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  • 4.4  
    Djournal Coffee [ Wiyung, Kafe ]

    Attractive Promos and Delicious Menu Items

    I was after a quick lunch as I was in a hurry, and came across this place due to their Lunch Special. I guess cities everywhere are the same, plenty of restos are opening their doors to office patrons and workers who have the privilege of normal civilized working hours and luring them in with Lunch Special promos. 

    @thepeoplescafe by @ismaya group is one of them, conveniently located in one of the popular shopping mall in Surabaya. I opted for their Nasi Goreng Gila (fried rice with sausage pieces and whatever in it, I'm too hungry to care about them) with iced tea package. 

    They are very concerned about and obeyed the current Health Protocol, being contactless right from when you seated until you finish your session and decided to leave the restaurant. Simply scan the barcode to access their menu and you can place your order until close your bill right on your phone. Interesting. 

    Cutleries were nowhere to be found, turns out they give it to you in that big brown envelope. Proof that they really love their customers despite the hardships they may face nowadays. And yeah, sealed for your protection and safety. From restaurateur point of view, this is another extra expense post which means less profit for the business, yet they took such a measure to ensure the safety of their patrons. 

    Fried rice was okay, to be honest nothing special. Rice could be a tad more dry as there were clumps of soggy rice on my dish. Overall an okay dish for you who are after a quick meal. Still edible. 

    Food was okay, but the post-pandemic dining experience was the big thing I'm after and adore. Hopefully you guys could recover soon and open your doors to more foodies.

    Menu yang dipesan: Nasi Goreng, Finished!

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 3.8  
    Depot Hongkong [ Tegalsari, China ]

    Kuliner Jadul Klasik Nikmat

    Depot Hongkong, one of the old traditional restaurant serving dishes from the 80s. Although I wasn't part of gen 80s, my granddad took me to this place ever since I was in elementary school, hence I took it that this place has opened its door since the 80s. @depothongkongkedungdoro @depothongkongsurabaya 

    Came here with @chrisongkoo to re-order those delicious dishes we had in the past and avoided the shitty dish, this time it's Bihun UP Spesial and Nasi Goreng Spesial (dry vermicelli with pork pieces on top and house special fried rice). We've learned our lesson to order only the favourites here. 

    While waiting for your orders, ask the waiters for some pork chips. It's basically the excess of the fat after you extract the oil out of it. They call it "Gromoan", sounds silly but who cares when it tastes this good. Get some wedges of lime and craft your own dipping sauce, mine consisted of their sambal/chilli sauce and squeezes of lime. Dip them in and you'll see why this is one of my favourite place to have lunch. 

    The vermicelli was well seasoned, throw in some Sambal and sesame oil to make it more fragrant and satisfying. The pork and chicken pieces was just alright, good enough to complement the savouriness of the vermicelli. The soup and greens on the side are there to soothen your palate a bit, not mandatory to have, but necessary in a sense. It's like cherry on top for your meal. I like the texture of soggy greens inside tasty broth like this, dunno bout you guys. Give it a shot and let me know. 

    The special fried rice was indeed special. Well seasoned and fried with proper charcoal flavour, means it's been stir fried in high heat and topped with a piece of fried egg. Throw in some of those pork chips earlier with its sambal-lime juice concoction, oh dear God. Absolute Yum. Enjoy the tingling sensation on your tastebuds and the kick of chilli's heat during your meal, you better have something cold to soothen those painful pleasure you craved.

    Menu yang dipesan: Gromoan (Free), Bihun UP, Nasi Goreng Spesial, Finished!

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.0  
    Pancious [ Wiyung, Italia ]

    Makanan Italia Fusion di Surabaya

    Back in Surabaya, and the first meal that I had was this. Green Chilli Ox-Tongue Pasta. Basically your old trusty plain spaghetti tossed in green chilli sauce with chunks of juicy and soft ox-tongue, topped with fried garlic chips. By Surabaya @pancioussby 

    To accompany this dish, I ordered a glass of lemon tea. JK. It's their Lemon Beer, with Bir Bintang as their base beer and some lemon flavouring. Refreshing and delightful at the same time. It tastes better than @birbintangindonesia 's Lemon Radler, I guess they added some squeeze of lemon juice into the OG Bintang Pilsner, hence the stronger lemon-y flavour. 

    Pasta was cooked Al Dente, just as I liked it to be done. Spaghetti was my pasta of choice as I don't really like penne or fettuccine, always go for spaghetti. The green chilli sauce has a bit heat from those chillis, but not crazy hot as bird's eye chilli. The heat was just there to remind you this is Indonesia, we love hot and spicy food. The sauce tastes dominantly salty and a tad savoury, the sprinkles of garlic chips on top added a bit of texture and lots of aroma and nuttyness. 

    The ox-tongue. Not everywhere could I find places that serve chunky ox-tongue, most of them are sliced thinly or a tad thicker. To find the ox-tongues here are diced into chunks, made me happy and fall in love with it over and over again. These chunks were cooked perfectly, not too dry, slightly juicy. Simply elevated the dish to next level. Look at how glorious those ox-tongue chunks on slide 2. 

    For you who feels like having non-mainstream pasta, this place is worth a visit. They still have some more pasta dishes, classic and fusion.

    Menu yang dipesan: Spaghetti Lidah Sapi Cabe Ijo, Lemon Beer, Finished!

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
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  • 4.8  
    Bebini Gelati [ Gubeng, Kafe ]

    Gelato Oasis in the Middle of Surabaya

    Back to @bebinigelati , now with the 3 VIPs from Malang, who were very excited to have a staycation at Surabaya. Not saying that a city is better than another, but we all can't deny that sometimes a city seems like they have everything yet still lack a small stuff that we're looking for right? 

    I tried the Chocolate Affogato, thinking that it was a normal affogato with chocolate ice cream. Upon reading the description clearer, it said (1 scoop gelato + dark chocolate shot), no mention of espresso shot whatsoever. I asked the barista to scoop me the best gelato flavour for my affogato, and boy. It did come without any espresso/coffee, pure chocolate and chocolate. 

    The gelato is very chocolatey, love the flavour and texture. We already knew gelatos are lovely, and Bebini took their gelatos seriously, but I wish I discovered this flavour earlier. The dark chocolate shot, on its own, taste very chocolatey and strong, not overly sweet. Even slightly bitter, just the way I like my hot chocolates. Pour the shot onto the gelato and let them elevate each other up, it's like Yin and Yang in a cup, only no colour combo here, just the combo of texture and flavour. Imagine chocolate gelato with a soup of dark chocolate liquid, Chocolate bliss. Now this is a drink I'd happily pay IDR 40k for. Worth every single dime spent. No more words needed. You gotta try it yourself, the sensation of cold gelato and the warmth of concentrated hot chocolate, the cold and warm sensation tingling in your mouth, pure bliss. 

    Bebini actually have some more interesting items such as sorbet-tea, original affogato, coffee float, basically drinks + sorbet/gelato combined into a single glass/cup to brighten your gloomy day up. If you need more options, go to their display fridge and try to have all of their gelato flavours, I'd say you won't grow sick of them.

    Alrighty until my next visit then, folks ;). 

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    Menu yang dipesan: Bebini Chocolate Affogato, The Dark Chocolate Shot, Dark Choc Shot + Gelato, Finished!

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
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  • 4.8  
    Restoran Sederhana SA [ Kertajaya, Indonesia ]

    Authentic Indonesian Quick Supper

    The Malang folks would love to satisfy their craving of authentic Nasi Padang by Rumah Makan Padang Sederhana. So tricky finding the appropriate IG account of this restaurant, I'll just leave the pinpoint for you guys then. Gotta tell you, this is the best Padang Sederhana in town. Plenty of other Sederhana franchise in town, but the one in Jl. Kertajaya is the best tasting Sederhana I've had. 

    You can go 2 ways here while you're having your meal: order everything on the display and have the server stack those plates on their arms (we are talking about 7-10 plates in a go, kinda embarassed me and my 4 plates-carrying skill) and serve them all on your table. Before pandemic, this is the norm. Even before you decided to choose what you'd like to have, the server will serve you a buffet of gorgeous yummy menu items for you to get hypnotized and trying each and everyone of them. After pandemic, now, they cling wrapped every single dish plates so no contaminations. Good move. 

    The second way was to go directly and order Nasi Campur, as in steamed rice and a dish of your choice, veggies included. I went for Nasi Rendang, since my favourite Nasi Kikil (kikil = tendon-y part of the feet of a beef/cow. Gelatinous and delicious, again, not everyone's cup of tea). We didn't go the buffet way simply because it's too late (around 8.30 pm) and we just want to eat what we have in our minds. 

    Don't forget the mandatory side dish: beef cracklings/beef skin puff(crackers) smothered in curry sauce. Looks simple yet it has such a complex flavour and ability to elevate your overall dining experience. If you haven't tried this combo then you're missing out a chunk of happiness in your life. Seriously, have a go at it and thank universe for allowing someone to craft such a genius combo. 

    The mix veggie curry and poached cassava leaves + sambal are there for you regular fibre intake. Enjoy 😉 

    #surabaya #padang #sederhana #holiday #vacation #rendang #halalfood #curry #vegetarian #plating #instafood #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #foodporn #foodphotography #instadaily #foodgraphy #foodgram #indonesia #spices #foodhunter #foodblogger #foodlover #foodstagram #foodaholic #foodinspiration

    Menu yang dipesan: Kerupuk Kulit + Kuah Gulai, Nasi Campur Rendang, Finished!

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.0  
    Ama Taiwan Resto [ Dukuh Pakis, Taiwan ]

    Taiwanese Cuisine in Surabaya

    Single photo post for today, simply because there are lotsa things happening on that day and my phone finally gave up and went to bed earlier (in simple words: died due to no battery). 

    AMA Taiwanese resto, is a humble food depot/small resto located inside the complex of Loop Graha Famili. Serving light taiwanese cuisine since I knew it, perhaps circa 2015? @chrisongkoo knows it better since he introduced me to this place. Price and portion size is alright, and you can sense the pork in your dishes. 

    We ordered Mie Lu Rok (noodle topped with minced pork - a Taiwanese staple), chicken karaage, Taiwanese Pork Sausage, and a serve of veggie (steamed chinese cabbage with a dollop of minced braised pork). 

    I can't say this is a cheap meal, but I can defo say this is a decent meal for its price. The taste reminds me of Cho Dumpling, a taiwanese restaurant in Sydney, Aussie, with their signature taiwanese fried chicken pieces and side dishes. Maybe I'll drop by to give them a visit later when the border reopens. 

    Springy noodle with sweet and savoury, slightly creamy minced pork topping. Crunchy yet pleasantly soft chinese cabbage, firm, juicy and chunky taiwanese pork sausage, and crunchy karaage. What a combo of texture and flavour, creating a burst of flavour in your mouth. AFAIK, this is the only Taiwanese restaurant in Western Surabaya. Give this place a visit if you wanna try an authentic taiwanese taste. 

    PS: some of the menu items description and writings on their posters are not even grammatically correct (Indonesian), making it clear that the owner is a Taiwanese.

    Menu yang dipesan: Mie Lu Rok

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.6  
    Soto Podjok Kediri [ Lakarsantri, Indonesia ]

    Favourite Breakfast Spot

    A brekkie session to start a beautiful day at @soto_podjokcitraland . Been a while since we had this session, there was a time where we had brekkie at this place on almost every day. 

    We had the soto and lots of side dishes, as you can see on the 2nd pic. Soto is basically a traditional Indonesian chicken soup dish, clear broth and tastes comforting. Have it with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and a dollop of chilli sauce, give it a good stir, let the rice soak up those broth and off you go for a treat. 

    The reason why I ordered so many side dishes is because, well I can. Seriously, have a visit by yourself and you'll understand why you could never simply come here and just have a bowl of Soto. You gotta have those skewers (beef tendon and braised quail eggs. Yum), freshly fried crunchy stuffed tofu (stuffed with veggies and glass noodle, dipped in batter then deep fried), apem pisang (local banana pastry), and a pack of pork and shrimp shiumai/dimsim. They still have the chunkiness of pork in it, love it. 

    Yeah we (mostly I) finished all of those food, what a good start of a beautiful morning.

    Menu yang dipesan: Snacks, Soto Ayam, Finished!

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 4.0  
    Gotri [ Sukolilo, Indonesia ]

    Delightful Nasi Bakar and Refreshing Ice Bowls

    Another busy day that requires quick, proper lunch in the hustle bustle city of Surabaya. The car's MID showed that it's 34 Degree Celsius outside, so the idea of having lunch at and their shaved ice got me excited for this short break. 

    I ordered Nasi Bakar Ayam Pete, the one on special on that day, and Es Nona. They have 5 options of this ice bowl, and all of them are equally good. I was simply trying each and every one of them every time I came to have my meal at Gotri, and to this day I haven't been able to try all of them (I lost count tbh, couldn't take a proper note on what i've tried 😂) 

    The Nasi Bakar is actually a portion of fried rice wrapped in banana leaves and got grilled on the spot to infuse those natural banana leaf fragrance to the fried rice. As a result, you have a dish that tastes like no other, unique to this restaurant. The fried rice itself tastes nice, grains of charred stir-fried rice, not clumpy, tossed with pieces of chicken and pete (stink beans/sator beans). Served with pieces of fried tofu, tempeh, and crackers to complete your meal. 

    Now the Es Nona. What I love about those ice bowls/bingsoo in this place is their colourful jelly on top of their shaved ice. It's just so appealing and looks good, enticing me to keep on ordering one of them everytime I dropped by to visit. The price tag was appealing too so I have no reason to skip them. Es Nona comes loaded with those colourful jelly, palmfruit pieces (kolang-kaling) --> good for your digestion, pineapple pieces for that refreshing zing, and syrup + condensed milk above the shaved ice. What I don't like is the shaved ice isn't actually well-shaved, it's more like crushed ice. Took a while for it to melt down, and for me who can turn impatient sometimes, this is annoying. 

    Nevertheless, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of this Ice Bowls, love the combination of sweet and refreshing flavours. Would have them anytime to complete my meal, no questions asked.

    Menu yang dipesan: Finished!, Es Nona, Nasi Bakar Ayam Pete

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 3.8  
    Ayam Goreng Nelongso [ Mulyorejo, Indonesia ]

    Heat Up Your Life

    We needed a quick easy (and cheap) lunch during our daytime job, and since we were around Mulyosari area (Eastern Surabaya) and starving as hell, we'd basically eat anything in front of us, McDonald's was our go-to option yet the banner of @ayamnelongso @ayamnelongso.surabaya convinced us to go into its restaurant. 

    They have this wonderful promo of Bebek Se'i for 22k, basically it's fried smoked duck. For 22k? It's a no-brainer to have it. I also ordered mushroom fritter on the side and my mate @chrisongkoo got us a few McD's spicy chicken bites. 

    The selling point of this restaurant, for me, is its free flow house-made sambal section. If you love and are able to gobble up spicy sambal and are adventurous, you'll love it. I had their young mango sambal (sambal pencit), anchovy sambal (sambal teri), and salted shrimp sambal (sambal rebon). All of them are equally good with their own unique characteristics. Those sambal on the mushroom fritters? Called Sambal Korek. A mixture of chilli, garlic, onion, and oil. Yum-yum 

    A portion of Bebek Se'i consists of the duck, 2 pieces of fried tofu, a serving of veggie (stir-fried morning glory/tumis kangkung), and a dollop of Sambal Kemangi (Basil Leaf Sambal). The sambal tastes great, leaning towards Sweet spectrum. The basil leaves make it a bit aromatic, just nice. The duck, although a bit dry, yet is smoky and flavourful, love it. Have them with the fritters for some extra texture. 

    What's not on the pic was, prior to our meal being served, I had a few packs of kerupuk kampung (local crackers/chips) and had them dipped into those free flow sambals I mentioned earlier. It was the most fantastic and flavourful chips and dips I've ever had. 

    Worth that burning sensation when I pee the next day.

    Menu yang dipesan: Finished!, Jamur Goreng Crispy, Nasi Sei Bebek, Menu

    Harga per orang: < Rp. 50.000
    Makasih Infonya!

  • 3.2  
    Imperial Kitchen & Dimsum [ Wiyung, China ]

    Dim Sum.

    Yumcha date with my lovely sis @joshadeline on a bright Sunday arvo. A sudden desire to have some hargows and shiumais (hakau + siomay) led us to @imperialkitchenid Pakuwon Mall. 

    Honestly? Disappointed. Price-wise still okay given the fact that it's operating in a prestigious mall in Surabaya, rent and stuff gotta be covered right. Not to mention Overhead Costs of materials, employee wages and everything. I don't mind paying top dollars (oops. Top Rupiahs, now) for top quality foods, but this one was not worth my dimes. 

    Dumplings are bland. Lacks the wow factor I used to get from this restaurant. When you guys started as a small stall in Studio Food Court of Supermall Pakuwon Indah, your food tastes better, dude. Please don't lower your standard just because you can afford to sell your food and service at a more prestigious place, hence you don't do quality check as thorough as you used to be. Go have a taste at another restaurant for your benchmark. You guys went this far already, please keep those qualities up and maintained. 

    The salted egg yolk buns. Overcooked. The custard is supposed to be runny and flowing, not rock-solid and eggy like the one I had. Picture attached. Oh c'mon. You can do better than this, folks. 

    On a bright note, I liked that tofu sheet roll with soy sauce, both the wrappers and fillings are pleasant, proving me that you guys can actually craft and serve great food, a little bit of slacking behind is acceptable, as long as you guys understand what happened and plan to tackle the problems.

    Menu yang dipesan: Salted Egg Bun, Finished!

    Harga per orang: Rp. 50.000 - Rp. 100.000
    Makasih Infonya!