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  • 2.8  
    Hospitalis Resto & Bar [ Pancoran Mas, Barat ]

    Perlu di explore buat rasa

    Sebenernya udah nulis banyak buat review ini tapi ke close dan gak ke saveūüė≠ so here is the point of review

    konsep: cukup menarik. tapi mungkin bisa di explore lagi

    makanan: oke sih penyajiannya pake piring besi gt kaya di hospital, tapi kalau bisa rasanya lebih diperhatikan lagi jgn karna generalisasi makanan rumah sakit ga enak gt wkwkwk sorry not sorry

    harga: harga std sih tp dengan taste yg b aja, bisa dibilang agak overpriced

    Menu yang dipesan: Soto Ayam, Ayam Teriyaki, Ayam Rica-Rica

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  
    Milan Pizzeria Cafe [ Beji, Italia ]

    Best Pizza in Town!

    Spent my lunch at Depok today and picked Milan Pizzeria as my 1st destination. Ga nyesel!!! I mean, it's really worth to visit!!

    The ambience, taste, price, service and location are totally YAY!

    but seriously, I like the ambience here. They have a lil space but smart enaff on placing the tables and make it cozy as f. Every floor has each indoor and outdoor. The only thing they should notice is for the air. They have no AC on 2nd floor but just big fan beside stairs which is not every side of tables can feel it, so it lil bit hot there. 

    I was ordering 

    - Trufflepronto Pizza

     Chef's recommended and yes it is, but for those who doesnt like shiitake (cmiiw), dont ever try it bcs it has shiitake as the topping. 

    - Deluxe Pepperoni Cheese Pizza

    Idk why they dont put it on Chef's recommended bcs THIS IS SOOOOO YUMMY! but im not kidding, this is so delicious esp for cheese lovers like me and someone who doesnt like complicated topping on their pizza. And really this-is-so-recommended!!! 

    - Special Deluxe Pizza 

    It nice but I dont really like their combination by putting pineapple on.

    - Nutella Frappe 

    Too bad I cant feel like nutella on my drink. Its just like blended chocolate 

    - Mango Teavera 

    This is mango + tea + aloevera. So fresh! Recom! 

    - Vanilla Green Tea 

    Sorry but greentea lovers wont tell lie when they found their greentea tasteless 

    - Snow Ball Iced Tea 

    It's more feel like lychee iced tea (they have it on menu too) (i cant found the difference) 

    Just get a train on St. Universitas Indonesia and some walk, youll find one of the best italian resto in town. Cant wait for the next visit!!!

    Menu yang dipesan: Deluxe Pepperoni Cheese Pizza, Special Deluxe Pizza, Snow ball ice tea, Vanila Green Tea, Mango Teavera, Nutella Frappe, Trufflepronto Pizza

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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