Social Garden  [ Barat, Indonesia ]
4.28 36 review

Social Garden

[ Barat, Indonesia ]
4.28 36 review
Harga : rasa

Senayan City, Lantai Ground
Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Hampir Tutup - Sabtu (11:00 - 01:00) 021 72781516

021 72781516

Hampir Tutup Senin (11:00 - 24:00), Selasa - Rabu (11:00 - 01:00), Kamis (11:00 - 24:00), Jumat - Sabtu (11:00 - 01:00), Minggu (11:00 - 24:00)

Di atas Rp. 200.000 /orang

Social Garden [ Senayan ]

  • Tipe KulinerBarat, Indonesia
  • Jam Buka
    Hampir Tutup
  • PembayaranTunai, Visa, Master, Debet


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Review tentang Quattro Formaggi dari pengunjung untuk Social Garden

Foto Profil IG: biteorbye (Nisa & Nadya)

Alfa 2020

344 Review

Level 12

Dimsum Pizza Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea



Biteorbye? Bite, 100%.

Why you will love it ❤
1. THE FOOD. If love had a flavour, it will taste like Social Garden. Here is what I ate:
-The highlight of the meal was easily the 48H Braised US Short Ribs. The beef ribs is exquisite, it is on the sweeter side however is balanced with the nasi uduk puree (yes, underneath that beef ribs is actually nasi uduk that has been pureed so you can really taste the coconut milk flavour!). It comes with Vietnamese coleslaw topped with puffed rice. You know the dish is a labour of love and the chef pours his heart out to create it.
-Tasmanian Salmon Ceviche is the dish that looks super simple yet able to surprise you. The ceviche has been cured for 5 hours so all that fishy flavours? Gone. Only thing left is the smooth salmon taste with ikura on top but the crispy garlic and nuts really add that intriguing dimension. Honestly, this looks super simple but you can taste the complexity. They say you only fall in love once, Social Garden proved that is wrong because every bite feels like we fall for the flavours over and over again.
-Wingko Babat Bakar is interesting! Who knew they can bring a very interesting twist to a local dish and elevate it even more. The most interesting part is this citrus taste which gives an element of surprise and refreshing taste served with vanilla ice cream. The portion is generous for 2-3 people, so get this to enjoy with your date, friends, family, friendzone, etc.
-Wagyu Bibimbap Bowl is not a typical bibimbap bowl as it uses Japanese Curry and floss I believe which really makes every bite a treat, bibimbap with Social Garden’s twist.
-Quattro Formaggi Pizza was enjoyable because well, cheese. Brie, mozzarella, gorgonzola and grana padano parmesan. You can never go wrong with cheese honestly. AND HONEY.
-Spinach Agnolotti is a vegetarian option with great taste! Usually pasta with no meat is not the best (for us, at least), but they proved us wrong.
-Mango Passion is served with ice cream and highlights the sweetness of the mango and slight (very slight!) sourness of mango. Great option for you who want something refreshing yet sweet.
2. They experiment with drinks to find what works! Here’s our favourite:
-Passion Colada! Must-order. Love the passion fruit because it sour and has a hint of sweetness, really refreshing especially since it awakens the palette after all the great food. Also a plus, the drink looks super pretty. Note though, this is on the sour side, so might not be for everyone. If you prefer sweet drinks, go for the Strawberry Fizz.
-Strawberry fizz is also a popular one, it has a sweeter flavour profile so if you are not a big fan of sour drinks, definitely go for this one it has coconut, strawberry, aloevera, chia seed and basil. They really love to play around with the food and create art!
-Garden specialteas, make sure you get it. It’s not just a treat for the eyes but also the taste buds. Calming and relaxing feeling served in a cup.
3. The chef can also personalize the menu if you want a vegan or gluten-free meal. Really appreciate that they cater to various dietary restrictions.
4. The ambience is really something. There are two areas, the inside of the mall which is more well-lit and you can get more artsy photos here due to better lighting. But I personally prefer the outdoorish - not really outdoor though/darker area. People can smoke here, but I guess the exhaust works really well you cannot smell smoke and the temperature is just right, not too cold or too warm. Perfect place to chill and relax with family, friends and that special someone during brunch, lunch or dinner.
5. The service is great, but not really surprised on this one because, well… Ismaya always have great service and concept. Thanks Mas Ardy for the hospitality and explaining our menu!

What could be improved 🙏
1. Personally thought Fresh Tomato Carpaccio was a bit on the salty side. But this could be due to the ratio of feta pistacchio puree and tomato though - it's generous on the feta pistacchio then again a generous topping never hurt 😉. However, I ate here with 4 other people and they did not complain.
2. Quattro Formaggi Pizza’s crust would be better if it were thinner. This really depends on your crust taste, because some people might enjoy this. But in terms of taste, this reminds me of the Quattro Formaggi in Social House in GI which is one of the best pizza in Jakarta (under the same Ismaya brand so I guess I can mention the name? 😉).
3. 48H Braised US Short Ribs was easily my favourite, I think an element of freshness or hint of sourness would have been interesting to compliment the sweetness of the ribs and the savoury of the nasi uduk. While the coleslaw was enjoyable, thought a refreshing/tangy salad would have complimented the dish better. 😊
3. I think a bell for each table would be useful. Nonetheless, staff did a great job in terms of attentiveness and friendliness considering the restaurant was packed. Can’t wait for my next visit to Social Garden, planning it already!

Place: Social Garden, Senayan City
Tasmanian Salmon Ceviche (140K): 9.3/10
Fresh Tomato Carpaccio (85K): 8.2/10
Wagyu Bibimbap Bowl (150K): 8.9/10
48H Braised US Short Ribs (275K): 9.3/10
Quattro Formaggi Pizza (135K): 8.8/10
Spinach Agnolotti 8.3/10
Wingko Babat Bakar 8.5/10
Mango Passion 8.4/10
Passion Colada - non-alcohol (60K): 9.1/10
Strawberry Fizz - non-alcohol (60K): 8.6/10
Garden Specialteas (60K): 9.0/10

Menu yang dipesan: Tasmanian Salmon Ceviche, Fresh Tomato Carpaccio, Wagyu Bibimbap Bowl, Quatr, 48H Braised US Short Ribs, Quattro formaggi pizza, Spinach Agnolotti, Wingko Babat Bakar

Tanggal kunjungan: 30 Januari 2020
Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil Rifani Adella Ferdianursai

No Badge


Restaurant ala garden

Akhirnya berhasil cobain social garden, dlu pengen bgt kesini tapi waiting list panjang banget. Jujur pas masuk sini ambience nya fancy banget dan lucu banget temanya garden gutu. Disini gue coba menu Pizza Quattro Formaggi (135k) dan Immune booster (60k) . Untuk pizza nya sendiri tektur roti nya renyah dan tipis. Untuk minum immune booster rasanya unik bgt dan sesuai dgn tema taman2

Menu yang dipesan: pizza quattro formaggi dan immune booster

Tanggal kunjungan: 04 Januari 2020
Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil ty

40 Review

Level 6

No Badge


garden inside mall

dari luar, kupikir ini cafe biasa. begitu masuk dan jalan ke area belakang... surprise!! berasa langsung pindah dimensi mendadak ada di manaaa gitu, mungkin vibesnya kayak Bali kali yaa. cuma kemaren pas kesana kita kayak dibatas gitu harus sampai jam berapa.

nah untuk makanannya, aku sendiri pesen iga bakar sambal ijo. jadi dia itu udah satu paket sama nasi, cuma nasinya ini bukan nasi putih biasa, either nasi liwet atau nasi uduk apa nasi hainan gitu pokoknya bukan nasi putih biasa wkwk. untuk dagingnya empuk banget, tapi kalo sambelnya ngga gitu berasa sih, malah lebih ke manis kayaknya. selain ituu, adalagi menu yang kupesen dengan sajian nasi yang sama, yaitu barramundi bakar. untuk barramundinya ini ikannya masih agak amis ya jadi kurang enak buat aku. terus cobain juga pizzanya namanya quattro formaggi, dia enak sih cuma sayang teksturnya agak keras banget jd susah buat motongnya. 
kalo minumnya yang aku pesen namanya kalefornia dream, meskipun dia ada hint rasa mangganya, tapi rasa 'ijo' sayurnya lebih kerasa sih jujur. selain itu nyobain juga minuman yang namanya mood enhancer, ini kayak rujak sih sebenernya mungkin karena pengaruh dari wortelnya.

Menu yang dipesan: kalefornia dream, mood enhancer, Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo, barramundi bakar, Quattro Formaggi

Tanggal kunjungan: 09 November 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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