Momozen  [ Jepang ]
4.45 24 review
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[ Jepang ]
4.45 24 review
Harga : rasa

Altitude The Plaza, Lantai 46
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30, Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

Tidak Buka Lagi 021 29922246

021 29922246

Tidak Buka Lagi Senin - Minggu (12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00)

Di atas Rp. 200.000 /orang

Momozen [ Thamrin ]

  • Tutup
  • Tipe KulinerJepang
  • Jam Buka
    Tidak Buka Lagi
  • Stasiun MRT/LRT Terdekat Dukuh Atas - Keluar E
    duration 13 menit

    Bundaran HI - Keluar B
    duration 3 menit

  • PembayaranTunai, Visa, Master, Debet


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Review dari pengunjung untuk Momozen

Foto Profil auroradiary19

Alfa 2020

419 Review

Level 13

Steak Chinese Food BBQ Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Master of Truffle ❤️

Here I am, for the fourth times because I love truffle somuch. If you think it’s expensive, yes it is but I gonna tell you that it’s WORTH IT! It’s truffle, uni, caviar and even angel hair. From the ingredients - cooking preparations - sauce - services and how they elevate the combination flavors — they totally deserve it! Again, momozen never failed me in terms of truffle! (sorry for the long posting) 

First of all, my appetizer goes to:
1. ANGEL EGG “VERSION 2” (65K) - foie gras mousse, truffle pudding, wakegi (Japanese scallion/onion). What a great appetizer! The mousse is really smooth and melt into my mouth. The truffle pudding is genius and unique. Great presentation as well! (10/10)

2. TRUFFLE SOMEN WITH CAVIAR (95K) - Chilled japanese somen, dashi infused black truffle, truffle kombu, caviar, 24K Gold: The taste was incredible, they cooked that somen perfectly and served it beautifully with a little touch of caviar and 24k gold on top! (9/10)

3. FOIE GRAS GYOZA (120K) - foie gras, shiitake duxelle, yuzu ponzu. A good dish but compare with other tapas, gonna say it’s the simple one, not that massive combination flavor I imagine before (7/10) 

4. TORO PIZZA (165K) - Chopped toro, crispy dough, caviar, garlic cream, micro herbs. This is my number 2 best toro pizza I ever eat — super thin and crispy. How could I resist the combination of tuna and caviar in one mouthful lol !? I ordered it twice btw, because it’s that good!! (9/10)

Second, the amazing main course:
5. EBI JAGA (155K) - jumbo tiger prawn, crispy jagaimo potato ring, mango chili. I’m sceptical at first that it gonna be a small portion like other dish but I’m wrong. Super jumbo & crunchy crispy prawn served in a plate. It’s great by eating itself with or without sauce. But that mango chili really gives extra kick and I love that sauce somuch. Really fresh and tangy, suits really well with the ebi! (10/10)

6. UNI UNI PASTA (195K) - spaghetti, uni cream, crispy black uni cracker, shrimp wonton. This is totally different from any uni I ever taste. They elevate the uni cream into something great! Super delicious and heavenly uni! And I thought the perfect unique combination gonna be that shrimp wonton with uni cream (10/10)

7. MISO SALMON (260K) - ocean salmon, caviar, baked onion, dill cream, shiro miso. OMG that 4 little ocean salmon is incredibly delicious. And I should appreciate the process of making that shiro miso and dill cream which is mind blowing (10/10)

35 degree 

8. ATLANTIC SALMON (240K) - peas ecrase truffle dressings, crispy salmon skin, sauce Vin Blanc. Still great but with that kind of other dish I eat, this one would be my least favorite haha.. I didn’t think that peas and truffle is a perfect combination. But that vin blanc sauce is super fit with the salmon. And I should admit that their salmon skin is superb crisp and great! (8/10)

9. ‘BEST’ TRUFFLE DONABE GOHAN - Momozen signature fresh truffle rice (380K): Can’t explain how delicious it is! That truffle is massive, the Japanese chef shredded lots of truffle into that cooked rice in claypot and it’s really satisfying just by seeing it. And the taste - umami, crazily delicous and superb ‘truffly’. One word - PERFECT!!! Btw it’s vegetarian approved :) (10/10)

10. I ordered 2 mocktails: LES FLOTS (55K) MOCKTAIL (fresh lemon, blue curacao, mint monin, grenadine monin, sprite) and BLUE LAGOON (55K) MOCKTAIL (mojito monin, lechy monin, blue lagon, fresh lemon, sprite). There are two similarities - beautiful presentation and taste great! Both have similar elements and refreshing as well. If you like more sweet they go for blue lagoon. (9/10)

And when it comes to the end, I’m totally full but I’m curious about their dessert (as the appetizer and main taste incredibly amazing).

So, I choose YUZU CREME BRULEE (65K) - creamy yuzu custard, caramelised pineapple, ricotta and ohba leaf ice cream. With all that truflly taste in my mouth, I just want something more refreshing and sour - omg it’s a wise and perfect decision. Everything in this plate is amazing and suits my palate well! (10/10)

And I’m gonna admit that their services are amazing! They did the surprise part very well and they change our plate everytime we finish one dish and the other dish come (so I ordered 9 dishes and they change our plate 8 times). The christmas tree is great as well, christmas vibes oh yasss absolutely!! One of the best fine dining restaurant with perfect food and services! 

Menu yang dipesan: Foie Gras Gyoza, toro pizza, 35 Degree Atlantic Salmon, Angel Egg Version 2, Blue Lagoon Mocktail, ebi jaga, Les Flots, truffle somen with caviar, ?BEST? Truffle Donabe Gohan, Yuzu Creme Brulee, Uni Uni Pasta, Miso salmon

Tanggal kunjungan: 20 Desember 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil Marisa @marisa_stephanie

Alfa 2022

1038 Review

Level 17

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Seafood BBQ Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


all hail truffle

I love truflle, for me anykind of food with truffle will turns out to be amazing. That is why this place is the correct place for me to dine and enjoy various kind of dishes with truffle. 

Momozen located in the plaza office tower level 46 with amazing night view that u don't want to miss. a perfect place for a special occasion with your family or friends or even special ones. 

here are some menu that I tried and I love there : 

1. sweet corn from hokkaido, oh yes this corn is special because they imported the corn directly from Hokkaido and they put truffle oil I guess because I could smell the heavenly aroma of truffle and the taste was so good! 

2. Truffle somen with caviar

the portion is quite small , oh well this is a semi fine dining restaurant so no wonder. the tast was amazing, with truffle, caviar and a little touch of gold on the top. Fancy and Yummy

It was gone in 1 hap and I can still remember how good the taste until now. 

3. toro pizza

this is not just an ordinary pizza, the bottom layer was so thin and crispy with tuna on the top, not fishy at all 

4. Master Kobe Shioagama Beef comes with several condiments that created different taste , among the selections, I prefer to use the one with truffle oil. but it was good without any condiment, so juicy and tender. but unfortunatelly there was a piece that a little bit has too strong smell of beef 

5. baby chic truffle rice

there is a special offer for this menu, basically it was a whole baby chicken with truffle rice in the center. the moisture of the chicken was matched with my preference , also the taste. it was quite tasty and matched with the truffle rice. the time to serve this menu is a little bit long like approx 35 mins. so if you are about to dine here with the whole family you better order in advance when you do a reservation.

it was trully an amazing experience for me, and totally wanna come back for sure.

Tanggal kunjungan: 30 September 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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1 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil Marisa Aryani

Alfa 2020

1005 Review

Level 15

Steak Ramen Seafood BBQ Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


Momozen "House Of Truffle"

This is a gem! Ialah Momozen, restoran yang berlokasi di The Plaza 46th Floor ini memiliki konsep luxury Japanese Food yang menyenangkan di tengah kota Jakarta. Mengemban tema House Of Truffle berikut ulasan singkat mengenai menu signature di sana.

- Sweet Corn

Mula-mula saya disuguhkan Sweet Corn di menu makanan pembuka yang langsung didatangkan dari Hokkaido. Agar menambah cita rasa, Hokkaido Corn tersebut dipadukan dengan soyu truffle and sea salt. Mamamia!

- Truffle Somen with Caviar

Masih di kategori appetizer, datang olahan menu Somen yakni salah satu jenis mie asal Jepang yang disarankan untuk disantap dalam keadaan dingin. Momozen sendiri menghias menu Somen ini dengan sangat baik, ditambah black truffle serta caviar.

- Ebi Jaga

Masuk ke menu seafood, ada Ebi Jaga yang dihidangkan cukup atraktif di atas meja. Berisi tiger prawn, crispy potato, dan disajikan dengan Mango Chilli sauce yang rasanya unik.

- Toro Pizza

Seolah tak ingin berhenti, ada Toro Pizza atau Tuna yang menggunakan crispy dough sebagai based dan lagi-lagi caviar sebagai ornamen yang memesona. That’s my favourite tho.

- Wagyu Taco Slide

Bagi pecinta daging berkelas, kamu harus coba Wagyu Taco Slide yaitu potongan daging Wagyu Hamburg sebagai patty yang dikombinasikan apik dengan coriander salsa, and of course truffle mayonnaise sebagai pemikat. I highly recommend this!

- Miso Salmon

Tak lengkap rasanya, datang ke restoran Jepang tidak mencicipi menu olahan Salmon. Tak lama, Miso Salmon pun menjadi sajian berikutnya. Ialah Ocean Salmon dengan siraman shiro miso dan tak luput dari caviar menjadi satu kesatuan yang memesona.

- Baby Chic Truffle Rice

Dan ini dia primadona malam itu, Baby Chic Truffle Rice yang menggunakan daging baby chicken dan disajikan dengan truffle butter rice. Untuk menikmati menu andalan ini, kamu harus menunggu selama 40 menit karena semua elemennya disajikan fresh. Saran saya, lakukan reservasi sebelumnya ya.

Really enjoyed this Japanese food treat. Flavors were distinctive even as I'm writing this post. Seriously! Can’t wait to go back soon.

Tanggal kunjungan: 15 September 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil Mitha Komala

Alfa 2020

1767 Review

Level 19

Steak Ramen Chinese Food Dimsum Seafood BBQ Pancake Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Burger Dessert Bubble Tea


One of the BEST Japanese dining in town ❤️

One of the BEST Japanese dining in town ❤️
First of all, you will fall in love with the view from the 46th floor of The Plaza.

Said to be one of the best places in Jakarta to serve truffle dishes, here are my menu recommendations in Momozen:

Truffle Somen with Caviar
- Gotta be the most amazing tapas! Love the smooth texture of the truffle-infused somen, top of with truffle kombu, caviar and dash of 24k gold. Perfecto.

Toro Pizza
- Crispy dough with chopped toro, super delish garlic cream beneath with caviar on top 😍

Wagyu Tacoslider
- Love the truffle mayo! 🤤
Goes well with the wagyu patty and salsa.

Sakura Miso Cod
- Gotta love these 4 bite sized cod fish — their miso cashew sauce is mind blowing.

Ebi Jaga
- Jumbo (super) crispy prawns with crispy potato ring and yummy mango chili dipping 😋

Master Kobe Shiogama Beef
- Salt crusted chuck roll beefs that comes with 6 different Japanese condiments — my favorite gotta be the truffle sauce & garlic butter.

Baby Chic Truffle Rice
The truffle crack rice is truly the star. Total dish is made within 30 mins (for the rice) & 40 mins (for the chicken), the taste truly explains why it takes a while to make. Chicken is very tender and juicy. Rice is unexplainable, you can eat them alone and still feels great!

All of the dishes in Momozen are not pre-made, they are made fresh from scratch once order kicks in.
Love all of the friendly and knowledgeable waiters and waitresses that come in handy & quick.

I will definitely come back for more greatness ❤️

Menu yang dipesan: sakura miso cod, ebi jaga, truffle somen with caviar, wagyu tacoslider, baby chic truffle rice, toro pizza, master kobe shiogama beef

Tanggal kunjungan: 13 September 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil @Itsjusterr

Alfa 2020

645 Review

Level 14

Kopi Pasta Sushi Dessert Bubble Tea


Best truffle in town

Just couldnt move on from last Night dinner..

One of the Best japanese dinding with Nice view, service Was Great and helpfully.

Here some of the menu, you gotta try when u came here :
- Hokkaido sweet corn, even its just a corn, but taste super sweet and fresh.

- tuffle somen with caviar, one of the menu you should try here,, super love the soft texture and smell was so good..

-toro pizza, crispy dough love the fresh dish, and some garlic make it so nice.

- Ebi jaga, I think this is my favorite here., since I like prawn so much, texture so crispy and the sauce abit spicy n sour. Perfect combination 😍

- wagyu tasco slider, those who like tacos can try this one, meat super tender with truffle mayo.

- sakura miso cod, the sauce kinda sweet and salty..

- master kobe shiogama beef, super love the beef, super tender with 6 sauce differently. There are sea salt, garlic butter, wasabi, mustard, truffle sauce.

Last one.. and the special one..
It’s take like half hours to make the juicy rice and almost - hours to cooked the chicken, that’s how make this dish super delicious, as you know they have a promotion from 300k+ became 200k+
If you like to try, make sure to make a reservation first so they can prepared it for you.

Absolutely will come back soon. 😍

Menu yang dipesan: toro pizza, wagyu tacos slider, Sweet corn, master cobe shiogama beef, ebi jaga, tuffle somen with caviR, baby chic truffle rice, sakura miso cod

Tanggal kunjungan: 13 September 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil ruth audrey

82 Review

Level 8



Worthy of a japanese fine dining

Follow my ig: @pinkpesco

An exquisite japanese fine-dining at 46th floor of The Plaza with delectable dishes👌 The city light view makes it perfect for a date night, anniversary, or celebration with your loved one(s). Make sure to spare some time if you are planning to go here bcs you know, traffic.. Ofc they only use high-quality produce, most of them are directly-flown from Japan too. Service was wonderful too.

Among all their menu set, I'd say my top 3 favorites were:
1. Truffle donabe gohan (395k)
A very tasty truffle rice cooked freshly made by order in a claypot. Love this one!

2. Master Kobe Shioagama Beef (490k)
It was cooked perfectly. Nice and tender beef, served with various Japanese condiments.

3. Toro Pizza (165k)
Somehow refreshing for me. Fresh tuna and cream with crispy dough below. Sounds good right?

Tanggal kunjungan: 12 September 2019
Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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Foto Profil Windy  Anastasia

Alfa 2018

450 Review

Level 13

BBQ Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Sushi Dessert Bubble Tea


Pricey but worth it

Cobain momozen karna lagi pengen ngemil2. Eh akhirnya kekenyangan.
Us sushi yang enak and well seasoned banget. Pricey sih, tapi enak banget. Dagingnya melt in your mouth.
Toro pizza yang juga enak banget and truffle nya kerasa. Enak karna dilengkapi daun wangi yang bikin sensasi makannya jadi beda.
Somen dinginnya itu lho yang beda. Super enak dan dingin.
Pelayanannya super baik juga

Tanggal kunjungan: 22 April 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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Foto Profil Edwin Lim (IG : @edwinlim_97)

Alfa 2019

118 Review

Level 9



A heaven for the truffle lovers

Located at Altitude at the plaza 46th floor, this restaurant shares the same space as Shabu Shabu Gen. They serve a crossover between french and japanese cuisine, and I also heard that this is the place for the truffle lovers because most of its menu containts truffle in it. I ordered 4 appetizer which consist of Yuba Frog, Angel Egg v2, Truffle soumen with caviar, and miso foie gras. To be honest this is my first time trying the fancy stuffs like caviar, truffle, and foie gras. Most of them taste ok for me, except the foie gras. I dont know maybe the flavor doesnt suit my tastebud so for me it's a nah . And the most delicious one was the yuba frog. It was crunchy on the outside while it was soft on the inside and the flavour is just wow for me. Maybe I will come back later to try their main course since I didnt ordered the main course after all

Menu yang dipesan: Yuba Frog, truffle soumen with caviar, miso foie gras, angel egg v2

Tanggal kunjungan: 27 Februari 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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2 pembaca berterima kasih.

Foto Profil ivanlapar

12 Review

Level 3

No Badge


The best place for enjoy your time

Tempat yg plg enak untuk ngbrol sm temen” ngumpul bareng kluarga ya d sini tempatnya. tempat yg super tenang dan nyaman untuk lu spending waktu lu lama d sini, walopun susah signal tp d sini bikin lu ga pegang hp lg jd waktu lu d sini untuk mkn sm kluarga ato tmen”

Nah menu kali ini yg kt berdua makan yaitu nasi nih di dlm hotpot gtu dengan topping truffle dan wagyu beef rasa surga mana lagi yg kau bs ungkiri. one of the best menu in here

Tanggal kunjungan: 26 Januari 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
Makasih Infonya!

Foto Profil Makankalap

Alfa 2018

213 Review

Level 11

Kopi Bakmi Dessert


High quality Japanese Fusion

Katsu Hokkaido Hotate with Wagyu Beef lunch set dari @momozenid ini sangat cocok di nikmati untuk siang2, selain karena ga terlalu heavy, juga saladnya dan cawan mushi nya sangat menyegarkan.

Katsunya juga sangat lembut dan tasty.

Menu yang dipesan: Katsu Hokkaido Hotate with Wagyu Beef

Tanggal kunjungan: 01 Januari 2018
Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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