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  • 5.0  
    Pisang Goreng Madu Bu Nanik [ Tanjung Duren, Indonesia ]

    Pisang goreng terbaik di Jakarta

    Gaada kata lain yg bisa menggambarkan pisang goreng madu ini selain perfection ❤❤ Rasanya bener2 enak banget, baik pas makan di tempatnya maupun dibawa pulang. Tetep garing di luar dan lembut di dalam. Suka banget sama kombinasi pisang dan madu yg digoreng ini. Pisang yg dipake pun manis dan matengnya pas banget. Nanas goreng mereka jg enak banget lohh guys, menyegarkann 😄😄

    Menu yang dipesan: Pisang goreng madu

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 5.0  
    Akira Back Indonesia [ Setiabudi, Jepang ]

    Amazing fine dining experience

    Finally tried this restaurant after listening to countless people saying how great the ambiance is and how consistantly amazing the food is.

    The restaurant was dark and calming, as you can see the light coming from the streets of Jakarta from the 12th floor of the the MD Place Penthouse. The decor is pretty simple yet luxurious. Perfect for almost every  date night to business dinner.

    The service was excellent. All of the staffs were prompt and attentive, as expected from award winning restaurant.

    1. Appetizers :

    Tuna Pizza

    This signature appetizer of Akira Back was simply amazing. The thin and pizza crust was the perfect vessel to slices of raw tuna and the microgreens. Addition of truffle oil elevates the dish further. A must order.
    Eringi Pizza

    A personal favorite of mine. The vegetarian version of the pizza was using umami mushrooms. I can't really explain the combination of flavor as you need to experience it for yourself. I personally couldn't stop eating this dish.
    AB Tacos

    Wagyu Kalbi with spicy tomato ponzu inside crunchy taco skin were the food combination that I never knew I needed in my life. The beef were succulent and the spices were pefect.
    Popcorn Shrimp

    The sauce that coated the fresh bite-size fried shrimp was excellent. The spiciness, sweetness and sourness of the sauce was really unique and balanced.
    Crispy Rice

    The crispy rice was a bit tangy. Perfect to be combined with the peppery cajun tuna, spicy ponzu aioli, and nori paste. The flavors exploded in my mouth (in a good way). Spices/chili-lover must order.
    2. Mains:


    Their 600 grams USDA Prime steak with coffee crust and Korean Black Garlic bordelaise served with parmesan grilled baby corn could be considered expensive, but I can assure you that it's worth the price. The steak was cooked to perfection, and the seasonings was to die for. The charred corn made a perfect pair with the steak.
    Perfect Storm

    Another excellent main dish. This sushi roll had everything, from shrimp, salmon belly, to tuna. The sauce was a bit spicy. It's delicious.
    Jidori Chicken

    Not what you expected when you think about a chicken dish. Normally, chicken meat could be a bit tough, rubbery, and fiber-y. However, this chicken was incredibly moist and tender. I was quite blown away when I tasted this dish. The sweet and salty teriyaki sauce and truffled potato puree tied the dish together.
    Wagyu Fried Rice

    Never had fried rice this flavorful before. It is very different from the dry-fried-rice that you normally get. They are using good quality rice, cubed veggies such as carrots and cucumbers, and most importantly, wagyu. To spice it up, you can eat them with provided bird's eye chili.
    Brother from Another Mother

    This roll consisted of anago and unagi. Both of the fishes provide succulent texture and unique taste to the sushi. The sauce used was sweet.
    3. Desserts:

    Yuzu Granita

    This dessert is incredibly fresh due to the sour taste of yuzu shaved ice and popping bubble. The coconut foam provided the needed sweetness to the dish. Writing this review makes me crave the dessert even more. Another must order.
    Malibu Ganache

    A delicious ending. Initially, this dessert tasted sweet from the outer white chocolate casing. Then my mouth was covered with rich coconut and slightly bitter flavor from Malibu liquor.
    To sum it up shortly : Undoubtedly an excellent dining experience.

    Menu yang dipesan: Jidori Chicken, Tuna Pizza, Eringi Pizza, Popcorn Shrimp, Crispy Rice, perfect storm, brother from another mother, AB Tacos, Porterhouse, Yuzu Granita, Malibu Ganache, wagyu fried rice

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 5.0  
    Khao Khao [ Slipi, Thailand ]

    A new concept of Thai dining

    Follow our IG : @bellyculinary
    Biasanya kalo makan Thai food itu harus ngumpulin banyak org biar bs nyicip bnyk jenis makanan, soalnya gede banget porsinya. Agak beda yaa dgn Khao Khao yg nyediain makanan Thai dgn porsi single. Resto ini jg nyediain banyak minuman dan snack yg bs dcomot rame2, jd bs nongkrong agak lamaan di tptnya yg cozy. Khao Khao ini satu grup dgn Tom Tom, jadi jenis, keautentikan & mutu makanannya oke punya! Aku cobain :
    1. Yam Mamuang (Mango Salad)

    Asem, pedes, dan wangi bawangnya mantep banget. Ga nanggung2 rasanya! Suka banget makan yg seger2 buat appetizer, dan ini beneran bikin aku siap menyantap makanan selanjutnya. I would love for the mangoes to be cut a bit thinner, though.
    2. Kai Ho Bay Teai (Pandan Chicken)

    Ini enak gituu, bumbu kecapnya juara dan wangi pandannya berasa bgt. Our favorite appetizer
    3. KhaoKhao Popcorn Chicken

    Ini tuh popcorn chicken dengan potongan bawang goreng dan kemangi yg digoreng garing. Ini juga enak parahh, cocok buat makan rame2 sambil ngobrol. Apalagi kalo ditemenin Thai Tea-nya
    4. Neah Yang (Thai BBQ Beef)

    Potongan daging sapi BBQ ala Thai ini rasanya manis asin gimana gitu. Dimakannya pake nasi, saos Thai, dan sayur2an. Dagingnya cukup flavorful, tapi buatku agak keasinan buat digadoin.
    5. Kwetiaw Nam

    Our favorite main course! Ini tuh kwetiau ala thai yg agak pendek2, kenyal, dan tipis yg disajiin sama green curry ala Thai dan chicken. Porsinya cukup besar, creaminess currynya pas banget jadi ga eneg. Selain daging ayam, kamu bs nemuin sayur2an spt tauge dan terung bulat di sini. Enakss de pokoknya!
    Pastinya tempat ini jadi pilihanku buat hang out bareng temen2 dan makan siang selama lunch break kantor. Soalnya harganya cukup ok, porsinya pas, dan tempatnya dbikin centered gitu, jadi asik buat ngumpul.

    Menu yang dipesan: yam mamuang, Kwetiaw Nam, khakhao popcorn chicken, neah yang, Kai Ho Bay Teai

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 5.0  
    D' Bollywood [ Kuningan, India ]

    Lovely Indian food that suit Indonesian tongue

    Finally!! A decent Indian food in the heart of Jakarta. D'Bollywood is located in the 1st floor of Plaza Festival, Kuningan. Overall I had a nice experience here, as the owner was super nice in explaining all of the food and how all of them were supposed to be enjoyed, the food was surprisingly super delicious & the pretty cozy ambiance.

    The place has indoor & outdoor space for the guests to enjoy their dishes. Love the fact that they have live music & slightly dark decor to make the mood even more cozy.

    Tried lots of their food, which were all made using imported Indian spices, but surprisingly did not taste that foreign in my mouth. All of the dishes were harmonious & super delicious! My favorite dish was their mutton biryani! A must order for sure

    - cocktail samosa
    Indian signature fried dumplings filled with potatoes, peas, and spices. The skin was very crispy, combined with delicious soft and large amount of filling and slightly sweet sauce. A nice appetizer.

    - murg lehsunia pizza
    This fusion between Indian curried chicken & Italian pizza filled with cheese, bell peppers & onions was really delicious. The pizza has a thin crust & the seasoning on the chicken perfectly balances the creaminess of the cheese.

    - mutton seekh kebab
    This is minced lamb that has been compressed to a cylindrical shape. This dish is seasoned with unique spices, and grilled in front of us. Best eaten with their signature mint sauce.

    - tandoori chicken
    The whole chicken was cut into parts&rubbed with their special seasoning & grilled until it was really juicy. My favorite protein on the table.

    - butter chicken
    This butter chicken would be perfect to be eaten with their garlic naan or lacha paratha. It tasted buttery, and slightly sour from the tomatoes that they used. The chicken was so tender.

    - mutton curry
    In lovee with their curry! It was rich & so flavorful. They said that they did not use any cream to make the curry, but it was so creamy. Their lamb did not have any unpleasant smell or aftertaste in my opinion. Just so delicious when eaten with their paratha & naan

    - lacha paratha
    This is wheat flat bread . It is traditionally consumed by ripping apart the paratha and using them as the spoon to scoop up the curry. This type of paratha is slightly hard compared to the naan.

    - garlic naan
    Love this naan! It was slightly garlicky & the texture was softer & easier to be ripped compared to the paratha.

    - mutton biryani
    My favorite dish of the day! This lamb "fried rice" was seasoned to perfection & made using biryani a.k.a. Long grained rice. The so called fried rice was not even fried yet the texture was dry and it tasted really flavorful, somewhat smoky from the spice they used to season the dish. Perfectly paired with the lamb. A must order!!

    - gulab jamun with ice cream
    The owner warned us that Indians love their sugar. And he was correct, this compressed condensed milk dessert was super duper sweet, much sweeter than the ice cream that was paired with this dish. I have ever had Gulab jamun before, and D'Bollywood version was better (read : less sweet) If you were curious with Indian dessert, this is a good introduction.

    The service was decent. I was incredibly impressed by the politeness and attentiveness of the owner in explaining all of the menu, how to eat them and so on. I could tell that he really care about the food they were serving.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 5.0  
    Sapori Deli - Fairmont Jakarta [ Senayan, Kafe ]

    Delicious tropical cake

    Recently tried Tropical Cake Collection from Sapori Deli Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. I tried their Mango Crush Cake. It consists of milk chocolate marbled glaze & chocolate outer shell, crunchy pie-like layer, some sort of chocolate moose, moist cake, and mango cream. I really like the combination of sweet mango and milk chocolate. It was really creamy & delicious. Probably one of the most unique combination that I have tried in a cake. The size is quite small, but I can tell that they are using premium ingredients for the cake.

    Menu yang dipesan: mango crush cake

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.8  
    McDonald's [ Karawaci ]


    Trying this newly hyped Banana Ice Cone by @mcdonaldsid 😋😋😋. Ini es krim vanilla cone mcd yang dilapisi banana flavored chocolate. Rasa pisangnya cukup terasa dan ga terlalu manis. I love it !! 👍🏻

    Menu yang dipesan: Banana Ice Cream Cone

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.8  
    Union [ Pantai Indah Kapuk, Barat ]

    Uber sweet delicacies

    Ube Velvet Cake 
    Ube Velvet Cake yg sempet trending ini rasanya cukup manis, ubenya sendiri ga terlalu berasa. Jadi kalo makan ini rasanya manis aja gitu dengan sedikit hint of coconut. Tapi buat kamu yang suka coconut cream pasti suka ini deh!

    Red Velvet Pie 
    Ini dessert yang biasa ak pesen kalo lagi ke Union! Meskipun kata orang sedikit kemanisan, menurutku kalo dimakan sama crumblenya yang buttery dan agak asin tuh oke banget!! Aku lebih suka ini dibandingkan dgn cakenya, soalnya teksturnya lebih crispy gituu deh 

    Overall suasana dan service dari resto ini sangat oke (meskipun cuma dikasih duduk 1.5 jam). Next time harus coba menu savorynya deh!

    Menu yang dipesan: red velvet pie, Ube Velvet Cake

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.8  
    Wingstop [ Puri, Barat ]

    Best chicken wings, like, ever!!

    One of the best fried chicken outlets in Jakarta. Chicken wings terfavoritku, Louisiana Rub Crunchy Chicken Wings dan Boneless Wings, bisa didapetin disini. Rasanya super nendang, bumbunya tuh bumbu yg kering gitu. Jadi berasa garingnya si kulit dan juicynya si ayam. Suka banget kesini bareng temen2 tiap hari Rabu, jadi bisa nikmatin promo buy 5 crunchy wings get 5 boneless wings. Kalo bisa semuanya rasa louisiana rub deh!! Tapi rasa garlic parmesan, cajun spice, dan lemon peppernya juga enakk banget sih 😋😋 tempatnya jg nyaman, banyak seats. Tersedia jg tpt cuci tangan dan TV spy ga bosen nunggu.

    Menu yang dipesan: Louisiana Rub Crunchy Wings, Louisiana Rub Boneless Wings

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.8  
    Mother Monster [ Thamrin, Barat ]

    Excellent brunch with unique decor

    Enjoyed a quick brunch at Mother Monster last weekend. I came here with zero expectation and leave with a full stomach and lots of words to say about this restaurant. First of all, they have 3 separate rooms, one with drink and cake stations that can be seen when you are walking inside the mall. Mother Monster'second room has unique pink walls, larger tables, and huge bar/liquor station. Instagrammable indeed. Lastly, the outdoor area. The rooms had different characters that are suitable for different occasions. Anyway, the food here are AMAZING!! Here are the brunch menu that I tried :
    1. Brisket and Eggs

    I really enjoyed the cook and seasonings on the brisket. It was hearty and I love it. Their mashed potatoes are incredibly soft and creamy. The eggs gave a nice richness to the dish. Portion wise, it's huuge!
    2. Salmon Scrambled Eggs

    Hands down best Truffle Scrambled Eggs that I have ever tried in my life. Couldn't stop eating them. The eggs are moist and velvety, and the flavor of truffle were spot on. I can imagine myself coming back to this restaurant  every week just to enjoy this menu. Their salmon was cooked to perfection, and paired beautifully with microgreens. A must order!
    3. Monster Double Decker

    Huge burger with two beef patties, caramelized onions, cheese slice, veggies, and their special sauce. The burger was served along with crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, potato wedges. It was not their brunch menu, but this burger was one of Mother Monster's best sellers. I really like their burger as well, though I personally thought that the onions were slightly bitter. Their potatoes though, absolute perfection!!
    4. Varlhona Chocolate French Toast

    What's not to love about french toast, chocolate, and ice cream?? This french toast for me tasted more like a dessert than a filling brunch menu. I'm not complaining, though. This dish was perfect as it's own. Combination of bitter chocolate with sweet french toast and syrup was lovely.
    5. Amer Cake

    This cake had a unique ingredient, which is Indonesia's most beloved sweet wine, Anggur Merah. It was made into a jelly that was placed in between layers of super soft whipped cream and moist cake. The taste was very-amer-like. It was awesome!

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.8  
    Roemah Rempah [ Senayan, Indonesia ]

    Yummy Indonesian Foods !

    Indonesian Restaurant at Plaza Senayan
    1. Kambing Guling
    Ini kambingnya super tender dan ga bau sama sekali. Bahkan temen aku yang ga suka kambing jadi makan terus. Bumbunya juga meresap sampai ke dalam, makin nikmat jika dinikmati dengan sambal kecapnya. Yum !!

    2. Nasi Bali Udang
    Nasinya bakarny sedikit terlalu padat (jadi seperti lontong), sate lilitnya juga agak alot. Tapi dari segi rasa ini enak dan tasty. Perlu perbaikan sedikit dari segi tekstur

    3. Ribeye Steak Bumbu Pallarica
    Ini menu terbaru mereka dan ini juga tender banget, it’s like melting in your mouth !! Disajikan dengan saus Pallarica yang menurut aku mirip saus gulai/curry. Super rich and tasty !!

    4. Kerang Saus Pedas Kemangi
    Nah ini juga juara. Rasa kemanginya dapet banget, pedasnya juga cukup menggoyang lidah. Dan kerangnya juga ga berpasir. Sedikit manis dan gurih. Harus dicoba

    5. Wraps Bumbu Rujak
    Ini kayak kebab dan isinya ada berbagai macam Sayur. Cocok buat appetizer karena fresh dan tidak teralu berat. Apalagi dengan Indonesian twist yaitu bumbu rujak, it’s surprisingly good !

    6. Asinan Buah Bogor
    Ini juga menu baru mereka, yang manis asin asemnya itu well balance. Segar juga loh !

    Ambience : tempatnya cozy, sedikit remang, jadi menurut aku feel nya langsung relax gt. Cocok banget untuk hang out setelah lelah seharian berutinitas. Ga bakal bosen berlama lama disini

    Service : super ramah, cepat, dan yang paling penting, selalu tersenyum. Two thumbs up untuk excellence service nya

    Menu yang dipesan: ribeye steak bumbu pallarica, wraps bumbu rujak, nasi bali udang, Kambing Guling, kerang saus pedas kemangi, asinan buah bogor

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!