strudel place in Bandung

    It's a bit hard to find a proper strudel place in Bandung. Now we have one!
    I tried the Apple Strudel and Baileys Strudel. Both are awesome. Flaky pastry meets apple and cream.

    That "strudel sound" when you cut into the crust. Hmmmm..
    The only downfall is that this place is a bit hot and stuffy. I won't stay here more than an hour, I guess..
    Strudel's Signature

    Jl. Pasirkaliki no 72, Bandung
    Score: 3/5

    Price: 35k

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 5.0  
    Gudeg Yu Nap [ Gunung Batu, Indonesia ]

    Best Gudeg in town.

    Hands down, the best gudeg in town.

    There are a lot of meal set you can choose from. Gudeg with egg, gudeg with shredded chicken, gudeg with quarter chicken.
    My favourite dish is the krecek. Cow's skin crackers cooked in javanese style gulai (curry). Its not too spicy, but has all the spices. The sambal is a thick dark paste which is very hot. If you opt for a la carte, try Mangut Pari, smoked stingray cooked in green curry. Or Brongkos Daging Sapi, beef cooked in a dark soup. Almost like "semur".

    Don't forget to order pisang madu, their best seller snack

    Menu yang dipesan: Nasi gudeg ayam suwir

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.8  
    RM Sabana Kapau [ Riau, Indonesia ]

    Home away from home

    My friend brought me to this place. It's a cafetaria in the Army complex. The place is easy to find.

    The food here is quite different from other padang restaurant. It has a homey vibe to it.

    I chose stuffed intestine with potato perkedel. It is accompanied by sayur kapau, two kinds of chilli and kuah gulai.

    I love all the menus here. Only 1 thing that bothers me, the gulai is not as warm as I expected. You need to ask the Ibu to warm your gulai.
    Sabana Kapau

    Jalan Patrakomala, Bandung
    Score: 3.5/5

    Price: 34k

    Menu yang dipesan: Nasi usus & perkedel

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.2  
    Kwetiau Sapi Agap 88 [ Astana Anyar, Indonesia ]

    Pelayanan super cepat, rasa enaaakk

    The place is a bit old, but quite clean. There are a lot of kwetiau, noodle and rice noodle option you can chose. We decided to go with kwetiau goreng and kwetiau bun. Bun is cooking the kwetiau almost soupy, but less broth. And a bit thick too.

    I think it's okay. the fried one is still my favourite.

    Try the susu kedele and liang teh to go with the kwetiau. They're perfectly matched.
    Kwetiau A88GAP

    Jalan Astana Anyar no 11, Bandung
    Score: 3.5/5

    Price: 32k

    Menu yang dipesan: Kwetiau goreng Kwetiau Bun

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.2  
    Kobe Japanese Food [ Cibadak, Jepang ]

    Great food, good price

    End of month, you're trying to have a decent meal but still (hoping to) survive to the last day of the month. Kobe is the solution.
    Tasty, reasonable price, big portion. What else would you ask? 😉

    I tried the seafood steamboat. The portion was enough for 3 people. Various veggies, all kinds of seafood in one pot. This could be my new comfort food when I'm sick. One portion of rice is included on the steamboat menu set.

    Menu yang dipesan: Seafood steamboat special

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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