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  • 4.8  
    Union [ Slipi, Barat ]

    All time favorite red velvet!

    Yang ditunggu-tunggu akhkrnya buka juga di CP! Yes, jadi kalo ngidam red velvet nya gak perlu jauh-jauh lagii! Lokasinya di Tribeca, ada outdoor dan indoor. Tempatnya cukup luas dengan dominan warna putih dan kaca di bagian luarnya. Kece banget deh pokoknya.
    Dateng kesini pas masih ada promo disc 20% for all pastry and cake. Disini ada beberapa menu pastry ekslusif yang emang cuma ada di CP.
    Service nya excellent as always.
    Pesan classic red velvet cake nya karena emang udah lama banget pengen ini 😆
    Harganya after disc+tax service jadi sekitar 67k.
    Rasanya emang gak pernah berubah, selalu enak dan ngangenin. Rhum di dalam cake nya yang emang bikin makin enakkk.
    Definitely will back for more! Penasaran sama durian cake nya 😆

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.8  
    Mr. Fox [ SCBD, Barat ]

    Mr Fox really loves all of us with the food

    Had spent an awesome night at Mr. Fox with friends last Monday. Mr Fox is located at Ground Floor of Energy Building. You can find this place easily as you enter the main lobby. Not so spacious, but they have mezzanine. Really love the ambience that Mr Fox offers  here, warm yet live ambience.  Eventhough the area between smoking and non smoking are not well separated, but i didnt feel disturbed at all with the smoke.
    Such a great place for a date, hangout or chillin after office. Service was also great, like what Ismaya group always do to their customer

    Chicken Karaage
    The yuzu mayo was good for me, the karaage was tasty and juicy.

    Mushroom Tofu Soup
    In love with their homemade tofu. It was really soft. The soup was really comforting.

    Chicken Larb Salad
    This chicken salad was so refreshing as they used lime chilli dressing. The portion was really generous, the minced chicken was so tasty and well-cooked. Me likey!

    Steak Frites
    A-medium-australian-wagyu rib eye with kombu blackpepper sauce. In medium doneness, the steak was really perfect, it was so juicy and tasty. Dont forget the sauce, so yummy! I am not really into blackpepper sauce but this was an exception.

    Black Angus Cheeseburger
    When a dish could shut my mouth and keep me enjoy the food without complaining, I would definitely recommend that food to all of you! Yes, i am really in love with this burger.
    From the beef patty, it was really tasty and juicy. Hint of spicy from the combination of sambal oelek and jalapeno really went well with the beef patty and other ingredients.
    Last but not least, i super like the burger bun. It was perfectly toasted, crispy on the outside and the texture was so fluffy. Must try!

    Teh Tubruk Jasmine Panna Cotta
    The presentation was so beautiful. The dessert was so fragrant, as they used teh tubruk jasmine as the main ingredients. Not too sweet at all! The panna cotta texture was good. And yes, the lychee granita gave another sensation in enjoying this dessert. Super recommended!

    Triple Chocolate Brownie
    The brownie was sooo good. Me personally not a chocolate lover, but this one is definitely worth to try. The texture was fudgy and a bit gooey, like how my favorite brownies should be. I love the deep and intense high quality of chocolate taste. Dont forget to have your brownies together with mixed berries coulis(my favorite!) and vanilla ice cream, all of these really balanced each other. I bet you will love it!

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.8  
    Gia Restaurant & Bar [ Sudirman, Italia ]

    Best dining experience ever

    GIA is located at Ground Floor of South Tower Sampoerna Strategic Square. I was having a great dining experience here with fellow foodies last Tuesday night. GIA is one of restaurant from ISMAYA Group. The moment from I entered the restaurant, I feel that excellent service from the staff. No doubt, so far, never had bad experience with service from Ismaya group restaurant.
    When I came, the restaurant was not so crowded.
    I really enjoyed the ambience as well as the food from GIA.
    As informed by the chef, everything at GIA is freshly made. No wonder if the price is considered high. It is all worth it, guys.


    Crispy Potato Pave
    This could be one of great choice for your appetizer.
    The topping doesnt taste like a raw beef, it was juicy and kinda spicy. Well marinated.  This should be eaten in one go.

    Piadina Al Pomodoro
    This dish is DABOMB. Seriously. The sliced tomatoes were perfectly marinated, I didnt even taste tomatoes flavour, which is good. The tomatoes texture were so soft and the taste was well combined with cream cheese. PERFECT!

    Marinara Bresaola
    This Pizza is kinda unique as they put potato chips as the topping. The chips was yummy and crunchy and well seasoned. I couldnt stop eat this lol. The marinara sauce was one of the best i have ever eaten.

    Gnocchi Alla Bolognese
    Major love with this dish. Can I have more? lol.
    The highlight here was the Gnocchi. Omg it was so soft yet so fluffy in the same time. When the sauce was made from short ribs ragu combined with pumpkin and completed with salsa verde. The short ribs was simply amazing! The executive chef told us that instead using minced meat, theh prefer to slice the short to keep the great texture of the meat. And yeah, it gave us another sensation in enjoying the sauce. Meat was super tender and fragrant. Also, not to forget the crunchiness of the cheese on top. This dish really gave us so many texture in one plate.  Omg, i dont know how to describe it further. It was simply perfect.

    Cotoletta Alla Torinese
    Well actually this one is deep fried breaded chicken filled with ham and provolone. The chicken was really crunchy on the outside and soo juicy in the inside. Provolone cheese was yummy and gave another taste to the chicken and ham. While for the pasta, they used angel hair pasta and it tasted great. The truffle sauce was soooo good.

    White Truffle Panna Cotta
    One of the best Panna Cotta I have ever eaten. I swear. The texture was sooo soft. Pistachio nutella tasted amazing. Not too sweet and the pistachio flavour gave another sensation. Perfect!

    Apple Tarte Tatin
    Served with vanilla creme and cognac flambe. Such an honour Chef Tommaso was the one who served the cognac flambe on that night. I love the combination between apple and cognac, vanilla cream balanced all the flavour.

    For the drink, I ordered Mediterraneo. Kiwi, Cranberries, Passion Fruit and Sparkling Water combination made this drink so refreshing!

    Well overall, i have no complaint towards the food. GIA really let me had the best dining experience.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.6  
    William's [ Senopati, Barat,Indonesia ]

    New casual dining place in SCBD area

    IG: @franzeskayuli

    Thanks to pergikuliner for inviting us here.
    Had such a great dining experience here last night.
    So, Williams is newly opened restaurant in SCBD area, opposite to The Atjeh Connection and Crumble Crew. No parking area available.
    From the outside, the place a bit dark and slightly unnoticeable from the road. The exterior is simple yet elegant IMO. Enterring into the restaurant, you will be greeted by the hostess and also the waitress. They are very friendly. There are indoor and outdoor area. I enjoyed both! At the outside the ambience was really good and I felt so comfortable (not including the traffic jam shown by senopati road :P)
    and the things need to be highlighted was the service! Seriously I love how they treat their customers, from the start till the end of our dinner. They really concerned how to make their customer feel like home and enjoy every single thing. The waitress who served at our table was really helpful and knowledgeable. 
    We ordered some food from appetizer to dessert and not all great but not so bad either, as below:
    - Arancini: overall it tasted good, arancini itself was great but for arrabbiata sauce was just so-so.
    - Watermelon Salad: too bad I did not really like the main component of this dish which is watermelon. So as told by the server (and all I remembered) that the watermelon was marinated in sugar bathe so it turned out too sweet for my liking and somehow turn off my appetite, but apart from it, this dish was good, all the component really made the watermelon much better. Love love the balsamic caviar, added another texture on it! Lemon fluid was really balancing the watermelon's sweetness.
    - King Prawn Aglio Olio: tasted decent, prawn was cooked nicely. The presentation was not really good and kind of confusing since the king prawn fell and the parmesan crown was not in its place. We broke it as we tried to fix the prawn to stand lol. Ya, for good photo indeed.
    - Scotch Lamb: overall this dish was great, eventhough I still could feel the lamb smell. There are 2 big components here which are minced lamb stuffed with softboiled egg in oval shaped and the bread bomb. Love the bread bomb (filled with mozza cheese), potato fondant was perfectly cooked and has a good texture! , I love how they concern in every detail on the plate.  Food plating is really beautiful! 
    - Duck Aiguillettes: Duck breast cooked in sous-vide method was perfect for me! Great texture with awesome taste. Super loveee romaine lettuce foam and sweet potato puree which made this dish more more superb! 
    - Salmon and Gulai: once I heard about this menu, I was thinking it would be a great fusion dish. It came with pan fried salmon on the top of the rice and gulai sauce. Salmon skin was really crispy and it perfectly cooked. Salmon was fresh. The most dabomb one was the gulai sauce! It was very light sauce yet rich of flavour. Not so heavy as we may know gulai should be thick in consistency. Superb!
    - Dragon's Nest: before you eat the nest, the chef will show up and give you meringue dipped in nitrogen so when you eat it, you will feel like having dragon's breath. Nest was good, despite the sourness appeared from the lemon fluid which suprised my tongue, but, as advised by the chef, you have to mix all well to get the perfect combination between sweet, sour and bitter in one spoonful. So yummy!
    - Eton Mess: this one was suprisingly amazing! Deep fried bubur sumsum (oh wait, bubur sumsum? Yes it is!) was dabomb! Combined with coconut flakes (oh my this is my fav, super yums!) It was such a perfect combination for dessert! Overall, William's is one of great place for you to hangout with. Best service, great food as well as the ambience!

    Menu yang dipesan: Arancini, watermelon salad, king prawn aglio olio, scotch lamb, duck aiguillettes, Salmon and Gulai, dragon's nest, eton mess

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.6  
    Kitchenette [ Senayan, Barat, Italia ]

    Yummy salad on friday night

    I had dinner with my friend here last night. It was full when I came so they put us on the waiting list. Not so long, they offered us seats.
    I ordered Oriental Chicken Salad. It tasted really good and so "Oriental" as the dressing is sesame dressing. Love the chicken because it was so tender! All vegie were fresh, the fried glass noodle added more texture on it! 
    Ambience is nice, the place itself is spacious, but I think the seat arrangement is pretty close to each other. Other than that, I love this place and also the food! :)

    Menu yang dipesan: oriental chicken salad

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.6  
    Bunga Rampai [ Menteng, Indonesia ]

    Indonesian Food FTW!

    Had a great dinner last saturday here at Bunga Rampai with fellow foodies.
    Bunga Rampai ini emang spesialisasinya makanan Indonesia dengan interior restoran yang super kece dan instagramable di bangunan 3 lantai yang dimana lantai 2 dan 3 sepertinya diperuntukkan untuk event-event.
    Tiap lantainya juga beda konsep dan design. Ketje!
    Kemarin gue mencoba beberapa signature dishes mereka mulai dari Appetizer, Soup, Main Course and Dessert:

    Kembang Pacar
    Jadi ini udang utuh yang diselimuti kulit lumpia, digoreng dan ditata rapi di atas buah nanas. Untuk rasa tentunya enak!! Not too greasy like the other lumpia goreng. Udangnya juga fresh dan teksturnya garing. Dipping sauce nya looks simple tapi enak, sampe dicelupin terus.

    Tahu Telor
    Ini nih highlight dish nya menurut pendapat gue. Enakk banget dongg. Dulu pernah makan tahu telor enak di salah satu restoran daerah Kyai Maja sana dan sampe sekarang belom pernah ketemu tahu telor enak selain di resto itu. Akhirnya bisa makan another great tahu telor here at Bunga Rampai!
    Tahu telornya dibuat tumpukan kayak tower of tahu telor #halah. Jadi makannya itu harus dihancurin dulu. Emang rada keras sih, mungkin biar kokoh juga kali ya. Tapi tenang, kerasnya itu lebih ke arah garing kok. Iya ini emang digoreng dan berminyak, tapi gak bikin gue risih sama minyaknya, which is great you know!

    Soto Alamanda
    Ini katanya sejenis soto bandung gitu. Isinya potongan daging sapi yang dilengkapi dengan kacang, potongan tomat, lobak dan disiram kuah bening namun terasa bumbunya, mirip seperti soto ayam khas lamongan. Jangan lupa ditambah perasan jeruk nipis biar makin segar. Top.

    Nasi Bali
    Nasi putih yang dilengkapi berbagai macam lauk seperti sate lilit, sate ayam, urap, ayam suwir pedas, dendeng, telur balado, kentang kering dan sambal. Semua komponen dalam 1 piring ini melengkapi satu sama lain, membuat Nasi Bali ini terasa sempurna. Paling suka sama sate lilit dan ayam suwir pedasnya. Dendengnya juga mantul! Garing bangets.

    Konro Bakar
    Ini juga gak kalah enak, bumbunya meresap sampai ke dalam. Sayangnya agak alot menurut gue dan dagingnya kurang banyak. Oia konro bakar ini dilengkapi 2 jenis sambal yaitu sambal mangga dan sambal merah. Sambal mangganya segar, sambal merahnya mirip kayak yang di nasi bali.

    Tumis Aroma
    Ini tumis buncis pake bawang putih. Menu ini biaaa aja sih gak ada yang spesial.

    Passion Fruit Cheesecake
    Ini tipe fluffy cheese cake gitu ya bukan yang full cream cheese. Jadi ini adalah cheese cake yang dilengkapi dengan buah markisa asli dan saus markisa, saus markisanya gue suka! Wangiii khas saus markisa. Cheese cake nya cukup lembut. Overall ini ok sih

    Pelayanan disini ok banget, ramah dan cepat. Suasananya benar-benar cocok untuk segala macam event dengan pilihan menu yang sangat beragam.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.6  
    Jamuan Samudra [ Melawai, Indonesia ]

    Great seafood resto with good price

    I went here with my mom on Sunday Morning, around 10am, but it opened at 10.30am LOL :P
    Nobody was there at that time *yaialaahh* so I was their first customer yay :P
    I was greeted by the greeter and he let me to sit wherever I want :P
    Service was great, the server was quick, very polite and informative about the menu. 
    This place has 2 floors and so spacious. The interior is very simple and minimalist, tends to more like family restaurant. 

    So after strolling around people's reviews, I decided to order: Daun Dewa Masak Terasi:
    this suprisingly has amazing taste! At first I had no idea what daun dewa is, but the server explained that daun dewa is similar to daun gingseng (which frankly I never had daun gingseng too before). The texture was sooo smooth, I didn't feel like I ate "daun" at that time. Despite the weird name, but It has no weird after taste kok, sauteed with terasi made it like more and more delicious! Like people said, recommended!
    Udang Jumbo Masak Wijen:
    The prawn was literally jumbo! hahaha ini dijuallnya 35K per ons, with minimum 3ons per order, I got 5 big prawn on my plate for 3 ons hahaha. So the prawn was deep fried coated with batter, I think the prawn was a bit overcooked but still acceptable lah. Gue suka banget sama bumbu goreng tepungnya si udang. Then bumbu wijennya ini tuh cenderung ke manis dan ada sedikit pedas, terus agak asin kalo dimakan gitu aja, so harus dicampur sama nasi biar purrfect. 
    Cumi Khas Jamuan Samudra:
    So this menu is super duper recommended guyss! By the time I reviewed this resto, I'm craving this menuuuu like muchh hahaha. Soo, this menu consisted deep fried battered calamari, sauteed with salted egg sauce and their special spices, had a really great taste seriously! I love how they cooked the calamari very well, had no rubbery texture at all. Me superrr likey!

    Udang Saus Padang:
    Makanan 1 ini gue take away. My dad said the saus padang was so spicy. Tapi pas gue coba dikit, pedas darimana yak hahaha then I kept eating and realized it was really spicy like my dad said. Tapi pedasnya tuh enak dan nagihh hahaha dan ada keseimbangan rasa dari manis dan asinnya, jadi enak! Enak! 

    Es Teh Tarik:
    I thought they wouldn't even take any concern on their beverage choices, but guess what, their teh tarik ajaa enak loh! Bukan kayak teh tarik abal-abal gitu. Pas manisnya dan seger gak bikin eneg.

    The price is good comparing to their quality of food and also the portion!
    After having experience on some of their food, I obviously will come back again here someday, probably for celebrating my fam's birthday.

    Menu yang dipesan: Cumi Khas Jamuan Samudra, Udang Jumbo Masak Wijen, Daun Dewa Masak Terasi, Es Teh Tarik

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.6  
    Crunchaus Salads [ Gandaria ]

    Salad dengn harga yang masih affordable

    Pertama kali dulu cobain Crunchaus di PIM. Waktu itu di PIM packaging take away nya masih pake kotak makan plastik gitu, sekarang pas cobain ke GanCit ganti pake kotak model styrofoam tapi dari bahan mirip karton gitu.
    Pas datang antriannya lumayan tapi masih masuk akan mengingat ini hari terakhir redeem voucher Rp. 11 Dana.
    Pelayanannya gue bilang ok banget sih, mereka cepat tanggap tapi tetep helpful jelasin tentang menu-menu mereka.
    Tempatnya disini gak besar ya tapi punya area sendiri, beda sama yang di PIM yang gabung sama foodcourt.

    Dulu gue cobain Waldorf Chicken, sekarang Happy Garden tapi dressing nya ganti balsamic vinaigrette dan di wrap. Harga semua menunya sama yaitu 68K.
    Harganya lebih murah dari toko sebelah, dibarengi juga dengan porsinya yang memang lebih sedikit sih.
    Untuk rasanya enak as always. Sayur-sayurannya fresh semua, proteinnya (grilled chicken dan smoked beef) juga enak, ayamnya sih yang tasty banget jadi pas buat temenin makan sayur. Yang gue suka dari menu ini tuh ada fried garlic yang meningkatkan cita rasa, jadi unik aja gitu. Gak ketinggalan dressing balsamic mereka yang selalu jadi favorit gue. Asam-asam nyegerin. Luv! Tortila wrap nya disini tipikal yang lembut ya karena mereka cuma panasin bentar di microwave.

    Oia kalo gak suka sama salah satu ingredients di menu nya kalian bisa minta ganti yaa.

    Definitely will come again for more! Sering-sering promo ya :3

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.6  
    Genki Sushi [ Puri, Jepang ]

    The best sushi ever

    So far menurut gue Genki Sushi ini really meets my expectation ya. Ntah udah kunjungan ke berapa ini karena super suka sama menu-menu Japanese food mereka. I'm not a sushi fan. I used to hate and avoid every sushi shop back then since I hate nori. But Genki really changes my mind😂 #lebay
    I still hate nori until now, hence I always order sushi or other food that doesn't consist nori such as Nigiri or Rice Bowl or maybe Salad.
    What I always order is Salmon with Garlic Cheese. Omoooo this is the best sushi I have ever eaten so far. I never miss to order this menu whenever I come here.
    Last time, I ordered another menu which was also yummss!!
    Chicken Teriyaki: despite the price is quite high, but the taste was great! A deep fried breaded boneless chicken with teriyaki sauce that was satisfying my tastebuds. I could still feel the crunchiness though the chicken was fully coated by the sauce.
    Poke bowl: they said this is their new menu. Cost around 30k for a small bowl salad with raw salmon and sesame dressing that tasted soooo yummy. Salmon was really fresh. The best one was the dressing!
    Beef Yakiniku Bowl: this one was also great. Portion was big and got lot of beef slices. Worth the price.
    There must be a long waiting list especially on the weekend. The service is always great.
    Overall, genki sushi never disapppoints me 😋😋

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.6  
    Holywings [ Tanjung Duren, Barat ]

    Holywings in West Jakarta area!!

    Saat tau Holywings buka di Tanjung Duren, auto happy pokoknya. Jadi gak perlu jauh-jauh ke PIK gitu ye kan kalo mau nongkrong.
    Well Holywings Tanjung Duren tempatnya menurut gue luas ya, dibanding di PIK, meskipun cuma 1 lantai, kalo di PIK kan 2 lantai yaa, tapi lebih asik yang di tandur sih menurut gue.

    Untuk pelayanan di HW selalu the best deh, no complaint haha.
    Well untuk makanannya kemarin gue pesan Chicken Wings dengan spicy korean sauce dan cheese dippingnya terus Truffle Porcini Pizza (extra cheese)
    Chicken wings disini selalu enak, gede-gede dan sausnya juga enak semua, tapi cheese dip nya gue kurang suka.
    Nah untuk Pizza nya enak! Pizza nya gak besar dan bukan tipikal pizza yang tipis garing, tapi tipis kayak 'Dominos gitu, pas lah buat sharing berdua. Isinya ada daun basil dan porcini mushroom tentunya. Me super likey! Topping jamurnya generous, ditambah extra mozza cheeee dan taburan fresh basil bikin makin endols! Tapi sayang aja truffle nya gak berasa. Tapi ini not bad at all kok! Recommended!
    Kalo minuman nya pesen recommended mixingnya mereka aja, masing-masing 1 Liter: Blue Billy, Green Tomy and Red Jason. Semuanya enak enak, masing-masing minuman punya karakter sendiri karena penggunaan fruit juice. Me likey!

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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