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Kopi Bakmi Pizza Pasta Dessert
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  • 3.4  
    Eastern Opulence [ Senopati, Indonesia ]

    Nice ambience

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    # tahu telor Trunojoyo
    # tahu udang berontak
    # bakwan jagung
    # gepuk Nyonyah
    # ayam bakar madu
    # sop buntut Easter Opulence
    # bunga pepaya tuna
    # nasi putih, nasi merah, nasi hijau
    # temulawak
    # crème brûlé

    The highlight of the meal are gepuk Nyonyah and ayam bakar madu. Gepuk Nyonyah or fried shredded marinated beef was tasty and flavorful.
    Ayam bakar madu or grilled chicken in honey sauce was delicious as well, the chicken was tender and bold in flavor.

    Tahu telor Trunojoyo or tofu omelette in peanut sauce was standard as well as their bakwan jagung (corn fritters)

    Tahu udang Berontak or tofu filled with vegetables, mushroom and shrimp was okay, it was crispy.

    Sop buntut Eastern Opulence or oxtail soup was okay, but just similar as other places, though their oxtail was tender, the soup needed more kick in it.

    Bunga pepaya tuna or sautéed papaya flower bud with diced tuna was my least favorite, as it is not as spicy as it supposed to be.

    Temulawak is their herbal traditional drink made from curcuma roots.

    Creme brule was standard.

    Overall the food was okay but the ambience is exceptional. Loved their decor, tranquil yet classy. Perfect for soirée and family gatherings.

    Menu yang dipesan: Sop buntut Eastern Opulence, Temulawak, Tahu udang berontak, Interioe, Ayam Bakar Madu, Bunga pepaya tuna, Tahu telor Trunojoyo, Nasi merah putih hijau, Bakwan Jagung, Gepuk Nyonyah, Creme Brule

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.4  
    TYFEL COFFEE [ Tanjung Duren, Vegetarian ]

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    # omelette toast
    # Tyfel sandwich
    # Tyfel rice
    # almond brûlée

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    Omelette toast was basically toast bread and covered with omelette, something different, unfortunately the bread was chewy and difficult to cut.

    Tyfel sandwich is a club sandwich filled with fried chicken, the chicken was crispy and tasty.

    Tyfel rice is bolognese fried rice with egg omelette on top. The fried rice was good.

    Almond brûlée is latte topped with brown sugar then torched and sprinkled with chopped almond. Quite good.

    good ambience for work or contemplate as they have swinging chair 

    Menu yang dipesan: Almond Brulee, Omelette toast, Tyfel rice, Tyfel sandwich

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 3.2  
    Fanda's Favourite [ Senopati, Barat ]

    Good French Miso salmon

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    # Bon Jour Surabaya
    # French miso salmon
    # French Kiss

    This is something different, French pastry infused with Indonesian dish of pecel, the croissant filled wirh pecel beef sandwich. Interesting.

    French miso salmon is marinated miso salmon served with butter rice and baby corn, originally served with mashed potato but i asked to replace it with butter rice. The salmon was exceptionally delicious and well marinated.

    They have extensive gelato selections and interesting flavors.
    Tape Singkong Keju or fermented cassava and parmesan cheese. It was quite good.

    Tabanan chocolate is their version of dark chocolate, bittersweet type. Not bad.

    Nana ala Mbok Yem or basically fried banana with chocolate and cheese in form of gelato. Interesting.

    Menu yang dipesan: Tape singkong and Tabanan chocolate gelato, French miso salmon, Bonjour Surabaya

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.0  
    Yabai Izakaya [ Menteng, Jepang ]

    Good izakaya place in Menteng area

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    # truffle gyutan don
    # truffle yakitori bowl
    # classic onsen gyudon
    # salmon and truffle cream udon
    # karubi kakuni
    # Yabai yusheng
    # prawn and cheese tamagoyaki
    # pacific scallop guratan
    # grilled baramundi
    # almond toast

    Good food in a good place. All of our orders came out satisfactorily.

    Yabai Yusheng or the colorful dish consists of red cabbages, soba, edamame, tofu and tomato with fresh diced salmon and tuna, mixed well with sesame dressings. Fresh and perfect to start your meal.

    Truffle gyutan don was good, the beef tongue was succulent , loved their 65 degree egg.

    Truffle yakitori bowl consists of folded egg (my favorite) and 3 grilled chicken skewers, with truffle oil and and donburi sauce, it was tasty.

    Classic onsen gyudon was good as well, a classic meal consists of rice, beef slices and donburi sauces.

    My favorite here is their karubi kakuni. Well seasoned and grilled. Perfect blend of everything on this tender beef short-ribs, very mouthwatering.

    My other favorite is prawn and cheese tamagoyaki, i know it is just a folded egg, but the crab sticks, prawn, mozzarella cheese and their sauces blended well together in my mouth. Yummy.

    Salmon and truffle cream udon was nice too, generous salmon ragout, blended well with truffle dashi cream sauces.

    Pacific scallop guratan was delicious, will definitely reorder it again, the combination of white cheese, soy wakame and crab sticks on top of the scallops were good.

    Grilled baramundi was well seasoned, it was flavorful.

    Almond toast was delish, perfect to end the wonderful meal. Good ensemble of raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and almond crème.

    Menu yang dipesan: Prawn and cheese tamagoyaki, grilled baramundi, Yabai Yusheng, Almond toast, Truffle yakitori bowl, Karubi kakuni, Classic onsen gyudon, Salmon and truffle cream udon, Pacific guratan scallop, Truffle gyutandon

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.4  
    Ncek Legenda Noodle Bar [ Muara Karang, China ]

    Good noodle to suit every belly sizes

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    Bakmi Keriting Special (spring noodles with bacon, chicken, minced pork, crispy pork belly and roasted bbq pork)
    Bihun ayam (vermicelli with chicken toppings)

    As good as their original location at Kelapa Gading, so for north and west Jakartans, no need to go far to Kelapa Gading to enjoy this delicious noodles with generous toppings.

    Come in sizing of Camat (110gram of noodles) to Kaisar aka Emperor (550 gr of noodles) definitely will satisfy your crave for noodle.

    Menu yang dipesan: Bakmi Spesial

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 3.2  
    Kwetiau Akang [ Muara Karang, China ]

    Good fried kwetiaw

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    Kwetiaw goreng spesial

    Special Fried rice noodle is fries rice noodle with lots of crab toppings, it has Chinese sausage, fish cakes and shrimps. They also give pork cracklings on a side and don’t forget to put shallot pickles on their fried kwetiaw, yummy

    Menu yang dipesan: kwetiaw goreng spesial

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 3.2  
    Dago Restaurant [ Panglima Polim, Korea ]

    Dak gaejang is better than the chicken

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    #jeongi gui tongdak (rotisserie chicken)
    # bulgogi dukbaegi (beef bulgogi)
    # dak gaejang (spicy chicken soup)
    # sunsal huraide (original fried chicken)

    Banchan were good and varies not only limited to kimchi.

    Bulgogi dukbaegi or beef marinated in their special sauce served in hot pot was good and succulent.

    Dak gaejang or spicy chicken soup with scallions, beansprouts and mushrooms was rich and bold in flavor.

    Jeongi gui tongdak or their rotisserie chicken was unbelievably good, it was crispy on the outside but tender in the inside. Almost can’t believe it was grilled.

    Sunsal huraide or their original fried chicken was standard , it was crispy but just like regular fried chicken, the dipping sauce was honey mustard.

    Menu yang dipesan: Bulgogi dukbaegi, Dak gaejang, Jeongi gui tongdak, Sunsal huraide

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.6  
    Goobne Chicken [ Pantai Indah Kapuk, Korea ]

    Healthy yet delicious oven roasted chicken

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    # goobne deep cheese
    # goobne pepper crispy
    # half and half goobne original and goobne volcano
    # volcano cheese tteok-bokki
    # Mediterranean salad
    # special egg roll
    # oven roasted potato with cheese sauce
    # rita shark blood

    One good Korean roasted chicken, not only delicious but healthy also as all the chicken were roasted not fried.

    Went here couple times and it still maintains their taste and quality.

    Mediterranean salad was fresh, it has mixed fruit, shrimp and tosses in lemon dressing, nice as a starter.

    Special egg roll was similar to sushi omelette, filled with crab meat, cheese, chicken spam and vegetables.

    Volcano cheese tteok bokki is my favorite. Gooey and melting mozzarella cheese mixed with sweet and spicy tteok-bokki. Yummy and satisfying.

    Oven roasted potato is delicious. Healthy oven roasted topped with cheese sauce, sour cream and sprinkled with beef bacon bits.

    Goobne orginal is something for someone who’s looking for the safe side. Not spicy but bold in flavor.

    Goobne volcano on the other hand is for someone loves spicy Korean chicken. Gives you spicy burst sensation after every bites. Delicious.

    Goobne deep cheese is my favorite. Oven roasted chicken dusted in creamy cheddar powder mixed with blue cheese powder. Tender yet juicy and cheesy.

    Goobne pepper crispy is for the mild palate person. Not too spicy but still has the kick of it.

    Rita shark blood is one cute mocktail, the blue curacao cocktail with shark blood (raspberries syrup) when you pulled the shark, the blood came out. Cute and instagramable   

    Menu yang dipesan: Goobne deep cheese, Special egg roll, Oven roasted potato with cheese sauce, Rita shark blood, Mediterranean salad, volcano cheese tteok bokki, Goobne original and goobne volcano

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 3.8  
    Khao Khao [ Slipi, Thailand ]

    A decent Thai food

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    # somtam
    # kai chio
    # khao khluk kapi
    # kwetiaw nam
    # tom yam noodle soup

    The papaya salad was fresh and simple. Just wish they cut the cabbages into smaller pieces rather than big chunks that were more suitable as “lalapan” (uncooked vegetables dipped into samba).

    Kai chio or thai style egg omelette quite okay, similar to my mom’s style of omelette.

    Khao khluk kapi or shrimp paste fried rice with mango salad and Pandan chicken was good. The mango salad add the tanginess to the umami flavor of the fried rice.

    Kwetiaw nam is the traditional boat noodles soup with sliced beef, quite okay though it wasn’t my favorite boat noodles soup.

    Tom yam noodle soup or the hot and sour noodle soup with shrimp and fish ball was delicious. The tom yam soup was not as spicy and bold as other Thai’s restaurants, but for those who can’t eat spicy broth that much, this is a good option.

    Menu yang dipesan: Kai chio, som tam, Khao khluk kapi, Kwetiaw Nam, Tom yam noodle soup

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 3.8  
    The Garden [ Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kafe ]

    Instagrammable ambience and food

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    # crispy rice tuna
    # the wonder duck crispy kecombrang half
    # wonton bulgogi taco
    # cheese burger spring roll
    # spicy umami mushroom
    # salmon tuna pizza
    # spicy crispy tofu
    # pepes bbq baramundi
    # thai papaya salad with salted egg
    # fried egg noodle
    # krunchy black eel
    # sunshine caramelized pork
    # sambal escargot
    ## fried bbq pork bahn
    # romantic garden salad
    # heaven Smoke salmon sashimi with wasabi cream

    # not diet today
    # oops i dropped my ice cream
    # kelapa muda panna cotta
    # salted choco fondant
    # she slice of heaven

    Uploaded separately for dessert.

    For 6 people, we did have big and huge appetite. 22 items not including the drinks.

    Everything we ordered were very good. Only few are standard.

    Krunchy black eel was crispy and tasty, deep fried eel served with sweet and sour sauce.

    Cheese burger spring rolls were unique, they fill the spring rolls with minced beef and cheese. Quite good.

    Sambal escargot, for those who dont like snail, try this one as they sautéed the escargot with chili sambal and served with prawn crackers.

    Spicy crispy tofu was standard. Just a regular deep fried silken tofu served with chili oil.

    Spicy umami mushroom was good, though it was a little bit too salty for me, but may be for others it was the perfect amount of umami. They mix shimeji and enoki mushrooms in a batter then deep fried. Good for nibbling.

    Crispy rice tuna was pretty and different from others, fried sushi rice and topped with tuna, seaweed and wakame. Good looking but par taste.

    Wonton bulgogi taco was one of my favorite dishes here. The bulgogi beef filing was delicious, the jalapeño makes it perfect.

    Romantic garden salad was refreshingly good. Combination of pork belly and apple make a good ensemble of salad. The dressings was perfect.

    Thai papaya salad with salted egg was fresh as well. Tangy tasty umami in one plate. Tangy from the mixed papaya and mango with tamarind sauce, umami from the salted egg sauce and dried prawn. Yummy

    Salmon and tuna pizza on crispy thin dough, carpaccio style of salmon and tuna toppings. Something different, not your typical pizza.

    Fried BBQ pork bahn or Taiwan style pork bun filled with glazed pork belly, kyuri and spicy mayo. Reminds me of fried mantao.

    Sunshine caramelized pork was crispy but still maintain the tenderness of the pork belly. Liked the caramel sauce on it.

    The wonder duck crispy kecombrang was unique. Liked their kecombrang rice, the rice was cooked with bunga kecombrang, very flavorful. The duck was quite crispy, the best part was the three different kind of chili sambal to accompany the dishes, all of them were good.

    Hot pepes style BBq baramundi or baramundi fish grilled using banana leave. Fragrant yet flavorful dishes. Something different.

    Heaven smoked salmon sashimi with wasabi cream was such a pretty dish. They cover the dish and open it in your table to maintain the “heaven smoke” underneath. Though the sashimi was good as well as the wasabi cream, but the smell of the smoke (reminds me of insence) sort of killing the dish, for me, it taste like I am eating an incense.

    The garden fried egg noodle with pork and prawn. Standard type of fried noodle.

    For dessert, those five items are decadently delicious. Oops I dropped my ice cream and She’s slice of heaven are my favorites. The layered crepe from She’s slice of heaven with ube sauce was heavenly delish.
    Their desserts were delicious and pretty, so always make room for desserts.

    Menu yang dipesan: Thai papaya salad, Romantic salad, Pepes BBQ baramundi, SUNSHINE CARAMELIZED PORK, Salmon tuna pizza, Sambal escargot, Crispy rice tuna, Salted chocolate fondant, Krunchy black eel, Smoked salmon sashimi with wasabi cream, Wonder duck crispy kecombrang, Wonton bulgogi, Fried egg noodle, Spicy crispy tofu, Fried bbq pork bahn, Spicy umami mushroom, Oops I dropped my ice cream, No diet today, She?s slice of heaven, Kelapa muda panacotta, Cheese burger spring roll

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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