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  • 3.4  
    Ganbatte Japanese Buffet [ Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jepang ]

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    Order : All you can eat shabu shabu. Price :180k 

    tl;dr : Very good decor and side dish selection. Horrible quality of beef slices. Mediocre overall flavor of side dishes. Avoid the bolognese pasta at all cost.

    In terms of decor, this place has definitely got it right and checks all boxes for a Japanese dining establishment. 2 different kinds of meat ( lean, fatty) and you can request for a bowl of mixed vegetables to go along with your shabu shabu. Only 2 types of soups were available during my visit ( golden soup or shoyu) and it was decent. Nothing out of the ordinary that will mask the flavor of the beef. Not only that, you also get to taste all the fried goodies ( tempura, chicken karaage, chicken wings), as well as more than 10 different kinds of sushi rolls. In terms of side dishes that’s offered here, I am able to give this place a thumbs up! Oh did you know that they have a cotton candy machine too? Was too full to try it unfortunately.

    Not so positive:
    1. Extremely tough lean beef and the same thing can also be said for the fatty beef as well. Clear indication that this is where corners are cut. Hard to believe when compared to its competitor that’s offering a buffet menu that’s Rp 32k cheaper and better quality of beef slices and wider variety of side dishes.

    2. Fried foods: are no longer crispy when I tried it ( around 1:30pm). I suggest not displaying all the fried food and making it made-to-order for the time being before there’s a higher customer traffic. When a restaurant is full of customers, the fried items will only be on display for 15-20 minutes at a time and will always be crispy. You should be displaying all your sushi rolls on your table, instead of having it made-to-order.

    3. Waitresses : This is a very common problem that’s seen in many restaurants/workplace. When your waitresses are too used to extended periods of low customer traffic in the restaurants, they will get lazy and slipshod in their work. They expect to get paid the same amount of money for the unusually low amount of work they’re currently doing. So, if there’s an unexpected spike in customers, they won’t be able to meet up with the demand. 3 food bloggers came (including me) on a Sunday and they weren’t able to do something basic as opening the wrapped-up sauce bowls for us. One of us had to ask them to fill up the ice bowl, even though it’s already 1pm in the afternoon.

    Solution : Monitor customer traffic and don’t overstaff. Replace unmotivated waitresses immediately (infectious!).

    4. Spaghetti Bolognese : Too sweet! Just get rid of this item off the menu.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.4  
    LOVEster Shack [ Pondok Indah, Barat ]

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    Lovester shack 

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    Order 1: Garlic Mussels. Price: 55k 

    Order 2: Lucky Calamari. Price: 60k
    Order 3: Rise & Shine + Coffee. Price: 57k
    Order 4: Homemade Waffle. Price: 50k
    Order 5: Mixed Seafood Marinara. Price: 80k
    Order 6: Crab Roll. Price: 90k
    Order 7: Shrimp Roll. Price: 90k
    Order 8: Lobster & Shrimp Combo Platter. Price: 470k
    Order 9 : Spicy Grilled Calamari. Price: 270k
    Order 10: 2kg lobster. Price: Call to confirm.

    tl;dr : Amazing selection of American style seafood (lobster, crab, shrimps, fish, mussels,etc)!

    One of the more unusual restaurant that I’ve been to. The interior design of the place looks like a typical fun cafe that caters to the young millenial crowd, but it’s actually a place that serves upscale, Western-style lobsters and seafood delights. Definitely caters to the type of crowd that are craving an American East Coast style of seafood. However, if you just want breakfast, this place won’t disappoint.

    Homemade waffle : It’s just a waffle, but if you’re fortunate enough, you should try combining the waffle with the lobster. Soul food combined with luxury.

    Rise and Shine: Your standard breakfast items served with toast, sunny side up eggs, bacons, cherry tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and tatter tots. Comes with coffee too!

    Garlic Mussels: Love the mozzarella that’s baked on each mussel shell. A satisfying appetizer, definitely.

    Lucky Calamari: Fresh, crispy calamari. Seasonings is on point.

    Crab roll: Thought this was chicken at first, but it’s actually fresh, juicy crab meat. They definitely didn’t skimp out on their portion size here! Comes with seasoned fries and a tasty tartar dipping sauce.

    Shrimp roll: 9 juicy de-shelled shrimps, all marinated with the most fragrant spices, sitting nicely in between a roll. Comes with seasoned fries and a tasty tartar dipping sauce.

    Mixed Seafood Marinara: Perfectly al dente pasta with a generous serving of calamari, jumbo shrimps and mussels. Sprinkled with a little parmesan cheese, this hearty plate of pasta is definitely not just an afterthought.

    Spicy Grilled Calamari : This calamari apparently is everyone’s favorite and it’s a refreshing take on the usual deep fried calamari. You can definitely taste the bold smokiness that has been deeply infused from the grilling process. At the same time, the spices aren’t overpowering and doesn’t mask the natural flavor of the squid.

    Lobster & Shrimp Combo Platter: A sharing platter that consists of several grilled arabian lobsters and grilled jumbo shrimp. Served with a side of grilled sweet potatoes that complements so well with these treasures of the sea. To suit the Indonesian taste palate, this platter also comes with sambal matah and it gives a well-needed boost to the shrimp and lobster. However, if you want to make it all authentic Cajun seafood experience, dip your lobster into the butter sauce that’s provided.

    2kg lobster : Saved the best for the last here. As explained by the chef/owner, a lobster takes 1 whole year to gain 100g in weight, so this lobster is basically the same age as an adult. It’s really such an honor to be able to try out this really old lobster. Even though the chef seasoned this lobster with a generous amount of herbs and butter, the natural flavor of the lobster still shines and is further enhanced by it. Such a harmonious combination and worth every penny. However, you do need to call in and make a reservation for this lobster as it takes time to create such a masterpiece.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.4  
    D' Bollywood [ Kuningan, India ]


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    Order 1: Taugadi Kebab 
    Order 2: Chicken Malai tikka kebab 
    Order 3: Butter Chicken.Price: 109k 
    Order 4: Garlic Naan.Price: 22k 
    Order 5: Butter Naan.Price: 20k 
    Order 6: Mutton Curry.Price: 149k 
    Order 7: Mutton Biryani.Price: 144k 
    Order 8: Gulab Jamun.Price: 39k 
    Order 9: Mango Lassi.Price: 50k 
    Order 10: Kheer. Price: 34k 

    tl;dr : Authentic Indian restaurant that also serves as a late night bar/club. If you’re looking for a great Indian restaurant in Jakarta that serves an authentic flavor at an affordable price, look no further. This is your spot.

    Located at the back of Plaza Festival, this hidden gem is slightly difficult to find but you’d be so glad you did find this place. Every single item that I had over in this place is just amazing. Indian food might be intimidating for some of us that aren’t familiar with the dishes and I hope that this review will encourage everyone here to give it a try. For newbies, you should try out their taugadi kebab/ chicken malai tikka. They bring out the whole grill itself on the table and serve these perfectly grilled chicken thighs on the traditional kebab skewers. I am impressed for sure. Add some of the tangy green chutney and grilled onions to complete the experience. Thirsty? A classic drink to have is mango lassi whenever you’re eating Indian food. This slightly tangy yogurt drink will help neutralize the heat you get from spicy Indian food for sure. Moving on, I tried their naans (garlic, butter) and two different types of curry ( butter chicken and mutton curry). Huge portion size with generous amount of chicken and mutton. Mutton is notorious for its gaminess and tough texture but D’Bollywood managed to reduce that gaminess and made it unbelievably tender! Clearly, this is a restaurant that has mastered the art of cooking mutton. The mutton curry is slightly spicy, but when combined with the naan, it’s excellent. For those that aren’t good with spicy food, just stick to butter chicken. This dish is slightly sweet and tangy from the tomatoes used in the preparation process and will suit the tastebuds of everyone, including kids. Finally, I also tried their mutton biryani and once again, their mutton is amazingly tender. However, the thing that really stood out was how rich-tasting the biryani rice was. As told by the owner, they added some ghee to the rice after cooking it. Even though the basmati rice is fluffy, it’s not dry thanks to the ghee. This dish was definitely my favorite. As for desserts, Indian cuisine definitely goes all out and will satisfy anyone who loves their sweets. I am one of them. Gulab jamun is a fried dough that’s dipped into a super sweet spiced syrup (cardamom and saffron). Personally, my favorite Indian dessert is the kheer, a rice pudding made with milk and sugar. Unlike the usual white kheer you find in other Indian restaurants, D’Bollywood uses saffron in their kheer, resulting in a yellow looking kheer that’s much better than the original kind.  

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  

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    Order 1: Sashimi Mori Gosu. Price : 98k/person 

    Order 2 : Unagi Yagi Nasu. Price : 93k 

    Order 3: Yakitori. Price: 55k 

    Order 4: Koebi karaage. Price:53k 

    Order 5 : beef tamanegi ishiyaki meshi. Price: 108k 

    Order 6: Kani Cream Croquette. Price: 63k 

    Order 7: Nasu Inaka-Ni. Price: 43k 

    Order 8: Beef Teriyaki. Price:198k 

    Order 9: Tori Kara kara nabe. Price 78k 

    Order 10: tori nyumen . Price: 68k 

    tl;dr: Authentic, homey Japanese restaurant serving sashimi,yakitori, rice bowls, and other Japanese favorites. Rather overpriced on several items on the menu. 

    A recently opened Japanese restaurant in the lobby area of Hotel Century Park. A strong scent of wood is noticeable here, this classic Japanese decor enhance a customer's experience in this authentic Japanese restaurant. Even the chef is Japanese! There's an private area for dining, covered with paper screen, as well as a counter area if you'd like to see the chefs in action. Not too sure why the chairs are so low though. Made it rather uncomfortable for dining over an extended period of time.

    Sashimi Mori Gosu:
    Shoyu mousse is the unique item of the sashimi mori gosu. Instead of dipping your sashimi in regular soy sauce, you take a tiny bit of the savory shoyu mousse and a little pinch of wasabi, as seen in the picture below. Assorted slices of fresh mackerel, tuna, salmon and squid. That squid though! I wasn't expected it to have a creaminess dimension that's gives it a mildly sweet after taste. 

    Koebi Karaage:
    a small platter of fried shrimp that's lightly salted and fully retains its crispiness. There's also fried ginko nut included, which is a rather unusual combination, but oh god, it's pleasantly chewy. Love the contrast there! A simple dish that's executed very skillfully

    Unagi Yasu Salad: Smokey and sweet eggplant with unagi. Not too big of a fan of this, honestly.

    Yakitori: one meatball, one chicken and leeks, one chicken skin ( yes, this one actually has the most flavor). Standard and good.

    Beef tamanegi ishiyaki meshi:
    Basically a beef bibimbap minus the vegetables. Slightly too sweet on its
    own, adding some chili powder to add some needed dimension.

    Kani Croquette:
    CREAMY! A thin crispy outer crust that's well done. Could be slightly more savory, unfortunately. Oh, where's the crab (kani)?

    Nasu Inaka-Ni:
    Tender eggplant sliced smothered in a mildly sweetened miso sauce. Reminds me of a really flavorful Korean zzazangmen sauce with finely minced chicken and beef bits. Would have been great with rice

    Tori Kara kara nabe:
    Sweet and spicy, with an element of savory that's desperately needed and not found. Chicken bits, chicken skin, chicken meatball and tofu in this disappointing soup.

    Tori Nyu Men:
    Thin noodles that still retains its consistency. Light, but not thin, this is a great chicken noodle soup when you're looking for a simple and refreshing meal.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Mbok'de Suroboyo [ Karet Kuningan, Indonesia ]

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    Follow James’ List on ig : @jameslatief 

    Order 1:Bebek Kremes packet. Price : 40k 

    Order 2:Iga Penyet packet. Price : 37k 

    Order 3:Ayam Bakar packet. Price : 27k

    tl;dr: One of the spiciest ribs I've ever had!

    A standard location serving your delicious Indonesian fare in the Karet area. 

    An easily accessible place that's suitable for office employees working around the area (eg. Tokopedia, Cocoworks, Lotte Mall).Very affordable prices between Rp25k - Rp 40k, unlike the prices stated on Zomato. Nothing too fancy, a simple place for a quick lunch or dinner. If you want, you can also order it through your preferred food delivery service.

    If you're a spicy food fanatic and want something that pack a lot of heat, definitely ask for extra sambal on your meal. In Surabaya, they don't hold back on the spiciness of their food and it's clear when I took a bite of their beef ribs(iga penyet). Spiciness level : 10! There're many restaurants in Indonesia serving Fried Chiken with sambal(i.e. Ayam Geprek), but have you had spicy ribs? Thick, tender and succulent fried ribs that's generously smothered with cabe rawit sambal. Personally, I think this place matches the spiciness of the famous spicy Indomie joint that starts with A. The fried duck is surprisingly rich and satisfying too. I simply love the thickness of the fatty layer of the duck that simply melts when you take a bite of it. And, if you're just going to order chicken, then rest assured that this place serves a delicious grilled chicken that's "oh-so-moist and flavorful".

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.0  
    The People's Cafe [ Sudirman, Kafe ]

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    Order 1: Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo. Price: 55k 

    Order 2: Salted Egg Chicken. Price: 48k. 

    Order 3: Nasi Goreng Gila. Price: 45k 

    Order 4: Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju. Price: 35k. 

    Order 5: Shanghai Red Ruby. Price: 35k 

    Order 6: Es Sirsak. Price: 35k 

    Order 7: Lychee Refresher. Price:35k 

    Order 8: Sunny Orange. Price: 35k 

    Order 9: Tamarind Cooler. Price: 35k

     tl;dr: A cozy restaurant sharing the same space as Djournal Coffee. A nice mid-range restaurant to grab a quick lunch/dinner. Keep your party small, because this place only seats 40 at most.  

    Love the aesthetics of this location! Even though it's undeniably small for a restaurant, I have to say, this place is fully furnished in a tasteful manner that creates a cozy environment. Come here during the evening and this place looks even more beautiful. I noticed plenty of vintage items used as a part of the restaurant's decoration, but fortunately it still maintains a modern luxurious vibe.

    Part of the Ismaya group, the People's cafe serves your common Indonesian cuisine, as well as Western items like pizza, pasta and salad, all at an affordable price relative to the restaurants in the Sudirman area. Most items are priced between Rp 20k - Rp 60k, so it's not going to break your bank. Yes, some might say that it's overpriced for Indonesian cuisine and you're just paying for ambience, but I beg to differ. Depending on the items you get, I am sure you can agree that the price is justifiable. 

    I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation from the Ismaya group to try out these items, but for simplicity sake, I'll tell you which items I had tonight that's worth ordering:

    1. Ayam Geprek Jumbo Sambal Limo

    A large slab of crunchy boneless fried chicken, with spicy flavorful sambal. Can't go wrong with this.

    2. Salted Egg Chicken

    Yes, I think Salted Egg has successfully moved from a trendy food to a staple flavor for a dish. Creamy and salty, the salted egg sauce of this dish is very well balanced, unlike some places that use WAY too much MSG to create a mindblowing first bite. 

    3. Es Sirsak
    Not too sour or sweet, once again it's a balanced dessert (see the pattern here?) that's a refreshing way to end off your meal here in The People's Cafe. Plenty of juicy soursop bits that will fully satisfy.

    4. Shanghai Red Ruby
    Topped with huge chunks of avocado, red ruby and nipa(also known as attap chee in Singapore), and fat juicy lychees too! This dessert is definitely off the charts in terms of sweetness. But that's expected for Es Shanghai. Nothing particularly different in terms of flavor, however they're really generous with the amount of toppings and syrup. Suitable for those of you with the sweetest of tooth.

    Note to Management : Thank you so much for the invitation tonight! The food is presented especially well for us tonight and the service by the waiters/waitresses is great. No problem on recommending this to a friend that's visiting Jakarta, for sure. It'd be nice if you're able to pay more attention to the Zomato Reviewer's table, instead of the food bloggers/instagrammers. Our followers are 100% real, by the way.

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.6  
    WAKI Japanese BBQ Dining [ Thamrin, Jepang ]

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    Order 1 : Waki Salad . Price : 45k 

    Order 2 : Waki Platter for 4-5( tongue, kalbi, jyo kalbi and vegetables). Price : 389k 

    Order 3 : Chijimi (vegetable pancake). Price : ??? 

    Order 4 : Kalbi Soup. Price : 39k 

    Order 5 : Chapjae. Price : 95k 

    Order 6: Ippon Kalbi. Price : 85k 

    Order 7: Tokujyo Kalbi ( A4 Wagyu short rib). Price : 279k 

    Order 8 : Kalbi Don. Price: 49k 

    Order 9 : Moriawase Platter ( Kalbi, jyo kalbi, saikoro, misuji and vegetables) . Price: 415k  

    Order 10 : Lime Sorbet Ocha. Price : 39k 

    Order 11: Ice creams ( vanilla, coffee, black sesame, green tea). Price :??? 

    Order 12 : Ice cream mochis. Price :???

     tl;dr: A hidden gem located near Sudirman station. Mid-range Japanese BBQ joint that also offers an affordable lunch menu option for just Rp 49k. 

    Came here a group with the top-ranked Zomato reviewers today and I have to say that this has been one of the most educational food review sessions I have had so far. Not too familiar with the different cuts of Japanese beef ( wagyu) and differentiating the flavors, but Davin, the guy that's hosting us today, gave us a culinary education on the different types of beef cuts and the best way to enjoy it. Personally, I really enjoyed the Jyou Galbi and Tokojyo Galbi the best. 

    Wagyu is definitely going to be delicious, no doubt about it. A5 is the best, with the most amount of marbling, thus leaving you with a rich and fatty bite. The high amount of fat in the A5 wagyu, unfortunately, will mask off some of the natural flavors of the meat. Thus, Waki decides to serve an A4 wagyu instead for a more balanced flavor. To best appreciate the wagyu, you should taste it with the same cut of beef from a regular beef and pay attention to the difference in flavor and texture. If it's my first time having wagyu, I would recommend simply ordering the regular kalbi, the jyou kalbi ( premium but non-wagyu) and the tokujyo kalbi ( A4 wagyu) and grill it in that order. I am particularly impressed with the fact that they sliced it up thick enough for you to enjoy the juiciness of the wagyu. Tender, with a light amount of fattiness, this wagyu is exemplifies the Japanese obssesion with creating the most premium type of .... anything.

    As for the other items I have mentioned above, I will just highlight the ones that I really enjoy. Waki salad is particularly delicious! It's made with sesame sauce and katsuo bushi flakes, the same kind you find in takoyaki. Generous amount of sesame sauce is used to make this delicious Japanese-styled salad and the bolder flavor of this salad that will easily suit the local tastebuds. The lime sorbet ocha was really unique too! A big scoop of lime sorbet in a cup of ice-cold ocha, this is the perfect beverage to keep your appetite up during the entire meal. For desserts, get their coffee ice cream. Such a unique and sophisticated coffee flavor, I personally don't mind coming to Waki just to have this coffee ice-cream.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Birdman [ SCBD, Jepang ]

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    Overall score : 4.5/5 ( Rounded up to 5)

    Order 1: Chicken Katsu Sandwich. Price : 80k
    Order 2: Gyutan Taco. Price :80k
    Order 3: Salmon Belly Claypot. Price :300k
    Order 4: Spicy Carbonara Drymen. Price: 90k
    Order 5: Kalbi don. Price: 150k
    Order 6: Birdman Soda(pink berries).Price :58k
    Order 7: Drip Coffee. Price :40k

    Birdman, an low-key Japanese fusion restaurant hidden in the lobby area of Parc 18 in SCBD. A place that's best visited in the evening for a happy hour session, with minimal lighting to create a relaxing ambience for the customers. Unfortunately,this doesn't really work out well in the afternoon and the whole aesthetics of the restaurants is starkly grey and to be honest, rather depressing. However, if you can get past that, I assure you that you'll be having an excellent culinary experience here. 

    **Drip Coffee** : Started off my meal with a sip of their drip coffee. Even though the initial flavor was bland, the aftertaste of the coffee really shines. It's highly recommended to have this coffee without sugar/milk to fully appreciate the unique fruity after-taste I mentioned. 

    **Chicken katsu sandwich** : Typical, well-fried and a good choice for a quick lunch option.

    **Spicy Carbonara Drymen** : I personally thought this too was delicious. Not too creamy like your classic carbonara, this noodle retains its Japanese-style drymen characteristics. In fact, I might actually prefer this simple, mildly creamy noodle dish over the classic kind. Also, it's not excessively spicy like many Indonesian dishes.

    **Birdman soda** : Served in a vintage bottle, this sparkling juice mix is suprisingly tangy and supports the bold flavors of the entrees that's served in Birdman. A bottle serves about 3-4 people.

    **Gyutan Taco** : Ah, tacos with Asian ingredients. The staple item of a fusion restaurant. Creamier than expected, making it a challenge to taste the gyutan in the taco. Could go easier on the sauce to lighten the overall flavor of this taco. 

    **Kalbi Don**: Your standard setmeal with a bowl of miso soup and salad. The miso soup really stood out! A fairly generous amount of well-marinated kalbi is stacked on the rice bowl. 

    **Salmon Belly Claypot** : Saved the best for the last! That mentaiko butter is a total game changer for this giant bowl of rice and salmon slices. Didn't really expect to enjoy this particular dish, but it ended up being my favorite. Bold and rich, the mentaiko butter marries the two "plain" ingredients of rice and salmon slices. Add the rest of the garnishes : sesame seeds, spring onions, nori, grated garlic and dried fish bits, and you have yourself a premium Japanese meal that's shareable between a couple people.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.6  
    Blue Jasmine [ Gandaria, Indonesia ]

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    Appetizer: Salad Buah Manado.Price : 55k
    Entree 1: Salmon Saus Laksa. Price : 175k
    Entree 2: Steak Sirloin with Sambal Matah. Price : 175k
    Entree 3: Oseng Bunga Pepaya Ikan Teri. Price: 55k 
    Drinks : Coconut Lime Mojito. Price: 50k
    Dessert: Es Shanghai. Price: 45k 

    tl;dr: Gold Table Group's flagship peranakan style cuisine. A luxurious dining experience that's actually relaxing.  

    Located in The Maja, you'd probably not realize that there's actually a fine dining restaurant here, unless you're an employee of EV Hive. Not your regular high-end Indonesian restaurant, Blue Jasmine serves cuisines that is best described as Peranakan. The restaurant is split into 2 dining areas (indoor and outdoor) and both are top-notch in giving customers a satisfactory dining experience. The indoor section is decorated in a style that's clearly colonial-style. However, the British colonial style, not the Dutch. 
    As recommended by my host, we decided to enjoy our meal in the outdoor section of the restaurant. The vertical garden is the main attraction here and despite it being open-air, it's actually still indoors. So, it's not going to be a humid and smog-filled experience. 

    Started off with the Manadonese salad that's masterfully garnished with edible flowers. Simple flavors and a great way to begin my dining experience.

    3 more entrees came in and I thought all of them were amazing. The Australian sirloin was grilled to perfection and the zesty and mildly hot Sambal Matah gives a vibrant overall taste. The Salmon was slightly overcooked on the outer layer, but the flavor of the laksa sauce really compensated for it. This delicious laksa sauce is nothing similar to the ones you get in Singapore/Malaysia. More of a curry-like consistency and I find it hard to pinpoint the flavor profile here. "Fusion" is the best word I can think of right now. Another favorite vegetable dish here is the Oseng Teri Bunga Pepaya (Sauteed papaya flowers and anchovies). One of the unique vegetables that you'd only get in Indonesia, Blue Jasmine managed to minimize the bitterness that's associated with the dish, making it a palatable dish that will not turn off customers that have yet to try this dish.

    The Coconut Lime Mojito here is not alcoholic, to start off. However, it's such a refreshing beverage that complements very well with the cuisine you're enjoying in Blue Jasmine. Most of the food in Blue Jasmine isn't overly sweetened like many Indonesian food/American food, so there's no need to overcompensate on the sweetness of their coconut lime mojito.

    Once again, this dessert is sweet to a reasonable extent. What's unique about this typical Indonesian dessert? They actually don't use your cheap cocopandan syrup, but instead use a homemade cocopandan gelato! You get a slightly creamier consistency and a less artificial taste compared to the syrup version. 

    *Overall verdict*
    There are plenty of expensive restaurants in Jakarta. Some are expensive due to its ambience. Some are expensive due to the cuisine type (eg. European, Japanese, Korean). Some are expensive due to the ingredients (seafood,wagyu beef). However, Blue Jasmine clearly has paid attention to all aspects that create a great restaurant (ambience,flavor,quality of ingredients, service, price). A undeniably pleasant and satisfactory experience.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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