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  • 4.6  


    Ebeya provides nice dining option with private dining rooms where you could see the dishes prepared for you. Love the assortments of fine china they serve as plates (careful if you’re bringing kids here I guess). Also, I believe this is one the rare place in Jakarta which occasionally have kobe beef available. Obviously quite pricey but food, service, and ambiance were excellent.
    📍Ritz carlton pp
    Taste 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 9/10
    Price $$$$
    🐈‍⬛ Will revisit

    Can’t remember the set I got (should be called Amuse if I remember correctly) but it was the one with foie gras and steak.

    Overall, all the components were well thought of in each dish. They did nice job of balancing between having enough seasonings and letting the ingredients shine.

    Stand out was foie gras steak, which was complemented with iwanori (seaweed) sauce and bread combo. Steak was cooked perfectly to rare as well. Their garlic fried rice was also really good and this is coming from someone who disliked rice in general.

    Portion sizes were just right for me but can imagine someone with bigger appetite not being full by the end of the set.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.4  
    Wabi Sabi [ Setiabudi, Jepang ]

    Wabi Sabi

    Visited early this year when they recently opened. Had high expectations of the place as I’ve always had positive experience with the other MD Plaza’s restaurants.

    Duck Duck Foie (175 k) 7.5/10
    One of the highly raved dish from Wabi Sabi. Each duck egg contains tender duck meat that blends well with the seared foie gras. Chawan mushi texture was also really great, creating a rich, complex, and umami flavour. This was my friend’s favourite dish of the night. The overall combination, along with the truffle, makes this dish a flavour 💣. That being said, most of the flavour was concentrated on the top part, so towards the bottom it can get a bit bland (would recommend mixing in the chawan mushi for better flavour distribution). Overall, I did like the dish but I reckon eating more than one can be quite overwhelming🤔.

    “Tentacles” (135k) 5/10
    I think we were expecting something along the lines of charred grilled octopus🐙, but it turns out to be carpaccio instead😅. The dish is served cold and with how thinly the octopus meat was sliced, it was quite difficult to pick up. The spicy vinaigrette was good though, and the meat itself didn’t taste ‘amis’. Really enjoyed the crunch of the ika geso karaage and baby kyuri as well. Would probably be better off ordering other appetiser.

    Crab Rrr-amen (255k) 7/10
    Really enjoyed the richness of crustacean butter sauce.
    Alaskan Snow Crab Leg was nice and flavourful, although I feel like they should increase the portion given the price they charge for this dish. Nevertheless, crab meat was tender with a nice delicate sweetness. Ramen texture was a bit too al-dente for my liking, though it did lend itself to withstand the creaminess of the dish. Good dish but nothing extraordinary.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.4  
    The Green Door Kitchen [ Kelapa Gading, Barat ]

    Green Door Kitchen

    📍Kelapa Gading
    Taste 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 6.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Will revisit

    Monte Cristo Sandwich (110k) 9/10
    The reason I revisit GDK each time cause I’m a sucker for sweet salty combo. The blueberry jam and coffee infused syrup actually complement the savoury sandwich. Mayo was a bit too much on my last visit though. Also, depending on your luck they will either give your crispy chips (my preference) or french fries as the sides.

    French Toast (90k) 7.5/10
    One of the best french toast in terms of bread and custard mixture itself. Nice crispy crust with nice soaked centre. That said, it was almost too simple with only powdered sugar, maple syrup, and ice cream? Felt like it was lacking some contrast in terms of flavour and texture. Some berries/citrus could add some freshness or perhaps crunchy element from nuts/granola?

    Butterscotch Cake (45k) 4/10
    Skip. Can’t taste the butterscotch. Better get their waffle.

    Menu yang dipesan: monte cristo sandwich, french toast, cake, Waffle

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
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  • 4.4  
    Aged + Butchered [ Setiabudi, Barat ]

    Aged + Butchered

    Taste 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 8/10
    Price $$$
    🐈Will revisit

    Dry aged vs wet aged:
    Which type you prefer will vary based on your preference. In general, dry aged meat has this nutty or even blue cheese smell from the aging process, whereas wet aged is juicier and can have that metallic taste you associate with blood.

    30D Wagyu Riserva 9+ Picanha (375k/100g) 8/10
    Good old classic you can never go wrong with. I prefer picanha over rib eye in general since it’s less fatty (you can just cut off the fat cap, whereas in rib eye the marbling runs through the meat) while still being tender and flavourful. Will recommend this if you’re trying dry aged for the first time.

    45D Striploin Camembert (645k/100g) 8.5/10
    Off the menu cut. Just ask the servers on what special cuts are available during your visit. Anyway, the camembert helped emulate the taste of 200D dry aged beef due to the intense pungent flavour. Striploin is already a leaner and beefier than sirloin, and the dry age process further highlight both of these characteristics. Might be too pungent and dry for some people.

    45D Whisky Aged Ribeye (450k/100g) 7.5/10
    The whiskey resulted in the raw cut almost smelling like bread, which made sense given whiskey is typically made from some grains like wheat and rye. Couldn’t really taste the alcohol once it’s cooked but this was notably sweeter compared to other meats we tried. Wonder how a wine dry aged steak will taste like🧐? Since they used ribeye, the result remained juicier vs the camembert one even though both were aged for 45D.

    USDA Prime Fillet Mignon (290k/100g) 7/10
    Fillet mignon is typically very tender (buttery almost) but can lack some depth of flavour vs cuts with more marbling, so the sauces AB provided actually works to deliver more flavour to the dish. Better than the fillet mignon from Ruth’s by miles.

    Wagyu Riserva Flat Iron (355k/100g) 8/10
    Flat iron, taken from the shoulder of the cow (aka chunk) is almost as tender as tenderloin while having more marbling. Will recommend this over the fillet mignon as I felt that the marbling and quality of the cut are better.

    Corn n Cheese (140k) 7/10
    Essentially sweet corn on top on roasted marrow with gouda and black truffle mayo on top. Quite a flavour bomb but can get heavy after a while. My friend finished this one off in no time.

    Dieng Potato Mousseline (95k) 5/10
    Creamier and smoother than your mashed potato, mousseline is typically prepared using heavy cream on top of using milk after being cooked in charcoal, normandy butter, shoyu & marrow bordelaise, fried sage. It’s an okay side but nothing really stood out.

    Truffled Foie Bon Bon (195k) 7/10
    Mini appetiser made from yaki imo foam, balsamic teriyaki, scallop aburi, truffle tobiko. Make sure to eat this while hot to ensure best flavour. Truffle was weak, but the scallop and foam made up for it.

    Shichi-mi Kinoko Batayaki (150k) 6/10
    Fancy stir fried mushroom using morel, chantrelle, porcini, cremini, shiitake, shimeji, and eringi using garlic butter soy. Pretty safe dish if you like mushroom.

    Valrhona 70% Souffle (150k) 5/10
    Guanaja dark chocolate, molten center, frangelico ice cream. Took 40 minutes to prepare this dish. Honestly not worth it with how sweet and eggy they were. Much prefer Le Quartier’s soufflé.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.4  
    Amuz [ SCBD, Perancis ]


    Well established french restaurant in Jakarta with nice quiet ambiance. They occasionally have different tasting menus for dinner, but this time I tried their lunch set.
    Taste 7.5/10
    Service and Ambiance 8/10
    Price $$$
    🐈‍⬛Will revisit

    Lunch Set - Quartre Cours (2pax - 400k each)
    Le Champignon au Gratin (7/10)
    Baked portobello mushroom with beef pastrami, watercress, and walnut salad. Portobello had a nice meatiness that was complemented by the pastrami and cheese. The crusty top part was really nic😆.

    Les Escargots a la Bourguignonne (6.5/10)
    Snails in shell baked in garlic herb butter on toasted walnut bread. Removing the shell was such a hassle hahaha. Smells very buttery but personally would prefer some citrus to cut through the richness.

    La Salade au Thon Rouge (8/10)
    Rare seared sashimi grade tuna carpaccio, baby romaine, aioli dressing, parmesan chips and cherry tomato. This one had such nice plating. Perfectly seared fresh tuna with nice sides of salad. Like how they incorporate all the different textures from the crunchy chips and lettuce against creamy dressing.

    Le Filet de Dorada Rose (7/10)
    Pan fried red snapper fillet, couscous semolina, confit cherry tomatoes & paprika jus. The confit and jus were perfectly caramelised and resulted in a delightful sweet sauce that works well with the snapper. Not a fan of couscous so would have preferred other grain/sides.

    Le Steak Frites (7/10)
    Grilled black angus grain fed beef sirloin french fries, mesclun lettuce with marchand de vin sauce. Since it’s sirloin cut, I expected the thick fatty layer on the sides🤧. Regardless of my preference for leaner cut, this was actually good, cooked perfectly to rare and quite easy to bite into while having sone meatiness to it.

    L’Assiette de Fromage (7/10)
    Assorted french cheeses, we got comte, roquefort, brie, and emmental. Enjoyed this as a cheese fan myself, but probably don’t order this unless you like pungent cheese and don’t mind some weird texture cheese.

    Le Delice au Caramel (7.5/10)
    Caramel mousse, freshly baked caramel mudcake, and homemade french raspberry sorbet. Just your usual mudcake, but appreciate how they incorporate other components (berries, sorbet) because caramel dessert can be one note and just sickeningly sweet. Caramel had some nice saltiness that counteracts the sweetness, and sorbet was a good balance if sweet-sour

    Le Feuillete Frangipane (8/10)
    Freshly baked crisp almond cream pastry puff, roasted pineapple, and pineapple sorbet. Prefer this over the mud cake as the pineapple gave it a refreshing twist. Also like the contrast between the crunchy puff and almond cream.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.4  
    Yuzuya [ Senopati, Jepang ]


    Very wide selection of menu, accompanied by beautiful interior designs. Food was alright, not bad by any means but none of the dishes stood out to me.
    Taste 7/10
    Service and Ambiance 8.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Worth to try

    Agedashi tofu (46.6k) 8/10
    Unlike normal agedashi tofu, Yuzuya’s version added some mushroom and sauce was richer in flavour, with really good sweet savoury tangy balance. Tofu itself had nice texture, crispy outside but soft inside.

    Spicy Potato Chip Dragon Roll (136.6k) 6/10
    The chips gave a nice crunch against the creaminess of the mentai. I liked how they charred the rolls to give it that smoky flavour. Still, it’s just like another dragon roll? I guess if you like fusion sushi roll you will like this better than I do.

    Beef Teppanyaki (196.6k) 7.5/10
    Most people ordered sushi/somen/sukiyaki here, however the staff told us that they actually specialised in teppanyaki. Dish turned out great, beef and veggies were garlicky and cooked to perfection. The 3 sauces given were also quite good.

    Chirashi Don Cube (96.6k) 6.5/10
    The seafood was fresh, what else can you say about chirashi😂. It’s okay but portion was tiny.

    Sukiyaki (136.6k) 7.5/10
    Good and not too sweet, you could still taste the dashi-soy sauce combi in the broth. Lots of fillings so can be shared for 2 people. Am also a fan of shirataki so plus point for using that . Nice quality beef, not too thin and easy to chew without too much fat.

    Truffle Somen (69.6k) 7/10
    Refreshing appetizer. Nice noodle texture, quite springy, bouncy and not soggy. Konbu added a nice depth to the dish. Truffle aromas could got heavy after a while.

    Tempura Moriawase (76.6k) 6/10
    Nice tempura batter, it’s quite light and airy. Kudos for the dipping sauce given, it’s light yet still flavourful.

    Warabi Mochi (33.6k) 6.5/10
    Quite chewy and soft. Fragrant kinako powder as well.

    Banana Flambe Vanilla (42.6k) 5/10
    Banana grilled on teppan with ice cream on top. Out of the desserts we got, this was the most underwhelming.

    Earl Grey Pannacotta (42.6k) 6.5/10
    Nice fragrant earl grey aroma with good texture, silky smooth while being firm yet slightly wobbly.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.4  
    Ironplate [ Setiabudi, Barat ]


    Managed to snag a table for first dinner session (5-7pm) during weekends. Overall, pretty great dishes with unique concept (France Teppan). The brioche in their complimentary bread basket was very scrumptious as well. Will return for their other dishes.
    Taste 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 9/10
    Price $$$
    🐈Will revisit

    Blue Air (110k) ⭐️9.5/10
    No dish (or anything in life really) can get a perfect score, but this aerated ibra blue cheese sure came close. Obviously I’m biased since I love blue cheese so much, however the combination of cheese with honey butter grapes and walnuts were 💯.

    Duck Jambon (85k) 7/10
    Hot smoked, kombu vinaigrette, rockette, pickled red onion, nashi mostarda. Fresh and refreshing, good appetizer but didn’t wow me. Maybe cause I’m not that into cold cuts?

    Saucchison en Brioche (150k) ⭐️8.5/10
    Probably the most unique out of what we ordered. Beef mortadella in the centre of brioche, cooked on the teppan and served with truffled port sauce and fennel apple slaw. Nutty, juicy, and rich in flavour when you bite into it.

    Crustacean Flan (95k) 7.5/10
    Fancy lobster and porcini chawan mushi with fermented chili custard and red king crab gin-an sauce. Very umami and a bit spicy. Got a strong seafood punch which was a bit too much for me.

    Plat de Cotes (560k) ⭐️ 9/10
    Accordian cut karubi (250g) gave the cut interesting outer texture that also helped the sauce to cling into the meat. Bonus point for the amazing Parisian Tarragon Shiso sauce.

    Entrecote (975k) 7/10
    Got the wagyu 45D (350g) but honestly a letdown vs the Accordian Karubi. Not sure why but it pales in comparison to the karubi both in terms of texture and juiciness. Also was not a fan of arima shansho sauce vs the tarragon.

    La Vie en Rose (145k) ⭐️ 8/10
    Ordered this for ig, however turns out better than expected. Nice warm brioche met with strawberry sherbet and sweet sour litchi creme and rose compote.

    Wagyu Fat Brownie (85k) 7.5/10
    Very rich and decadently rich brownies. The crispy popcorn tuile definitely added a nice fun component to the dish. That said, I found it less memorable than the rose dessert as it tasted just like other fudgy brownies.

    Harga per orang: > Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.2  
    Hunter and Grower [ Kemang, Kafe ]

    Hunter and Grower

    Been wanting to try their vegetarian nasi campur for a while, but sadly it was out of stock during our visit. As it was during brunch time, we decided to try out both savoury and sweet option.

    Tiramisu french toast (98k) 7.5/10
    If you like your brunch sweet, you’ll like this. A somewhat different take on your usual french toast, this dish used thick brioche soaked with coffee custard (might be too bitter for some folks but I like it), served with a dusting of dark cocoa powder on top. Because of this, I quite like sweetness from the sauce. Strawberry also give a nice refreshing taste for the dish (more strawberry would be nice though).

    BBQ Cauliflower (75k) 7.5/10
    Grilled head of cauliflower served with BBQ sauce alongside barley and quinoa. The cauliflower was crunchy without being soggy, nicely roasted with nice char, and sauce had nice combination of tangy, spicy (beware if you can’t tolerate the heat) and sour flavour. You might think that eating cauliflower might not make you full, but the barley and quinoa really helps bulk up the meal. The red onion and radish add another layer of texture while coriander and parsley bring freshness to the dish. Overall, nice option for vegetarian.

    Ambiance 7/10
    Cafe was pretty quiet, which makes it pretty wfc friendly (finding electric socket might be an issue though). They are dog friendly and has outdoor seatings available. Some of their menu are vegetarian friendly. Not a lot of parking space available.

    P.S. they also share space with plant and eco-friendly goods store called plantisetjava

    📍Kemang, South Jakarta
    🐈‍⬛ 7.5 (will come back for their nasi campur😆)

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.2  
    Moon Gypsy [ Senopati, Kafe ]

    Moon Gypsy

    Newly opened brunch/pastry shop in South Jakarta (it’s located where paopao used to be). Their brunch menu looked quite reminiscent of Aussie brunch, which is something that I’ve been missing since the pandemic🥲.
    Taste 8/10
    Service and Ambiance 8.5/10
    Price $$
    🐈Will revisit

    Ricotta Hot Cake (90k) 7.5/10
    Reminded me so much of Melb’s Top Paddock Hotcake. Hotccake was fluffy, tender, and moist without being too sweet. Portion was huge (perfect for sharing) with generous amount of toppings. The cream on top was also light and airy (not eneg).

    Chicken Nanban Omurice (90k) 8/10
    Hearty comfort food in a bowl. My friend swore that she could finish 2 bowls of this on her own 🤣. Lowkey didn’t expect much out of Asian food from cafe, but all the elements were cooked incredibly well. Fluffy omelette, perfectly battered and deep fried chicken, fluffy rice, and yummy nanban sauce.

    Honey Sea Salt (32k) 7.5/10
    Their croissants were definitely on the firmer side (not airy like some croissants can be). Texture wise, it’s one of the better croissant in town, you can really see all the layers beautifully folded together when you cut into the pastry. Love the subtle sweetness of honey mixed with the sea salt flakes. However, I would say that the croissant I tried was not as crispy as some other joint in town (maybe they need to reheat it longer?). Still, I am looking forward to trying their strawberry pistachio flavour next time.

    Galbi Benedict (165k) 8.5/10
    Tender sweet braised beef ribs with poached egg, topped by creamy hollandaise sauce with a base of crunchy kouign amann😋. Kimchi was quite acidic but help to cut through the richness, would prefer spicier kimchi but that’s just personal preference. I think the wonton crisps were unnecessary tbh since the kouign amann provided enough crunchy texture already.

    Crab Scrambled (120k) 7.5/10
    Silky and creamy scramble, not overly rich or buttery though. Generous crab meat but I did not feel like they were super fresh (it’s not fishy though so it’s ok). Scramble had a somewhat ‘wet’ texture so part of the croissant got mushy. My favourite part was actually eating the toasted croissant dipped with the spicy mayo.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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  • 4.2  
    Levant Boulangerie & Patisserie [ Fatmawati, Kafe ]


    Kept postponing this review because it keeps getting longer😓. PS: drinks are pretty good across the board as well.
    Taste 9/10
    Service and Ambiance 7/10
    Price $$
    🐈Will revisit

    Grilled Brie Sandwich (95k) ⭐️9.5/10
    My favourite menu in Levant. Brie and apple are tried and true pairing but the addition of sweet-sour blueberry jam helped elevate the sandwich even more. Very nice sweet-savoury sandwich.

    French Toast (66k) ⭐️9/10
    The best french toast in town for me. Love how moist the brioche was in combination with the mascarpone and berry compote. Minus 0.5 cause sometimes they can get a bit inconsistent (strawberry vs raspberry, tons or very little mascarpone, brioche too wet/mushy, etc.).

    Croque Madame (98k) 7.5/10
    Brioche was very soft and buttery. Generous bechamel and cheese balanced with mustard and tomato. Pork ham was yummy. Recommend for sharing as flavour can get monotone after a while .

    Monte cristo (89k) 8/10
    Egg dipped pan fried brioche with cheddar and bresaola. A more savoury take (can it still be called monte cristo?) vs GDK/braud. There’s pickle and onion relish instead of berry jam and maple syrup.

    Pear ⭐️(40k), Apple (40k), Lemon ⭐️(44k), and Fresh Blueberry (52k) Tart 8/10
    Love the tarts’ crust; thin, sweet, buttery, and crunchy. I think they used almond flour cause I get some nutty flavour? Custard did not taste eggy and fruits were always fresh.

    Mini Almond Croissant ⭐️(25), Mini Croissant (16), Mini Pain au Raisin (21), Pain Chocolat (32k) 9/10
    Love how they have mini version. For me Levant has the best croissant texture in Jakarta. It’s very buttery, flaky, and chewy. Fillings are not the overflowing but still enough. Each flavour, be it chocolate or almond, taste authentic while not being too sweet.

    Blackforest (68k) 8/10
    Made with brandy, rich chocolate taste, fresh cream, and Amareno cherries, this cake had a nice bitter-sour-sweet balance without having too much cream. I feel like parents will love this as this taste like ‘kue jadul’.

    Rustic Sourdough (57k) 9/10
    A constant repurchase for me. Strong crust, nice open crumbs, and has that characteristic sourness. The mix of rye added nice nuttiness to the sourdough.

    Baguette (24k) 8/10
    Nice crust with chewy and soft interior. Heat it up in air fryer/oven for better crunch.

    Pizza Mushroom and Smoked Beef(42k/slice) 6.5/10
    Generous amount of toppings and cheese and the slice is quite big. Just taste average to me. Would recommend getting other menu over this. The smoked beef>mushroom.

    Onion Pear Blue Cheese Quiche (75k) 6.5/10
    Quiche had great texture, firm but still slightly jiggly. Am not a fan of quiche since it can be too heavy but this one is not bad.

    Harga per orang: Rp. 100.000 - Rp. 200.000
    Makasih Infonya!
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