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  • 4.0  
    Kaum [ Menteng, Indonesia ]

    Outdoornya Kaum Restoran Keren

    Salah satu restoran yang ingin saya datangi adalah Kaum Jakarta. Dan malam itu saya, team dan teman mendapat kesempatan berkunjung ke Kaum Jakarta. 

    Restoran berbentuk rumah ini terletak tepat di belakang Plaza Bank Mandiri Bundaran HI. Karena dikelilingi gedung-gedung tinggi terlihat gedung-gedung tersebut mencuat disekeliling restoran ini jika kita berada di area outdoor dan kita suka banget area outdoornya.

    Malam itu adalah acara buka puasa bersama di Kaum jakarta. Kami mendapat kesempatan dine in selama dua jam saja karena malam itu memang sedang ramai-ramainya. Semua pesan menu yang berbeda antara lain:
    1. Sate Maranggi 130K
    Satenya terbuat dari wagyu dengan bumbu yang meresap sempurna hingga kedalam dagingnya. Dimakan bersama sambal kecap.

    2. Tumis Keciwis 55K
    Tumis keciwis berbumbu tauco ini sedikit asin tapi memang pass kalu dimakan bersama nasi hangat. 

    3. Bebek Goreng 155K
    Bebek goreng ini ukurannya lumayan besar dan dipotong menjadi tiga bagian jadi bisa buat sharing. Dilengkapi dengan urap yang lezat pas banget buat dimakan bareng nasi hangat dan aneka sambal disini.

    4. Ikan Bakar Dabu-Dabu 120K
    Ikan bakarnya empuk banget dan dilumuri bumbu gurih yang meresap. dilengkapi dengan sambal dabu-dabu yang lumayan enak.

    5. Gulai Udang Aceh 85K
    Porsinya terbilang sedikit hanya terdapat 3 buah udang dengan bumbu gulai beraroma rempah. Udangnya agak sedikit keras, mungkin terlalu lama saat dimasak.

    6. Klappertart 45K
    Dessert berbahan dasar kelapa dan tape ini terasa gurih dan manis. Teksturnya lembut dan sedikit fermented.

    Menu yang dipesan: Klappertart, Gulai Udang Aceh, ikan bakar dabu-dabu, Bebek Goreng, tumis keciwis, Sate Maranggi, Gulai udang Aceh

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.6  
    Chef Tony's [ Slipi, Popcorn ]

    The First Chef Tony Popcorn in Indonesia

    Chef Tony’s Is A Healthy Snack

    The Most I like about this popcorn is that it guarantees the quality of the ingredients. Proven when I eat this popcorn and did not itch in my throat.

    Which I know is the ingredients used popcorn here is Zero Transfat. Which is Zero Transfat is a type of unsaturated fat that are uncommon in nature but became commonly produced industrially from vegetable fats for use in margarine, snack, food, packaged baked, goods, and frying fast food.

    What The Flavor I taste Here

    After we talk a lot about Chef Tony’s let’s move the topic to the taste of this popcorn. When trying this popcorn i tried some flavors. For the choice of popcorn here is very much. There are 18 popcorn flavors available in the store, including Golden Caramel, Dark Caramel, French Caramel, French Caramel with Macadamia, Cheesy Parmesan, Peanut Butter, Cookie Butter, Milky White Chocolate, Roasted Garlic, Dark Chocolate Truffle, Truffle Mushroom, Korean Chile, Indonesian Curry, Coffee Caramel, Dark Caramel Coffee, Ovaltine Malt and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

    And you can enjoy this popcorn only IDR 28K per cup. If you order one serving of popcorn you can mix with three flavors. And I chose 3 flavors of choice among others are French Caramel, Peanut Butter and Golden Caramel. Golden Caramel, I really like with this flavor, and this taste is one of the mainstay of Chef Tony’s Popcorn Jakarta. Proven when I ordering this flavor lots of visitors who order this flavor as well. The taste of this flavor very tasty, The combination between milk and caramel is perfect here.

    Peanut Butter is a favorite flavor my friend, he really likes butter. When he knows there is this flavor he is very happy. He say the taste of this flavor so tasty, and other variations of peanut butter mixed with chocolate and honey roasted containing honey. And when i try I really agree with him.

    French Caramel is one of the flavor we try from 13 selected flavor. This flavor is not much different with Golden caramel. Me and my friend really liked this

    Menu yang dipesan: French Caramel, Golden caramel, peanut butter

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.0  
    Dua Coffee [ Fatmawati, Kafe ]

    Wajib Coba Mie Tek Tek Raisa-nya

    From the front, this coffee shop looks very homey and warm. We come here in the evening together with my friends. At that time the weather was raining and this makes us seek and coming to this coffee shop to relax ourselves. And because we are in the south of Jakarta on that day, then we choose Dua Coffee Cipete Fatmawati as an option.

    If we talk about the ambiance at this coffee shop, will definitely be very interesting to talk. In this new building, this coffee shop have a spacious place for Sholat which is behind the counter. When entered into Dua Coffee Shop you will be presented with a world map which is depicted on the wall.

    The most interesting at Dua Coffee Raisa is the ornament hanging on the wall. I saw bricks contour walls in the main room. All the tables are made from wood, so this coffee shop feels very comfort and homey. And most importantly, this coffee shop is not too crowded because people who come here most do the task.

    If we look more detailed we can see many gorgeous cup made from clay and plenty of cactus here among the rustic and country style design. This make customer feel warm and cozy. From the interior and coffee shop designed we can say that Dua Coffee Shop is representing Raisa.

    Dua Coffee Cipete consists of two parts of the room. In addition to the main room was very cozy, there is a very interesting outdoor with many fan and smokers are allowed here.

    Hot Cappuccino (IDR 35K)

    I really like the hot cappuccino at this coffee shop, because the coffee was not too over but still good enough to enjoy. These balance between coffee and milk are enjoyable, both of flavor is very tasty and there is no dominant.

    Hot Chocolate (IDR 37K)

    There is a good news for you chocolate lovers, Evidently this coffee shop also provide a tasty hot chocolate. At Dua coffee shop, they use dark chocolate with latte art to presentation, the taste not too bitter but the sweetness just fine. The texture of chocolate rather thick with powdery at the bottom cup. When you visit this coffee shop you should try this hot chocolate.

    Thai Tea Latte (IDR 37K)

    If you a Thai tea lovers, surely you will like this menu. Because at this coffee shop all menus are presented differently than usual. Like this one, this is my first time found Thai tea with latte art. Although there latte art, but doesn’t reduce the essential of Thai tea itself and this is unique for me.

    Ice Mocha (IDR 40K)

    Love this ice mocha, the taste so rich with coffee and chocolate and the combination of these two flavor was balance so well. The huge size very satisfying me and I can’t stop drink trough my straw, so delicious.

    Crispy Enoki Mushroom (IDR 25K)

    A starter for that night, we picked crispy enoki mushroom with simple mayonnaise as condiment. It was a enjoyable when we ate this fried mushroom one by one and dipped it in mayonnaise. But this is best for accompany you during your chit-chat time.

    Calamari (IDR 36K)

    When my friend order this, one think in my mind is the calamary will served in a ring shaped. But knowledgeably me, it’s totally wrong when this menu came to our table, LOL. Served with mayonnaise, this calamary was enjoyable, and the texture still OK.

    Mie Goreng Tek Tek (IDR 30K)

    Randomly, my friend order this menu called mie tektek (tek tek noodle) a street food fried noodle typical as we find. Served with sunny side up, chicken sliced, pickle and some kerupuk tersanjung, LOL. I guess the taste will be a common but than I wrong. The taste was truly amazing! So delicious, savory and addictive, sweet-salty-umami make the dish rich in flavor and it’s tasteful. I call this menu as “Mie Tek Tek Raisa” as a honor for her and I recommended this menu to you guys.

    Menu yang dipesan: Ice Cappucinno, Thai tea latte, Crispy Enoki Mushroom, mie tektek, ice mocha, Hot Chocolate, Hot Cappucinno

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.0  
    Watt Coffee [ Kemang, Kafe ]

    Wajib Coba French Fries (add cheese carne)

    I visited this coffee shop with my friends, on saturday evening. Previously I’ve never come to Watt Coffee Kemang or Watt Coffee Kwitang. So that makes me want to know more when I was in this coffee shop.

    For a parking space you don’t have to worry, because this coffee shop has a wide parking area which is in the basement of Promenade Building. They really give you convenience in any respect. Beken know this coffee shop from my foodie friend, he told me this coffee shop has cozy place and friendly service.

    Most of the items here they use wood element as a material. The main room of this coffee shop is quite big, so that the distance between the table far apart. And more interesting is along I was here, I was accompanied by a very good song. And when it played I felt like being at home.

    Drink Menu At Watt Coffee Kemang

    If you visit to the coffee shop definitely we take an order for the coffee. But on this occasion I want to taste the menu that is not Coffee . Because at that moment the weather is very cold so I decided to order warm sweet drink. The following is the drink I ordered at this coffee shop is: 

    Hot Chocolate IDR 40K

    When it was raining outside I really enjoyed my drink. This Hot Chocolate helps to warm my body with the taste is not too sweet. And presentation of the drinks is quite interesting, baristas serve to make latte art. Portion of this drink is quite a lot because long as I am here this Hot Chocolate an endless. 

    Red Velvet Latte IDR 40K

    Good news for you Red Velvet lover, it turns out Watt Coffee Kemang serving drinks with delicious variants of taste including Red Velvet. They serve this drinks with very pretty, so interesting latte art drawn closely matches with the color of drinks. When talking about this taste, the tastes is very good. You can also set their own levels of sugar would you like to give your drink into the glass.

    Food Menu At Watt Coffee Kemang 

    In addition to trying some very tasty drinks earlier. Now I will tell you some of the food I order here. Check it out guys! 

    Chicken Wings IDR 48K

    When eating it I immediately falling in love with this menu. The first one that I like is presentation that they serve. Presented with a beautiful composition and attractive colors. The taste of this wings is very tasty, the spices to infuse perfectly into chicken wings. And the texture of this chicken wings is very tender and juicy. Taste sweet and somewhat spicy. If coming here, you should try this menu!

    Pasta Menu At Watt Coffee Kemang 

    As one of the lovers of pasta, certainly I would order this menu if know this coffee shop that serves a pasta. The pasta menu served by Watt Coffee Kemang diverse enough among others is like Aglio olio beef bacon, Spicy beef, Fetucine carbonara etc.

    I really like the pasta served here, because it was served with bread. And the texture of pasta is very soft and chewy. The portion of pasta is pretty much so it’s make me quite satisfied.

    Pizza Beef Blackpaper IDR 100K If you come to this coffee shop along with colleagues or your familly, is suitable if you ordered this menu. Because the pizza is comprised of eight pieces large enough. I really like this pizza because it has a good taste and savory. And beef on each piece there are quite a lot. Other than that they provide a choice of sauces that you can choose spicy level. Happy trying guys!

    French Fries (add cheese carne) IDR 55K

    Usually when you visit a restaurant and order french fries certainly is given small pieces. And different if you ordered french fries here because they present with cheese carne is very tasty.

    Menu yang dipesan: Aglio Olio Beef Bacon, Fettucini Carbonara, Pizza Beef Blackpaper, French Fries (add cheese carne), Chicken Wings, red velvet latte, Hot Chocolate

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  
    Tersadji [ Kemang, Indonesia ]

    Indonesian Food Buffet

    Tersadji Restaurant Kemang located at Jalan Kemang Raya which is this restaurant serves Indonesian cuisine. And I bet you’ll like all the food at this restaurant, because they are maintaining the authenticity of the cuisine of each local in Indonesia.
    And when I arrived at this restaurant, I saw the building this restaurant and I loved it. The building is covered by a white color make this restaurant impressed classy. Although this restaurant has a parking lot that is not too spacious, but the restaurant provides valet.
    What’s Up At Tersadji Restaurant Kemang

    If we talk about the ambiance at this restaurant will definitely be very interesting. The restaurant consists of two floors, on the second floor there is an outdoor room. On the first floor I saw there are beautiful ornaments that decorate the whole room. Besides ornaments there are paintings on the walls make the room more comfortable to stop off.

    Let’s Talk About Tersadji Menu

    Tersadji is pronounced from “tersaji” meaning as presented, all the menu here is available in buffet. So the guests can choose their own menu that they like and take them to the plate. After all the guests pay for food and take it to the table. Tersadji Restaurant serving Indonesia cuisine like Javanese, Sundanese and Padang.

    Sate Komo (IDR 40K/4, 75K/8)

    Beef satay served with special sambal. The texture a little bit dry but it was perfectly marinated because the seasoning come through so well into the beef. The peanut sauce served in separately.

    Rawon (IDR 51K)

    The rawon soup was rich in flavor, the aroma has a specific lemon grass with savory taste. Tersadji Restaurant serves Rawon with salted egg, bean sprout in separately and the special one is a lovable perkedel.

    I picked tumis sawi bakso, perkedel kentang and teri balado. The spiciness level still friendly enough, sweet and salty are average and nothing to complain. All the dish are delicious and just like my mother’s cook. So when I ate here I feel like I am in my home. Oh I miss my home 🙂

    Royal Pisang Coklat (IDR 24K)

    A cute fried banana in a roll as we know as pisang coklat or piscok. But the different is their pisang coklat made in petite four or single bite, crisp and covered with icing sugar. Even though the sweetness was still fine.

    Tersadji Restaurant could be one of your dine in destination at Kemang. Although Kemang surrounded by Western, Japanese, Chinese Food and so on but you can still eat Indonesian food with “buffet” style in this neighborhood place. 

    Menu yang dipesan: Perkedel, Teri Balado, TUMIS SAWI BAKSO

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 3.8  
    Rempah Bali [ Tanah Abang, Indonesia ]

    Wajib Coba Teri Kacang Dan Ayam Suir Matah

    Talking about the Bali cuisine, almost all of us loved it. Spicy taste and strong taste make the typical food of Bali Unforgettable. Now I am so happy I can find restaurants of Bali that are around us. Can already be seen clearly from the front, this restaurant have a concept Bali restaurant which is packed with modern. Located on the first floor and you have to take one floor when it’s in the lobby ground. And this restaurant is relatively new at this CityWalk mall.

    The Food at Rempah Bali

    Different from the usual restaurant, Rempah Bali have a concept like a buffet. So you can choose appropriate foods listed on the display. Besides there are also packages that could be an option for your meal. As for the menu among other packages: 

    1 Package – IDR 39K : 1 Side dish, 2 Vegetable, Rice and Sambal 

    2 Package – IDR 47K : 1 Side dish, 3 Vegetable, Rice and Sambal 

    3 Package – IDR 55k : 2 Side dish, 2 Vegetable, Rice and Sambal

    Kacang Panjang

    Kacang Panjang or Long Beans in Rempah Bali is very fresh and crunch. The sweet and spicy mix well in this dish. Good job for the chef!

    Sate Lilit

    I have ever tried Sate Lilit in Bali and Rempah Bali has a same taste of their sate lilit. The meat, the consistency and the savory suddenly make me remember to Bali.

    Ayam Suir Matah

    Ohhh I love this menu so much! The chicken not too dry and the sambal matah make the dish more delicious. The spiciness level was affordable, sweet and salty not too over. The onion aroma was appetite and this is one of my favorite menu in Rempah Bali.


    Rempah Bali has a gorgeous urap and delicacy! Their urap close to my mother made, the freshness of the ingredients, the coconut grater, the long bean and the spiciness level really really make me remember to our home. Love it!

    Teri Kacang

    Another heavenly dish in this restaurant that is Teri Kacang! I love the taste, the sweetness, saltiness, and crispy texture from the anchovy and peanut make more bombing when paired with steam rice. Recommended!


    My favorite stir-fry vegetable, genjer is something I can not resists. The cooked level was perfect and the taste is so gooood!

    Es Degan

    Served with cocopandan syrup, this Es Degan look stunning with some pieces of young coconut flesh. Not too sweet and tasty, this is will accompany you during your meal time here and I recommended to you. 


    Menu yang dipesan: teri kacang, Urap, genjer, ES Degan, Ayam suir matah, Sate Lilit, kacang panjang

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.4  
    Leon Goldstein [ Wijaya, Barat ]

    Hangout Time at Leon Restaurant Wijaya

    Leon Restaurant Jakarta at Wijaya street is offers a sophisticated space for drinking and dining. They have a very interesting restaurant concept. When you enter this restaurant you will be like walking into a different dimension.

    On that day, I visited this restaurant with my friends. Before we were coming at this restaurant me and my friends were at an event. After that, we went straight to this restaurant to simply knowing. But when we arriving here, not only to simply knowing however to review more about this restaurant and not forget some OOTD pictures ehehehe.

    If you visit this restaurant you will see the charming lion symbol in the front, looks so instagenic! And better you make a reservations in advance even by calling order or website. Although the parking lot of this restaurant looks very small but you don’t have to worry, the management to provide valet. 

    When I enter at this restaurant, I’m be accompanied by staff down the hall. I feel amazed when I saw this main room restaurant’s. Look so spacious with high ceiling. I feel impressed to the classy and luxurious interior. Me and friends have a place on the vintage sofa.

    Other than that, this restaurant used by many people to take the OOTD pictures. Probably because the restaurant uses vintage style so that is the main attraction. Furthermore there are beautiful ornaments that decorate this restaurant. More make this beautiful room is some of gorgeous chandelier. Despite daytime the light from the chandelier remains dim flame. 

    In addition to dining, the restaurant also offers a variety of drinks I’ve said earlier. In other words bar in this restaurant is very fancy with classy leather chair. The service in this restaurant is very good, the waiters worked with well. They are wide-awake when we needed. Polite and friendly that is the important point when I visit a restaurant and this restaurant has it all.

    Mac N’ Cheese IDR 40K

    Good news for cheese lovers, it turns out this restaurant provides a very tasty cheese. Initially I thought this is the side dish menu of main course, but this menu can be ordered separately or ala carte. A very affordable price when you get a pan of cheese is quite huge. The taste of the food is very cheesy. The menu is more delicious when still warm.

    Apple Tart IDR 50K

    The menu of this one is my favorite desserts menu. Good composition between cake and apple tart when mixed become one. For the tart feels very good with a hint of cinnamon and the texture is very nice. 

    Flavored Iced Tea IDR 45K

    Basically, these drinks can be found in many restaurants. The difference is concentrated flavor and presentation of this drink menu. At this restaurant iced tea menu can be chosen with a variety of flavor, as I add lychee. For the presentation of this drink looks very pretty and refreshing. And sugar is provided separately so you can add according to taste. The taste of tea is very tasty and feel strong.

    Iced Tea Tarik IDR 40K

    Still the same as before the drinks menu, Iced Tea Tarik could be another option. Previously I really like this drink. Because the process is made by way poured another glass with is thrown, make this tea more viscous.

    Over all, I really like this restaurant they have a good concept and design. Leon restaurant it is suitable for you just chill out or gather with family and colleagues. 

    Menu yang dipesan: Iced tea tarik, Flavored Iced Tea, Apple Tart, Mac N? Cheese, Mac n Cheese

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.0  
    100 Rasa - Residence 100 [ Thamrin, Indonesia ]

    Hidden Roof Top Restaurant Near Bundaran HI But Low Budget

    100 Rasa restaurant is a roof top restaurant that was developed by the 100 residence inn. This restaurant located on the 5th floor is presenting scenery of towering buildings. There are two parts of the room indoor and outdoor, outdoor room there are only a few tables but you can smoke and feel the fresh breeze.

    100 Rasa Restaurant At 100 Residence

    Probably because this place not many people know this 100 Rasa as the restaurant is makes exclusive privet. The room was very clean at all with the arrangement of tables and stools were very neat and white floor makes this restaurant such as a home atmosphere. You will feel the same way.

    All the service here is very good, and their staff was humble and friendly. This condition will make you feel cozy during your spent time here. And the view in the night become dramatic from the outdoor area because we can see a Jakarta night views from there.

    Nasi Sapi Lada Hitam (IDR 38K)

    One of my favorite menu at 100 Rasa, Nasi Sapi Lada Hitam. I love the the beef and the spiciness, it become so appetite when we eat with steam rice. Very recommended menu!

    Tempe Bacem (IDR 6K)

    Tastes is very good in the mouth, tempeh feels very tender. If you like it sweet taste as like other Javanese Food, you must try this one.

    Garang Asem (IDR 35k)

    My first experience to try Garang Asem and suddenly falling in love with this. I love the chicken meat it was so tender and easily to cut from the bone. The soup taste was very nice, they combine sweet and sour taste into this soup, the sour from the “belimbinng wuluh” and it was so fresh and delicious.

    Black Coffee (IDR 15K)

    Nothing special in this black coffee, it just an ordinary a black coffee that we can found in small shop.

    Iced Tea (IDR 10K)

    Same with the black coffee we can taste an iced tea here. One kind of drinks that best paired with Javanese food as well.

    This is my lunch experience during my stay at Residence 100. I really enjoy my lunch time and feel the ambiance and their outdoor area which is like a semi-rooftop. The food was nice and the place is cozy and neat, i recommend this restaurant during your stay at Residence 100.

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 3.6  
    Thai Xtreme [ Cilandak, Thailand ]

    The Only One Clear Soup Tom Yum In Jakarta

    Thai Xtreme Citos (Cilandak Town Square)

    It was not too difficult to find this restaurant, you just enter the mall from the main lobby. Walk by right side and reach the escalator to get into the second floor, then you will find Thai Xtreme after bend to the right and Thai Xtreme located not far from the escalator.

    The Restaurant Design

    As in the beginning I told you that Thai Xtreme has a warm ambiance, as like as the design their have a stone wall and a classic sofa. In my opinion this restaurant is suitable for a family to gather or for a couple due to this warm ambiance.

    When the days turn into night, they arrange the sofa in the outdoor area near to public space, make it separate with the outlet. This is just an option for you who want to get closer to the public area because you can see the entire of the mall from your seat.

    1. Mango Salad

    This salad is very common in Thai and Vietnam restaurant and I love this menu because I am a fruit salad big fans. This menu consists of semi ripe mango, onion and topped with roasted peanut. The mango was fresh and crunchy with dominant of sour taste. But overall the salad not too spicy instead a bit of chili inside, for those who love sweet-sour taste you must try this one.

    2. Tom Yum Seafood Stick Noodle

    You might be already know Tom Yum right, and commonly the color is red with oily on the soup. But not for the Tom Yum in Thai Xtreme! The soup is clear and there is not chili and oily on the dish. But when I tasted it I was surprised that the taste is like Tom Yum that we had known, tangy, sour-spicy and you might be not believe that this is a Tom Yum.

    3. Pandan Leaf Chicken  This is authentic menu from Thailand a chicken covered with pandan leaf. This is my first time eat chicken pandan and I love the taste. But I thought it must be more delish if the chicken meat texture is more tender but anyway I love the Thai sauce it was very nice when paired with this menu.

    4. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice Seafood

    This fried rice is Thai typical menu and very famous in Thailand. A pineapple and chicken become nice when paired with this fried rice. And the Thai sauce is fresh and sour but the spicy level still tolerable. I thought it will be nice if the rice is more tender and sour level of the sauce become reduced.

    5. Olive Chicken Fried Rice

    This menu is not familiar for me but this menu is famous in Thailand. The taste was nice but same with the Pineapple Fried Rice, just a little improvement in the rice it would be very nice and enjoyable 🙂

    6. Pad Thai

    This is the best Pad Thai I have ever tried! I love the taste, it has an authentic of Thai cuisine. The noodle was tender and chewy, the seasoning mix very well with the noodle. The best way to eat this menu is you must mix all condiment together such as the bean sprout, chili and squeezing lime on top than eat directly before your noodle becoming sticky.

    7. Sour Plum

    This is a refreshing drinks, made from “Kedondong” juice and combined with sour plum or Kiamboy. I am a fans for Kedondong Juice or you guys maybe already knew it with Amburela Juice, and for this drinks I thought it will be nice if they reduce the saltiness of the drinks but for me it was still tolerable.

    8. Thai Tea & Thai Iced Coffee

    Two kind of drinks that very famous in Thailand Thai Tea and Thai Iced Coffee. I love both of this drinks and so addictive, one glass is not enough for me 🙂 But i do more love for Thai Iced Coffee it was so “coffeous” and milky a perfect combination, delicious! But the Thai Tea is nice too, they used a premium ingredients, what is that? Hmmm something sweet that I can not tell you guys 🙂

    9. Singkong Thailand

    I love this menu! The texture from the boiled casava is very smooth and tender so it was like melts in mouth. The coconut cream was so very delicious and suites with casava, you must try when you visit Thai Xtreme!

    10. Glutinous Rice With Mango

    This is my first time eat Mango Sticky Rice, and I feel so lucky to having this experience. As like “A love at the first sight” this menu made me falling in love suddenly. I love the taste, the mango, the glutinous rice and coconut cream all is nice. The mango is ripe perfectly so the taste is very sweet and lovable. The glutinous rice is very chewy and sticky and the appearance of this menu is so pretty ouuugh I really love this menu. Good Job for the Chef!


    Menu yang dipesan: Glutinous Rice With Mango, Singkong Thailand, Thai Tea & Thai Iced Coffee, Sour Plum, Pad Thai, olive chicken fried rice, Thai Pineapple Fried Rice Seafood, Pandan Leaf Chicken, Tom Yum Seafood Stick Noodle, Mango Salad

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.2  
    Martruckbucks [ Sunter, Indonesia ]

    5 Martabak Kekiniam Di Martruckbuck

    1. Stick On Classic (IDR 60K)

    Martabak manis yang pertama dari Mar Truck Bucks yaitu “Stick on Classic” atau yang biasa kita kenal dengan martabak keju, martabak bangka atau martabak manis aja. Base martabak disini tebel dan padet apalagi setelah ditambah topping jadi lebih padet lagi. Makan martabak ini rasanya puas banget karena sekali gigit bikin ketagihan.

    Walaupun martabak manis memang banyak kita temukan pada gerai martabak lainnya tapi di Mar Truck Bucks mereka membuat dengan kematangan pada suhu dan temperatur yang sudah mereka tetapkan sehingga rasa dan aroma nya membuat kita pengen cepet-cepet memakannya.

    2. Seize The Cheese (IDR 65K)

    Kalau mendengar kata Green Tea yang terfikirkan oleh sebagian dari kita mungkin adalah sebuah minuman yang menyegarkan atau teh untuk menyehatkan tubuh, bukan begitu? Di sini sajian rasa Green Tea di sajikan dengan kombinasi susu kental manis dan keju dan disajikan dalam bentuk rasa dalam martabak.

    3. Obsessed With Blackforest (IDR 95K)

    Mar Truck Bucks manis yang berikutnya ini rasanya Blackforest, dengan rasa blackforest yang lezat dan manis. Yang ini jadi favorit Beken karena rasanya bener-bener mirip banget sama blackforest, recommended banget!

    4. Get The Red Velvet (IDR 85K)

    Bagi kamu para penggemar martabak Mar Truck Bucks pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan rasa red velvet yang rasanya khas dan manis. Di sini kamu akan menemukan sajian martabak red velvet dengan filling oreo dan cream cheese yang meleleh. Aroma nya yang menggoda membuat siapa saja langsung ingin memakannya, bicara soal rasa aaahh enak bangeett.

    5. Martabak Manis Apple Strudel

    Martabak manis yang satu ini merupakan menu baru dari Mar Truck Bucks. Berbeda dengan ke empat martabak manis diatas, martabak apple strudel dibuat dari bahan kulit martabak telor. Bedanya martabak ini diisi dengan setup apel yang manis dengan topping yang sama. Buat Beken makan martabak manis apple strudel mengingatkan kita akan renyahnya apple pie. Nah penasaran kan sama menu baru yang satu ini?

    6. Martruckbucks Telor Rendang With Mozarella Cheese (IDR 70K)

    Kalau sebelumnya makan martabak yang manis-manis sekarang kita coba martabak telornya nih yaitu martabak isi daging rendang. Disajikannya dengan telur, daging rendang dan mozzarella cheese (yang biasanya kalo pada foto pasti di tarik sampe satu meter LOL). Sebelum nya Beken belum pernah mencoba martabak dengan sajian seperti ini walaupun sudah tahu sebelumnya dan sini adalah pertama kalinya 😀

    Menu yang dipesan: Martruckbucks Telor Rendang With Mozarella Cheese, Martabak Manis Apple Strudel, get the red velvet, obsessed with blackforest, Seize the cheese, stick on classic

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