resmi Vong Kitchen  [ Barat ]
4.3 10 review

Vong Kitchen

[ Barat ]
4.3 10 review
Harga : rasa

Alila Hotel SCBD
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Belum Buka - Senin (06:00 - 01:00) 021 50808787

021 50808787

Belum Buka Senin - Kamis (06:00 - 01:00), Jumat - Sabtu (06:00 - 02:00), Minggu (06:00 - 01:00)

Di atas Rp. 200.000 /orang

Vong Kitchen [ SCBD ]

  • Tipe KulinerBarat
  • Jam Buka
    Belum Buka
  • Stasiun MRT/LRT Terdekat Istora - Keluar C
    duration 7 menit

  • PembayaranTunai, Visa, Master, Debet


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Review dari pengunjung untuk Vong Kitchen

Foto Profil Nerissa Arviana

Alfa 2020

280 Review

Level 12

Chinese Food Kopi Bakmi Pasta Sushi Dessert Bubble Tea


Restaurant hits

Makan cantik kali ini miss cobain salah satu restaurant baru yg lagi hits yaitu Vong Kitchen, karena miss datang nya di malam hari jadi kesannya gelap2 romantis gitu... hehehe restaurant dengan konsep New York ini terkesan nyaman banget untuk ngobrol lama2 dengan pasangan maupun dengan teman. Sambil menunggu makanan jadi miss di kasih free bread with butter...Miss order truffle pizza ( pizza nya lumayan besar dapat 8 slice, wangi truffle nya menggugah selera dengan telur setengah matang dan pizza nya yg tipis dan crunchy so yummy) rice cracker crusted tuna ( ikan tuna mentah yg fresh dibalut dengan rice cracker dengan mayonnaise ) dan menu special of the day yg miss lupa namanya... overall top gaes

Tanggal kunjungan: 11 Juli 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Mitha Komala

Alfa 2020

1564 Review

Level 18

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Seafood BBQ Pancake Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Restaurant you MUST try in Jakarta! 💁🏻‍♀️💕💁🏻‍♀️💕

Restaurant you MUST try in Jakarta! 💁🏻‍♀️💕💁🏻‍♀️💕
They also have a bar inside the restaurant but has a separate space.

Simply order these:

Truffle Pizza
- Taste super duper good!! It comes with triple cheese and lots of truffle oil and minched black truffles. Yum 😙😙

Smoked Salmon Tower
- For me, this is the very least non-overwhelming salmon with cream cheese brunch menu.. pas bgt cream cheesenya & dipadu dengan isi salmon yg generous. Love it ❤️

Slow Cooked Tasmanian Trout
- To be honest, the highlight here is the ginger rice! It is seasoned very well. Great quality trout and comes in a large size! The sauce is pretty sour for me but still fine. 👍🏻✨

Definitely coming back! 😍😍😍

Menu yang dipesan: smoked salmon tower, slow cooked tasmanian trout, Truffle pizza

Tanggal kunjungan: 03 Februari 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Eric  @ericfoodreview

Alfa 2019

237 Review

Level 11

Kopi Bakmi Dessert


Fancy and the ambiance was superb, the food? not so much.

Australian Grilled Lamb Chops. Broccolini, tomato harissa and crispy potatoes. The main star was clearly the lamb. The potatoes tasted okey, but not fantastic. The lamb was good. It had that sweetness to it that cut the strong lamb meat smell. It's not 100% gone. Maybe around 80%. It's a good thing for me. Some people like their lamb to have no gamey or lamb distinctive flavor, some even like to have a beef kinda flavor on their lamb. For me, it's nonsense. If I want to taste beef, then I'll go for the beef. Why go for lamb which has more cholesterol to it, what a bullcrap. The portion was quite big but the meat itself wasn't that substantial. The greenies and potatoes filled 70% of that plate. 

Half Kilo of Australian Ribeye. There's no chance you'll eat this alone. It's huge and pure meat. Well, we got to share, that's why it came medium well. There's no way I'd order other than medium rare steak. It kinda surprised me that the meat wasn't tough eventhough it'd been cooked medium well. Nice quality of steak and they cooked it well. Btw, the sauce, I don't get it. Why ruin the already good piece of meat with unnecessary sauce. I'll come back for the steak next time and ask for no sauce. 

Oh one more thing. I don't know who is he but that time a man came to our table and asked whether everything was good. I told him that the taste was good but the presentation of the steak was ridiculously pathetic. Then he defended himself and saying that they want to keep it simple. Just steak and sauce. I totally agree with that statement, steak is supposed to be served as simple as possible. But this one looks kinda messy. Weird cut and way too saucey. It's my opinion, not really matter.

Tiger Prawns a la Planca. Generous amount of fillings. Prawns, mussels and broccoli in green curry. For me they did a great job on the green curry, not too rich but creamy enough. I just hate it when the broth overwhelm the main ingredients so yeah, I do give more credit on this. However, the fillings itself wasn't that great. The seafood was sweet and tender but that's it. Nothing lousy, nothing special. For me, I did more enjoy the ambiance rather than the food itself. Oh, one more thing. It served with ginger rice. To be blunt, it just tasted like hainan rice. A delish hainan rice. I think they used basmati rice and it gave nice texture. It tasted good and super fragrant. Love it.

Roasted Duck. Dry aged duck, carrots, celeriac with citrus chili sauce. 3 chunks of duck meat and 3 piles of shredded duck. The duck was quite tender with slight gamey taste. It's weird but I did prefer the shredded duck. It lost the nice tender texture but it tasted richer and homier. It had that very clean kind of sweetness. The citrus sauce was so so, to be honest it lacked of zestiness. However, still a solid plate of duck and not too mention, the plating was dope. So colorful and elegant. 

All of my friends who tried this claimed that it's the best dish of the day. Well, I do have different opinion. For me, the best dish of that day was easily the lamb chops (I've posted the review). The duck was good but not mind blowing. There's no oomph to it. It's quite tasty but that's it. Nothing special to remember. There is no right or wrong. When it comes to food, it's all about preferences. All the best I can do is giving my own opinion. You don't have to agree with me, better try it youself.

Molten Chocolate Cake. If you check my previous post, you'll see how I love their mango panna cotta. Compare to that one, this one is clearly nothing. The chocolate wasn't bitter enough (I prefer the dark bitter chocolate, it's my preference though), the texture wasn't airy enough, the vanilla ice cream wasn't creamy enough. Everything was lack of something. It tasted like mediocre molten chocolate cake. There's nothing special, nothing stand out. I've tasted a lot better chocolate cake. If you happen to come here, I suggest you to go for the mango panna cotta. Btw, it's totally edible don't get me wrong. I just expect something more for that price. 

Mango Panna Cotta. The plating was superb, it gave that satisfaction just by looking at it. Further, it made me wanna scoop that goodness. The mango panna cotta was quite strong. It tasted sweet, rich and deep at the same time. It's good but not mind blowing. The highlight for me was the texture. So soft, clean, velvety and smooth. That was my first thought. Then I tried to eat the mango panna cotta with the fresh fruit they put aside. Dang! The sourness and tanginess really boosted the mango panna cotta. It's no longer child play. It tasted so refreshing and I felt like it's hugging my soul. 

I ain't dessert kind of guy, so my opinion might miss in every aspect. But 1 thing for sure, I did enjoy this one and I'll have no complain if I've to eat this every single day.

Yeah, it's pricey. But let's not ignore the magnificent ambiance and great services, I think it's worth to try. If you have special occasions to celebrate or someone to impress, I'll recommend this one.

Menu yang dipesan: Australian Grilled Lamb Chops, Half Kilo of Australian Ribeye, Tiger Prawns a la Planca, Roasted duck, Molten Chocolate Cake, Mango Panna Cotta

Tanggal kunjungan: 19 Oktober 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!

Foto Profil abigail lin

Alfa 2019

278 Review

Level 12

Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Kopi Bakmi Pasta Sushi Dessert


Romantic kind of fine dining restaurant

Pertama masuk uda suka sama tempatnya, konsep resto dan bar. Suasananya terasa tenang ,cocok utk dinner romantis berdua. Tapi hari ini romantis bertujuh bareng perkul hihi.
Pesanannya kita2 ni :

• Appetizers : roasted wild mushrooms & rice cracker crusted tuna. Aku suka crusted tunanya.. jd tuh luarnya garing dalamnya empuk ( enak banget ) kalo mushroom biasa aja sih .
• Entrèes :

Slow cooked tasmanian trout ( enak , empuk pas masuk mulut terasa meleleh ) suka sih karena emang doyan ikan
Tiger prawns a la plancha ( kalo ini biasa aja udangnya agak keras, ada mussels jg . Kurang suka karena bau kari nya terlalu menyengat ) lbh suka kari jepang
Roasted duck, dry aged in house ( bebeknya beneran enak, empuk dagingnya ) ampe skrg masih terbayang2 tuh daging bebeknya.
Australian grilled lamb chops ( ga makan daging jd ga tau rasanya )
Australian ribeye 500g (ini isinya byk ada bbrp potong )
• Sides :

Cauliflower gratin ( lumayan )

Roasted brussel sprout ( ini agak gosong ya,agak pahit gt )
• Beverages :

Sparkling water balian ( seger sih ada rasa soda2 gt. Walau aku bukan penyuka minuman bersoda tp aku suka kok.
• Dessert :

Molten chocolate cake ( biasa aja ini ya coklat2 gt .. sama spt lava cake yg dimakan selama ini hehe )
Mango panna cotta ( ini favorite aku banget. Suka banget kalo kesini lagi pasti pesen yg ini nih ) taste like heaven deh.
Salted caramel sundae ( ada bbrp scoop ice cream dan ada popcorn jg utk hiasannya ) kurang suka caramel ice creamnya terlalu manis .
Utk servicenya bagus, ramah rajin dan sabar jelasin  pertanyaan kita  dan bisa rekomen apa aja yg enak dan favorite. Biasanya kan ada tuh waiter kalo ditanya suka asal jawab haha. Kdg malah ga tau ini itu . Uda gt ada jg yg jutek.

Tanggal kunjungan: 27 Juni 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
3 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Meri @kamuskenyang

Alfa 2018

368 Review

Level 13

Ramen Chinese Food Seafood Kopi Bakmi Pasta Dessert


Cocok buat candle light dinner

Ini tempatnya ada di SCBD seberang PP, gw sempet muter2 buat nyari tempatnya karena selain tulisan VONGnya gak keliatan, tempat masuk mobilnya juga gak keliatan karena ga ada plang apa2. Hahaha.

Tadinya gw cari di google Map namanya alila hotel, eh malah nyasar. Akhirnya pas vong kitchen dan perlahan ngelewatin sebelum lobi utama PP, dia ada di sebelah kiri jalan, pasnya sebelum parkiran motor BEJ.
Lucky me, dapet kesempatan dari perkul buat nyobain tmpt ini. Tempatnya remang2 lampu gitu, pas masuk bakal disambut sama yang nungguin dan dianter sampe kedepan, trus ditanyain reservasi atas nama siapa. Tempatnya cantik, lampunya cantik. Pas duduk, bakal dibantu waitressnya buat naruh kain putih di pangkuan kita.
Makanan pembukanya, rice cracker crusted tuna, dagingnya kayaknya masih mentah, tapi lembuuutt banget dan ga bau amis. Hahaha.
Kita makan ber7, dan pesen beberapa menu. Overall yang paling gw suka adalah Roasted Ducknya, luarnya garing dalemnya lembut. Pas dipotong pake sendok gak bisa, gw pikir alot, pas dimakan enaaaak, empuk, gak alot, ga bau bebek. Hahaha.
Overall walau ada bbrapa bumbu yang kurang strong, tapi semua daging ga ada yang alot, dan i just like it karena gak usah usaha ngunyah. 
Ada satu yg gw ga suka, namanya susah ih lupa namanya, tapi dia sayuran gitu bulet2, rada pahit euy.
Dessertnya enak, tapi agak pricey, yg gw paling suka mango panacotanya (150k), karena ada fresh fruitnya, enak! Salted caramelnya (120k) juga enak, tapi pas di akhir agak pait.
Kalau mau dinner romantis bolehlah kesini.

Menu yang dipesan: australian ribeye, tiger prawns a la plancha, Roasted duck, dry aged in house, rice cracker crusted tuna, slow cooked tasmanian trout, Molten Chocolate Cake

Tanggal kunjungan: 27 Juni 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Kezia Nathania

368 Review

Level 13

Steak Ramen Chinese Food BBQ Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert


romantic dinner

baru pertama kali ke vong kitchen dan tempatnya baguss walau terlalu gelap si soalnya emg rata2 yang dateng kesini tuh org bule dan untuk romantic dinner , so not convinient to take a pict in here. disini gue pesen beberapa menu yang cukup banyak antara lain :
appetizer :
- rice cracker crusted tuna ( 180k )
salah satu signature recommendednya di vong kitchen dan memang enak si jadi luarnya garing dalemnya tunanya masi lembut merah gitu ( like it )

- roasted wild mushroom ( 120k )
ini itu jadinya sauted all kind mushroom yang dikasi special sauce gitu and i dont like it , rasanya terlalu asam dan jadi ga enak euw.

entrees :
- slow cooked tasmanian trout ( 240k )
ini troutnya di ganti salmon dan dikasi kyk green sauce with sauted vegetable ,  rasanya lumayan salmonnya empuk cmn masi ada sedikit rasa amis walaupun dikit banget org ga bakal berasa banget kalo ga bner2 dirasain. dan untuk green saucenya me dont like it.

- tiger prawn a-la planca ( 190k )
ini jadi isinya lots of prawn with mussels , sauted brocoli , baby corn and green curry served with ginger rice in different plates. literly rasanya biasa aja walaupun green currynya enak dan ginger rice itu nasi hainam gengs. btw isinya ini banyak si udangnya ada sekita 10 an biji gitu dan musselnya juga banyak kok.

- roasted duck, dry aged in house ( 210k )
literly this is the best dish in the house . ini bebeknya enak parah , ga ada bau dagingnya empuk banget dan masi ada cripsnya sedikit, disini sausnya juga pas dan ada suiran daging bebeknya juga , pokoknya dia deh yg jadi primadona malem ini 

- australian grilled lamb chop ( 290k ) 
ini lamb chopnya masi bau bandot me dont like it, padahal gue cuman makan diki tapi masi berasa bau domba bangett ga doyann..

- australian rib eye 500g ( 1,8 m )
this is for sharing guys dia potongannya banyak dan tebel2 , tingkat kematanngan gue pilih medium well dan pas banget masaknya dagingnya masii enakk tapi sayang dia kurang ada rasanya kyk ga pake bumbu apa2 lagi cmn kayak di panggang doang.

-roasted brussel sprouts ( 75k )
pait dan isinya cuman sayuran BIG NO

- cauliflower gratin ( 70k )
ini enak guyss ku doyan rasanya gratinnya sungguh mantulll luvluv

-sparkling water balian 75cl ( 58k )
oke ini gue sedikit norak, baru kali ini minum sparkling water yang airnya kyk soda but still rasanya air putih. kinda weird for me.

- molten chocolate cake ( 110k )
ini molten cake pada umumnya si, rasanya standar, coklatnya juga standar.

- mango panna cotta ( 150k )
ini terenaque ga bohong deh jadi disini itu ada panna cotta mango yg so smooth , fresh cream , dan crispy fresh fruit, TERBAIQUE 

- salted caramel sundae ( 120k )
ini adalah eskrim caramal dengan popcorn caramal dan coating caramel. rasaanya enak si cmn makin lama rasanya pait dan ini porsinya banyak bgt ya gengss isinya 4 scoop deh kalo ga salah.

Menu yang dipesan: roasted wild mushroom, cauliflower gratin, slow cooked tasmanian trout, tiger prawn a-la planca, roasted duck dry aged in house, sparkling water balian, australian grilled lamb chop, australian rib eye 500g, roasted brussel sprouts, rice cracker crusted tuna, Mango Panna Cotta, Molten Chocolate Cake, salted caramel sundae

Tanggal kunjungan: 27 Juni 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Ladyonaf @placetogoandeat

Alfa 2020

2684 Review

Level 23

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Seafood BBQ Pancake Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Makannya enak, tempatnya kece!

Vong kitchen ini lokasinya di hotel alila, sebrang pasific place, sebelah BEJ. Sebenarnya hotel alila ini belum buka tapi vong sudah buka lebih dahulu. Tempatnya cukup besar, interiornya minimalis modern, dengan dimmer lighting membuat suasananya menjadi modern dan elegant. Ada area indoor, outdoor, area bar and lounge. Sambil menunggu table kita disiapkan, kita duduk di area bar and lounge. 

Aku kesini jam 6 sore dan masih sepi banget, ternyata ini semua tablenya sudah full reservation. Aku kesini tanpa reservasi dan untungnya aku dapat table, walaupun hanya diberikan waktu 1 jam. Aku diinfo teman kalau antrian waiting list untuk reservasi disini itu sudah full sampe berhari-hari loh, lucky me!

Menu yang ditawarkan mix antara asian dan western. Menunya sedikit berbeda antara lunch, high tea dan dinner. Karena aku hanya punya waktu 1 jam, jadi aku coba menu yang simple saja, diantaranya : 
- mango panna cotta (150k) : mango panna cottanya so fluffy and melted in your mouth, teksturnya sangat lembut, enak banget deh, maybe this is the best mango panna cotta in town. Lalu untuk mempercantik plating, disajikan dengan potongan buah segar and coconut sorbet sebagai toping. Recommended 👍
- rice cracker crusted tuna (170k) : ini menu appetizer. Jadi tuna dibungkus dengan rice cracker yang sudah dihancurkan, rasanya enak, crunchy dan tunanya sangat fresh. Disajikan dengan sauce mayonese yang asam gurih. Must try 👌

Overall, everything just perfect, servicenya sangat proffesional, ambiencenya really warm dan best place to chill out with friend dengan alunan music lounge yang slow. Semua makanannya juga enak banget. Pastinya aku balik lagi untuk coba menu makanan lainnya. 

Tanggal kunjungan: 19 Mei 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil UrsAndNic

Alfa 2020

2351 Review

Level 22

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Seafood BBQ Pancake Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Mango panna cotta terenak

Lokasinya ada di Hotel Alila SCBD. Tempatnya spacious dengan interior yang luxurious dan terlihat sangat elegan. Area bar dengan lounge yang cozy letaknya terpisah dengan dining area. Waktu itu saya datang tanpa reservasi sekitar jam 6 sore dan semua tablenya sudah penuh, tapi karena kita memang datang hanya untuk pesan dessert masih diberi waktu 1 jam. Kebetulan memang nga mau makan berat karena sudah ada acara dinner dengan teman2. Saya dan teman mencoba menu berikut :

*Rice cracker crusted tuna (170k++) – Menu appetizer ini tampil unik dan benar benar menggugah selera.  Tuna ini dibalut dengan rice cracker. Bagian tengah tunanya masih terlihat berwarna merah, sangat fresh. Tunanya enak dan melted in your mouth. Mayo saucenya juga sangat terasa mewah, sangat berbeda dengan resto2 yang lainnya. Appetizer yang sangat perfect. 

*Mango panna cotta (150k++) – tampil cantik dengan warna kuning, panna cotta ini toppingnya adalah coconut sorbet dan garnishnya fresh fruit dari mangga, kiwi, strawberry dan kelapa muda. Taste mangganya masih sangat terasa dan sangat menyatu dengan coconut sorbetnya. Ditambah dengan fresh fruitnya benar2 ngeblend deh. Tekstur pannacota ini sangat soft enak banget… the best mango panna cotta in town. Dessert yang recommended.

Semua menu yang saya coba ini tampil cantik dan elegan, sesuai dengan restonya yang high end. Sangat suka dengan ambiancenya yang calm dan servicenya yang sangat baik. Beberapa kali mencoba rsvp untuk dinner tapi selalu full. Mungkin next akan datang untuk lunch.

Tanggal kunjungan: 11 Mei 2018
Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!

Foto Profil Hungry Mommy

Alfa 2020

1163 Review

Level 18

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Seafood BBQ Pancake Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Mango pannacota terbaique

Kesini pukul 6 sore, walaupun belum terlalu rame tapi ternyata udh full reservasi beruntung kita yang go show ini masih dapet meja walaupun harus nunggu bentar. Karena emang jam 7an udah ada janji dinner lagi jadi saya dan teman teman gak pesan menu berat disini, kami cuma pesan 1 appetizer dan 1 dessert aja yaitu :

• Rice cracker crusted tuna (170k)
Tuna yang dibalut rice cracker kemudian digoreng, ketika disajikan tunanya masih setengah matang dan terlihat merah dagingnya. Disajikan dengan saus mayo dicampur irisan daun bawang yang rasanya asem segar. Ini enak recommended banget buat appetizer

• Mango Pannacota (150k)
Tampilannya cantik, dengan didampingi fruit compote dan coconut sorbet. Pannacotamya lembut dan meleleh dimulut, teksturnya beda dengan pannacota yang pernah saya makan, rasa mangonya masih sangat dominan, gak terlalu manis saya sukaa.. bisa dibilang ini pannacotta terenak yang pernah saya makan, HARUS banget cobain ini yah kalo ke vong

Walaupun belum nyobain maincoursenya saya sangat puas dan berkesan makan disini, ambiencenya, pelayanan semuanya memuaskan.. pastinya akan balik lagi buat nyobain menu lainnya.

Tanggal kunjungan: 11 Mei 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
Makasih Infonya!
1 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Patricia.sari

Alfa 2018

152 Review

Level 10

Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Dessert


Simply the best restaurant in Jakarta

Kindly follow my IG @patriciasari


# ginger margarita

# rice cracker crusted tuna

# truffle pizza

# grilled lambchops

# roasted duck

# mango panna cotta

# molten chocolate cake

Loved their Ginger margarita, the perfect mixed of Reposado tequila, Cointreau, lime and ginger. This light cocktails make a good start for dinner.

Rice-cracker crusted tuna was delicious, melt in your mouth tuna but crispy outside crust. The sriracha-citrus emulsion and scallions sauce was a nice complement to the tuna.

Truffle pizza was good. The dough was more to Roman style pizza, thicker than thin crust pizza. Black truffle, three cheese and egg made great toppings to this truffle pizza. For those who like spicy pizza, please do add their housemade “Cabe Bule” served on the table. You will get a kick of it, one of a kind pizza.

Grilled lamb chops was out of this world, succulent medium-cook lamb, perfectly grilled, combined with brocolini, crispy potato which at first i thought was tater-tots, and mouthwatering tomato-harissa (tomato purée), and pickled shallots (delicious pickles, wish they served these a whole jar for me lol) perfect ensemble.

Roast duck was good too, the shredded duck was tender, blend well with the citrus chili sauce. Carrots and celeriac made good addition to the dish.

Mango panna cotta was super decadently delicious. I think this is the best mango panna cotta I’ve ever had by far. Soft panna cotta, melt in your mouth together with the coconut sorbet. Loved the sorbet as it was not too sweet, so it complements well the panna cotta. The fruit compote was fresh with kiwi, raspberries, passion fruits and shredded coconut, it gives a well balanced taste to it. I’m in love with this panna cotta, even though I am not a big fan of panna cotta because most of them are too sweet for me.

Molten chocolate cake no need further explanation or introduction. I’ve had it years ago (i mean yeaaaarrrssss agoo in JG and MK under the name Valrhona chocolate cake) and it tastes as good as it was. Melt in your mouth chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. Decadently delicious.

Most of the order above was recommended by our server, Ryan, good recs. He also told us that the chili sauce on the table was not just your ordinary (saus cabe) chili sauce, he referred it as “Cabe Bule”, chili sauce specially created by the expats for Indonesian taste.

Ambience was nice, the service was impeccable, a truly Vongerichten establishment. Felt like dining in their NYC’s establishments, delicious food, cozy ambience and friendly and courteous staffs. The GM was very attentive and sincere, Benjamin came to every table and asked on how’s the food, the dining experience very nice gesture. Unlike some other (fine dining) restaurants in Jakarta which the waiter or server or manager just asked for the sake of their SOP and lack of sincerity.

Definitely will be back for lunch (starting May 8) and brunch and the opening of Le Burger, thei 24-hour burger place next door in July.

Menu yang dipesan: Rice crispy crusted tuna, Ginger margarita, Molten Chocolate Cake, Roast Duck, House bread, Mango Panna Cotta, Truffle pizza, Grilled lambchop

Tanggal kunjungan: 05 Mei 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
Makasih Infonya!
2 pembaca berterima kasih.

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