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  • 4.0  
    Braud [ Senopati, Kafe ]


    Baked Cheese (120k) 9/10
    Soft and melty camembert mixed with buttery puff pastry and sweet honey. Only con is that the portion is so small.

    Cinque Formaggi (180k) 8.5/10
    Honestly I think Braud PM menus excel the most when they use cheese as the main ingredients. This was like your usual quattro formaggi pizza on steroids for cheese lovers. Very strong cheese flavours with nice sourdough pizza crust.

    Sundried Tomato Tagliolini (110k) 6/10
    I couldn’t get past the pasta texture, it was so overcook that it tasted like misua😓. Despite all the interesting components like basil oil and straciatella, the overall flavour was kinda all over the place and missing that punch.

    Oxtail on Toast (100k) 6/10
    I was honestly taken aback with how sweet the wine braised oxtail was? Mixed with the already buttery brioche, this dish tasted very heavy.

    Cheeky Pot Pie (225k) 5.5/10
    For some reason all their meat menus we ordered tasted sweet? My friends joked that it resembled empal. If you put the jus it got even more sweet. Quite confusing to my palate and wouldn’t recommend this.

    Tiramisu (60k) 6.5/10
    Decent tiramisu, not too heavy and sweet. Coffee could be a lot stronger and missing the rum though.

    Baba Au Rhum (70k) 7/10
    Was expecting traditional looking French baba au rhum but kudos for the creativity. More light and refreshing in contrast to the tiramisu.

    Sesame Sticky Bun (30k) 7.5/10
    Got this for takeaways. Very strong earth-nutty flavours from the sesame. Definitely unique and I really like the crunchy feuillitine on top the bun.

    Hazelnut Croissant (42k) 9/10
    My go to everytime I visit Bali, managed to snag this when it was available in Jakarta. Loaded with hazelnut from the chopped bits at the top and the generous creamy filling.

    Kimchi Cheddar Croissant (45k) 5/10
    This was like 80% plain croissant with minimum cheese and kimchi. For some reason the kimchi was only put in the ends of the croissant.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.0  
    Tiembi Cafe [ Meruya, Kafe ]


    Tiembi Signature Ramen (75k) 7.5/10
    Quite innovative as they used oatmilk as the base of the broth. Very thick and creamy, the chilli oil was definitely needed to help cut through the richness. Chicken and egg were also nicely prepared. Noodles didn’t really resemble a ramen though (very slippy and somewhat translucent?) and personally too soft for my liking.

    Fomo Pho (70k) 4/10
    Curious to try this since I saw a food blogger stating that the broth was super thick and flavourful. Sadly during my visit the broth was super bland, which instantly made me not want to eat it. A shame since they are quite generous with the protein and sauces.

    Fries (N/A)
    Tiembi is currently having an offer of free fries with your order when you sign up as their member. Crunchy and salty, can’t go wrong with fries.

    Magic (40k) 8.5/10
    Double shot of cappucino. Haven’t had this outside of Australia for a long time. Great cup of coffee and makes me want to try their manual brew next.

    Himalaya (38k) 7/10
    Milky coffee with cheese foam on top. Usually I don’t really like these kinds of dessert-like coffee but this was still okay, think they managed to find a nice balance of creamy-sweet-savoury.

    Roasted Sesame Matcha (38k) 7/10
    The roasted sesame was nicely fragrant and added a nice crunch to the drink. Matcha was sadly a bit too watery. Not too sweet and tasted a bit smoky from the roasted sesame.

    Iced Passion Fruit Tea (29k) 6/10
    Just your usual iced tea but with salt across the rim of the glass. Taste wise still pretty strong and not too diluted with ice.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.2  
    Sumi To Kome [ Blok M, Jepang ]

    Sumi to Kome

    Sashimi Moriawase (250k)⭐️8.5/10
    The salmon, kanpachi, and hotate slices were all thick and fresh. Could tell their wasabi was grated fresh as well.

    Temari Sushi Set (200k) 6/10
    Really pretty presentation but the sashimi moriawase is a better value for money imo. The toppings on this one were pretty minimal.

    Wagyu Tsukune (80k)⭐️8/10
    Juicy wagyu dipped in egg yolk. Yummy but a tad rich for my palate.

    Mochi Gyuniku Maki (38k)⭐️8/10
    Balanced ratio of mochi and beef. My first time trying this combination but it was great.

    Tori Karaage Zangi (98k) 7/10
    Karaage was super crunchy. You got only 4/5 pieces but each was super plump and juicy.

    Shiratama Shio Ice (90k) ⭐️ 7.5/10
    Sweet-salty ice cream with chewy mochi. Ice cream melt super quickly so you had to finish it quickly. Portion is very small though.

    Bonjiri (24k), Yagen Nankotsu/Cartilage (24k), and Tako Wasabi (58k)
    My friend ordered these. Tldr he didn’t recommend the yagen but liked the other two

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.2  
    Mr. Liam [ Kelapa Gading, Kafe ]

    Mr Liam

    Singapore Laksa (82k) 8.5/10
    The signature menu and dish I was most curious to try. Broth was super rich and thick! Really hearty dish and generous with the toppings as well. If you come to Liam, I definitely recommend this dish.

    Chicken Nanban (72k) 7.5/10
    Very juicy and crispy, I really like the sauce but don’t think it tasted anything like traditional nanban. They did mention it was gribiche sauce, a french egg yolk based sauce, which to my palette tasted like nanban mixed with tzatziki hahaha.

    Dry Pork Ramen (66k) 6/10
    Not bad, chasiu and egg were done well. Tasted very garlicky which I’m a fan of. Noodles were a bit too thin in my opinion, more like a somen vs ramen.

    Black Garlic Pork Ramen (73k) 5.5/10
    I liked the soup version better (tasted more flavourful). The broth was very thin and watered down imo

    Kale Salad & Balsamic Dressing (75k) 5.5/10
    Kale pieces were too big, I understand visually it looks more appealing that way but kinda hard to eat. Hummus was more like a pesto? Strawberries were a nice touch but they could put more.

    Gambas Pasta (70k) 5/10
    The sauce tasted like the laksa tbh, so I would suggest you to just order that.

    Master Stock Pork Belly (150k) 3/10
    Not a fan of braised pork belly in general so this was a pass for me.

    Didn’t try some of the dishes but according to my friends: Shrimp Chicken Wings and Squid Ink Rice were pretty good while the Canh Chua Cha was underwhelming.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Mozzeria [ Darmawangsa, Italia ]


    In my experience, Mozzeria is serves pretty good Italian dishes, though sadly they are quite inconsistent. My 2nd visit was really good, however the pastas on my 1st trip (admittedly way back when they recently opened) were both way too salty.

    2nd visit:
    Spaghetti Carbonara (125k) 9/10
    Probably the most authentic carbonara in town. I personally am not a fan of ‘carbonara’ made with cream (too eneg for me) so this was right up my alley. Also kudos for the guanciale, very generous serving and super tasty.

    Fresh Ricotta Bruschetta (71k) 8.5/10
    Ricotta was very creamy and fresh(I believe Mozzeria made their ricotta and stracciatella in house). Perfect pairing with the honey and toasted sourdough. Wonder if the bread was from noolstrala (was really good, crunchy outside but chewy in the middle)

    1st visit:
    The Patrick - Quattro Formaggi (163k) 7.5/10
    The most decent dish we had. Dough was slightly too chewy but the ricotta pocket added a nice touch. Wish the blue cheese taste was more prominent however I did like the cheese and honey combination. Lean more towards the sweet side which can be polarising depending on your tastebuds.

    Penne alla Vodka (125k) 4/10
    Admittedly this was the first penne alla vodka I tried but didn’t think it was supposed to be like this? All I could taste was the salt…

    Fettuccine Shrimp Scampi (165k) 5/10
    Am allergic to shrimp so only tried the pasta itself. Similar too the penne, this was way too salty. Otherwise it was pretty unmemorable.

    Also took away some croissants from Noolstrala. Too bad they don’t allow dine in. The almond chocolate croissant was pretty good, buttery and flaky with generous fillings. Not a fan of the cruffin, texture was too bready and the lemon meringue fillings were too little and tasted bland (not sour enough for me).

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Cork&Screw Country Club [ Senayan, Barat ]

    Cork n Screw

    Lovely services and great ambiance every time but personally haven’t found any hits dishes from here.

    Eggs Benedict (120k) 5/10
    Maple beef bacon, sautéed spinach, fries, salad, hollandaise. The beef bacon was really not to my taste, rubbery and alot. The rest was okay.

    Scrambled Eggs with Squid Ink (135k) 6.5/10
    Scramble was too dry and wet at the same time, not fluffy at all. The fried and normal squid did add an interesting contrast to the dish, complemented by the garlic aioli and ikura. Would rate it higher if not for the scramble. Also it was weirdly spicy despite not being described as such.

    Patty Melt (150k) 6/10
    Smashed beef patty sandwich with cheddar cheese and bbq & onion mayo sauce. Felt too heavy after a while. Sweet potato fries could be much crispier, was kinda hard.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.0  
    Jowa [ Blok M, Korea ]

    Korean Fusion

    Gogi Pizza (95k) 8/10
    One of Jowa’s signature dishes. Loved the crunchy paratha, beef, mushroom, and arugula all together. Not soggy but taste somewhat oily.

    Cauliflower (75k) 8/10
    The crowd’s fav. Tangy, sweet, and spicy sauce mixed with the crunchy and charred cauliflower. Bit oily otherwise really great.

    Smoked Duck Tteokbokki (130k) 7/10
    Not usually a tteokbokki fan but this one was soft and chewy with cheese in the middle. Smoked duck didn’t smell unpleasant. The sauce tasted looked like a rose sauce but is actually miso gochujang mix.

    L.A. Galbi (550k) 6.5/10
    To share around 3-4 pax. Well marinated and served with generous amount of banchan. Beef could be softer to chew on though.

    Chuncky Bacon Dry Ramen (130k) 5/10
    The most complicated menu we got. There’s beef bacon, shallot and shoyu ginger oil, hot sauce, mushroom, kimchi, egg, and nori. Too much components going on, tasted a bit all over the place.

    Seaweed Butter Beef & Mushroom (125k) 3/10
    In this set, you got banchan, rice, miso soup, fruits, and free flow tea. Value for money but quality is imo way below their other dishes. The beef in particular was bad, so tough and tasted like meltique meat.

    Sesame Millefeuille (65k) 7.5/10
    The more unique out of the desserts we got, nutty and earthy. That said, the strong sesame is definitely not for everyone.

    Honey Butter Potato Chips (40k) 5/10
    Slightly reminds me of the candied sweet potato I got in Japan. It’s a classic sweet salty combo but didn’t really wow me.

    Makgeoli OG Honeycomb (500k) 2/10
    Skip this. Legit couldn’t taste any alcohol.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Sushi Toku [ Senopati, Jepang ]

    Sushi Toku

    Sushi Toku
    Super into their interior and zen ambiance, however foods were just okay for me.

    Sashimi Kai (350k) 8/10
    Thick slices of sashimis, all very fresh. Include salmon, toro, maguro, hirame, and maguro.

    Salmon Island (55k) 7.5/10
    Hard to eat, the fillings kinda got everywhere. Tastewise, pretty good with salmon, chuka wakame, tomato, and garlic cream.

    Sukiyaki US Short Rib (170k) 6/10
    The sukiyaki was a bit one note and tasted mostly sweet. I’ve had better elsewhere. Beef was okay.

    Antama Kanpachi Shio (450k) 5/10
    Just like normal grilled fish. Portion was super big but flavour was just not there.

    Wakame Salad (55k) 5/10
    Decent salad to get some greens. For some reason it was really salty.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.2  
    Javanegra Gourmet Atelier [ Gandaria, Spanyol ]


    Been wanting to try Javanegra for a while and was really happy that they exceeded my expectations, will be back for their jamon and steak.

    Jamon Iberico Bellota (550k) 9/10
    Best iberico in town, sweet and salty, went well together with the fresh tomato on the bread. Would have loved more of the garlic tomato bruschetta though.

    Wagyu Ribeye Futari MB9+ (1.845k for 410g) 9.5/10
    The only place I found in Jakarta that is willing to serve blue steak (extra rare steak). Definitely one of the most high quality meat you can get in Jakarta, super juicy and melts in your mouth. Requires no seasonings but gotta say their chimichurri sauce was amazing.

    Black Ink Paella 1/2 (600k) 7/10
    Extremely flavorful with strong seafood punch. Generous amount of seafood on top as well (the crunchy calamari was very good). Sadly it was too wet for my taste with no soccarat despite specifically requesting for it.

    King Cobia Fish (250k) 5/10
    The most ‘average’ out of the bunch. Fish and clams were fresh yet lacked flavour (even with the pesto sauce).

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.0  
    GAEL [ Senopati, Italia ]

    Deep Dish Pizza

    Pizza Dough
    As someone who is not a fan of pizza in general, I was curious to see how I’ll like a deep dish one. Surprisingly it was a pretty pleasant experience, felt like I was eating a pie vs pizza. I certainly approve the cheese to bread ratio👍🏻. Mozzarella was super stretchy and milky! Would recommend Gael for those of you interested in trying different type of pizza.

    Chef’s Recommendation (175k) 7.5/10
    If the deep dish concept isn’t enough to turn off the Italians, might as well add pineapple to the pizza🤣. Generous amount of cheese, marinara, olives, and sausages as well. The pineapple worked as the sweetness complemented the savouriness of the sausage and the cheese.

    Vegetariana (155k) 6.5/10
    This was loaded with veggies such as zucchini and bell pepper. I think the veggies were a bit too watery but nothing a slathering of cheese cannot fix. Definitely lighter vs the Chef’s Recommendation.

    Truffle Crispy Eggs (80k) 7.5/10
    Strong truffle scent and crispy eggs make for pretty good appetiser. The sauce was extra good eaten with the bread as well. The lettuce, tomato, and onion also help cut through the richness and add an element of freshness.

    Go Bananas For You (58k) 7/10
    The best out of everything we got. The banana really help thicken the drink and mix well with caramel and biscoff.

    You Complete Me (48k) 5/10
    Despite supposedly being an oreo milkshake, this tasted like vanilla milk. Not a fan of how watery it was either.

    Don’t be a Classic (48k) 4/10
    Taste like fast food’s soft serve in liquid form. Just get a macflurry instead.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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