resmi Vong Kitchen  [ Barat ]
4.31 11 review

Vong Kitchen

[ Barat ]
4.31 11 review
Harga : rasa

Alila Hotel SCBD
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan

Buka - Minggu (06:00 - 24:00) 021 50808787

021 50808787

Buka Senin - Minggu (06:00 - 24:00)

Di atas Rp. 200.000 /orang

Vong Kitchen [ SCBD ]

  • Tipe KulinerBarat
  • Jam Buka
  • Stasiun MRT/LRT Terdekat Istora - Keluar D
    duration 6 menit

    Senayan - Keluar D
    duration 10 menit

  • PembayaranTunai, Visa, Master, Debet


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Review dari pengunjung untuk Vong Kitchen

Foto Profil Patricia.sari

Alfa 2018

152 Review

Level 10

Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Dessert


Simply the best restaurant in Jakarta

Kindly follow my IG @patriciasari


# ginger margarita

# rice cracker crusted tuna

# truffle pizza

# grilled lambchops

# roasted duck

# mango panna cotta

# molten chocolate cake

Loved their Ginger margarita, the perfect mixed of Reposado tequila, Cointreau, lime and ginger. This light cocktails make a good start for dinner.

Rice-cracker crusted tuna was delicious, melt in your mouth tuna but crispy outside crust. The sriracha-citrus emulsion and scallions sauce was a nice complement to the tuna.

Truffle pizza was good. The dough was more to Roman style pizza, thicker than thin crust pizza. Black truffle, three cheese and egg made great toppings to this truffle pizza. For those who like spicy pizza, please do add their housemade “Cabe Bule” served on the table. You will get a kick of it, one of a kind pizza.

Grilled lamb chops was out of this world, succulent medium-cook lamb, perfectly grilled, combined with brocolini, crispy potato which at first i thought was tater-tots, and mouthwatering tomato-harissa (tomato purée), and pickled shallots (delicious pickles, wish they served these a whole jar for me lol) perfect ensemble.

Roast duck was good too, the shredded duck was tender, blend well with the citrus chili sauce. Carrots and celeriac made good addition to the dish.

Mango panna cotta was super decadently delicious. I think this is the best mango panna cotta I’ve ever had by far. Soft panna cotta, melt in your mouth together with the coconut sorbet. Loved the sorbet as it was not too sweet, so it complements well the panna cotta. The fruit compote was fresh with kiwi, raspberries, passion fruits and shredded coconut, it gives a well balanced taste to it. I’m in love with this panna cotta, even though I am not a big fan of panna cotta because most of them are too sweet for me.

Molten chocolate cake no need further explanation or introduction. I’ve had it years ago (i mean yeaaaarrrssss agoo in JG and MK under the name Valrhona chocolate cake) and it tastes as good as it was. Melt in your mouth chocolate cake with homemade vanilla ice cream. Decadently delicious.

Most of the order above was recommended by our server, Ryan, good recs. He also told us that the chili sauce on the table was not just your ordinary (saus cabe) chili sauce, he referred it as “Cabe Bule”, chili sauce specially created by the expats for Indonesian taste.

Ambience was nice, the service was impeccable, a truly Vongerichten establishment. Felt like dining in their NYC’s establishments, delicious food, cozy ambience and friendly and courteous staffs. The GM was very attentive and sincere, Benjamin came to every table and asked on how’s the food, the dining experience very nice gesture. Unlike some other (fine dining) restaurants in Jakarta which the waiter or server or manager just asked for the sake of their SOP and lack of sincerity.

Definitely will be back for lunch (starting May 8) and brunch and the opening of Le Burger, thei 24-hour burger place next door in July.

Menu yang dipesan: Rice crispy crusted tuna, Ginger margarita, Molten Chocolate Cake, Roast Duck, House bread, Mango Panna Cotta, Truffle pizza, Grilled lambchop

Tanggal kunjungan: 05 Mei 2018
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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